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Tuesday, 17 March 2015

17 March 2015. A Point to Ponder… Government by Organised Money… FDR WAS On to a Thing or Two… He Had all the RIGHT Enemies (Pun Intended)

00 Government by Organised Money. 17.03.15


Today, the Republican Party is a slave to Big Money. Yes… the Democrats are little better, but they’re not as bad. Indeed, people such as Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders are far preferable to any Republicant greedster. If we returned to New Deal Socialism, the country would be far better off. How do I know that? Big Money opposes it… they’re soulless unpatriotic pigs with no concern but their boodle bags. Look at how they nominated the shameless draft dodger Mittens Romney and then told us how patriotic” they were for so doing! Indeed, they cast aspersions at everyone else’s patriotism whilst they nominated a cowardly thieving cur. They also tell us how “moral” and “ethical” they are and how “immoral” and “depraved” the rest of us are.


If you believe that, you’re either stupid or you’re wilfully blind. The rich are demonic in their greed, satanic in their megalomania, and devilish in their narcissism. Anyone who falls for the Anti-Life Programme of the GOP is either a goddamned fool or a sworn Servant of the Evil One and I say so openly. After all, they’re NOT Pro-Life… they’re Anti-Abortion… and that’s NOT the same thing. They are bottomless pits of moral vacuity and feckless promoters of unethical conduct. Ponder it well before replying… I’m NOT alone in the Church…



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