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Sunday, 15 March 2015

15 March 2015. Effigy of Yatsenyuk Found Hanging in Odessa… Gee, I Think that He Might be Slightly Unpopular There

00 Odessa. Yatsenyuk hanged in effigy. 15.03.14


The placard on the effigy says, “I’m sorry, Ukrainians, but I’ve sold my soul to the IMF and the people into slavery!” I think that such isn’t a good sign for the junta at all (yes, I know it’s a bad pun…)… there are car bombs in Kharkov, oligarch flunkies killed in Dnepropetrovsk, unrest in Vinnitsa, and draft dodgers in the Lvovshchina. It won’t be long, but it won’t be tomorrow. It’s Saigon in 1975, Beijing in 1949, Berlin in 1945, and Richmond in 1865… the end is near, but no one knows exactly when…

May God cut the time short to lessen the suffering… that’s my prayer… that the “Ukrainian” state disappears so that peace may return and the killing end. It’s the only way…



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