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Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Russian and Very Strong: The Military in the Crimea a Year Since Reunification

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Less than a year after its reunification with Russia, the Crimea is home to a full-fledged military grouping and developments continue as the peninsula improves its security. In the year since it rejoined Russia, the military modernisation in the Crimea was a key event in Russian force developments; seven new formations and eight new military bases are now part of the Russian military presence on the peninsula, which Minister of Defence S K Shoigu called a “full-fledged, self-sufficient military grouping”.

Ukrainian “Heritage”

After Crimea’s reunification with Russia, over 9,000 former Ukrainian servicemen and 7,000 Ukrainian civilian personnel rallied to Russia. Over 70 Ukrainian units voluntarily came over to Russia, as well as 25 auxiliary vessels and 6 warships. After the March 2014 Crimean referendum, Admiral V V Chirkov, commander of the Russian Navy, announced that 79 Ukrainian Navy ships, including 25 warships, were in Crimean ports, which Russia was ready to hand back. Since 11 April 2014, when Russia handed over the missile boat Priluki, Russia handed back 43 ships and boats, as well as all Ukrainian military vehicles and some planes and helicopters. However, this ended in mid-June when the SNBOU suspended its military and technical coöperation agreement with Russia. On Monday, junta strongman P A Poroshenko announced that the Ukraine intends to take back the rest of the Ukrainian weaponry left in the Crimea. However, this isn’t very likely, as Admiral A V Vitko, Commander of the Black Sea Fleet, announced in 2014 that wouldn’t be any more transfers because the junta could use such transferred weaponry in the Novorossiya aggression.

New Forces

In September 2014, Defence Minister Shoigu noted that the escalation of the Ukrainian situation, the Crimea’s reunification with Russia, and a growing military presence near Russian borders “determined corrections” to the Southern Military District. In November 2014, 14 Su-27SM and Su-30 multipurpose jets arrived at Belbek Air Base and air defence units received new S-300PMU and Pantsir-S1 systems. The Crimean reunification also led to new developments in the Black Sea Fleet, which the Ukraine previously attempted to impede. In 2015 and 2016, the Black Sea Fleet will receive six new Admiral Grigorovich-class frigates, six Project 636 “Varshavianka” diesel submarines, as well as Buyan-M missile boats, mostly based in the Crimea.

New Defences

New anti-sabotage and defence forces also buffed up security. The Sevastopol Oceanarium, which trained the Ukrainian Navy’s bottlenose dolphins, joined the Russian Navy, and, in November 2014, the Black Sea Fleet conducted exercises with the dolphins, which detected submarines at a depth of over 60 metres. In addition to dolphins, the Black Sea Fleet is creating a centre for training frogmen for rescue and counter-sabotage activity. In June 2014, Admiral Vitko announced that the Navy is planning to create a new centre for diving specialists, using the Black Sea Fleet Diving School in Sevastopol as a base. The Black Sea Fleet coastal defences also received new Bal and Bastion anti-ship missile systems, which replaced older versions. In addition, a mountain defence battalion, an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) regiment to monitor NATO ships, a radiological-chemical-nuclear defence regiment, and a new artillery regiment with 300 units of equipment joined units already intheatre. In December, Russia started to refurbish the Crimean Naval Base in Sevastopol, which Russia ceded to Ukraine in 1996. In addition, Sevastopol will repair Russian ships, including those on duty in the Mediterranean. However, this is only a small part of what was once a system that included submarine bases built into cliffs, and the Black Sea Fleet shall receive over 86 billion roubles (8.7 billion Renminbi. 87.5 billion INR. 1.4 billion USD. 1.78 billion CAD. 1.82 billion AUD. 1.32 billion Euros. 943 million UK Pounds) by 2020 to rebuild the system. There are many challenges to Crimean security today, not only NATO’s presence in the Black Sea, but also from Ukrainian artillery batteries emplaced on the Crimean border and from booby-trapped bridges connecting the Crimea to the Ukraine. Russia is already working to secure Crimean communications security by building a new bridge over the Kerch Strait and by building new power stations to protect the Crimea from erratic power cuts by the Ukraine. Construction of a new power station will begin later in March and the new Kerch Strait bridge should be ready within four years.

13 March 2015

Sputnik International



Notice how coy the article is on the present posting of the Ukrainian forces that rallied to Russia. I believe that most of them are now in Novorossiya, providing the hard professional cadre of the patriot VSN. There was no need of deploying Russians… there are sufficient anti-fascist “Ukrainians” to topple the rightwing Uniate filth in Kiev. With each passing day, the old Soviet legacy comes alive again in Novorossiya. With each passing day, the VSN gets stronger. With each passing day, the junta weakens. Vova is far brighter than his stupid toddler Anglo adversaries are. The melon is almost ripe for the harvest. As Elder Iona of Odessa put it, “The Smuta will come the year after my death. The first Easter will be bloody, the second Easter will be hungry, and the third Easter will be victorious”. Elder Iona died in late 2012… the Evromaidantsy lunacy started in the next year. Shall the tricolour and the Red Banner fly over Kiev, the Mother of All Russian Cities? One can sincerely hope so…

This is the second Easter of the prophecy of St Iona… I do daresay that Victoria Nuland et al are in for a nasty surprise…


17 March 2015. Train Up a Child…

00 Train up a child. 17.03.15


Victoria Nuland Talks Nonsense and Plans for War

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Whilst Nuland described the Crimea and Novorossiya as being in the grip of a “Reign of Terror”, over 90 percent Crimeans support reunification with Russia. The fact Nuland is ready to disregard reality when discussing the Ukraine is dangerous and not funny. To enter the mind of Victoria Nuland, US Assistant Secretary of State for European Affairs, is to enter a parallel universe. In comments to the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Nuland used the “Reign of Terror” remark. In the Crimea, “Crimean Tatars, Ukrainians who refused to surrender their passports, gays and lesbians, journalists and others” experience violation of their human rights as “the norm, not the exception”. In Novorossiya, “Russia and its separatist puppets (sic) unleashed unspeakable violence and pillage”. The blame for all this horror rests squarely with Moscow, which “manufactured a conflict fuelled by Russian tanks and heavy weapons; financed by Russian taxpayers” to which the Kremlin has sent “hundreds and hundreds of young Russians to fight and die”. Meanwhile, as the Crimea and Novorossiya groan under “illegal occupation” and “terror”, “the Ukraine is building a peaceful, democratic, independent nation across 93 percent of its territory”. Anyone who believes this fantasy must however explain certain facts. It turns out that far from feeling oppressed by “illegal occupation” and “terror”, over 90 percent of Crimeans supported reunification with Russia. This contrasts with reports of growing discontent in “the peaceful, democratic, independent Ukraine”. Meanwhile, the German government and intelligence service can find no trace of any vast Russian army in Novorossiya or on the Ukrainian border that Nuland talks about. Whilst Nuland sees things that aren’t there, she can’t see things that are.

She didn’t notice that President Yanukovich’s removal from office was unconstitutional and violent. She doesn’t see the fascist and neo-Nazi groups and militias that scar Ukrainian political life. The term “Right Sector” doesn’t pass her lips. She’s oblivious to the withdrawal of accreditation to Russian journalists, of the Ukraine banning of Russian and dissident Ukrainian media, and of the deaths of Russian journalists. She doesn’t observe how despite repeated promises the Kiev junta refuses to negotiate a constitutional settlement with the Novorossiyan people. She doesn’t seem to be aware of the junta aggression against Novorossiya, launched in July as the junta’s foreign minister signed a call for an unconditional ceasefire in Berlin. As for the shelling of Novorossiyan cities, the bombing of Donetsk and Lugansk, the fire and murder of protesters in the Odessa Dom Profsoyuzov, the economic blockade imposed by the junta on Novorossiya, the assaults on dissident politicians, and the humanitarian crisis caused by junta actions, if one takes one’s news from Nuland one would know nothing of them. It isn’t that Nuland doesn’t know these things or that she really believes the fantasies she peddles. Rather, she is, as Der Spiegel reported that the German government believes, one amongst several ideological hardliners in NATO and the USA unhappy with the Minsk peace process, who look for ways to wreck it so that the aggression against Novorossiya could restart with the junta rearmed with American weapons. In order to achieve this objective, Nuland and her co-conspirator NATO General Breedlove are ready to say whatever they consider necessary, regardless of truth. Der Spiegel said that this attitude has officials in the German Chancellery “shaking their heads” in dismay. The fact that Nuland is ready to wander so far from reality when discussing the Ukraine is dangerous and not funny. It doesn’t merely risk the West’s credibility, as the German government supposedly thinks. Rather, it’s a sign of how far Western hardliners like Nuland are ready to go to get the anti-Russian war in Europe that they want.

13 March 2015

Alexander Mercouris

Sputnik International



Many Anglo Americans (especially, in the Affluent Effluent) live in a fantasy world, but Republicans are doubly so inclined. Anyone who takes ANY credence in Fox News, Rush Limboob, or Sarah Palin is dangerously lunatic. If the Fairness Doctrine were still in place, these truth-stretchers wouldn’t be on the air. Yes, Virginia, at one time, the USA disallowed rightwing slime from spouting their shit over the airwaves. It’s time to bring that back, along with the socialistic New Deal, in all its fullness (starting with abolishing Taft-Hartley and reimposing a full and uncastrated Wagner Act). Until we do so, we live in a brutal and violent Corporatist state closer to Nazi Germany than to the New Deal USA that helped to defeat it (there’s little difference between Wal-Mart’s present business practises and those of the slave-labour-utilising IG Farben in the Third Reich). Think on that.


USA and EU Snub VVP Invitation to V-Day Parade at the Centre… China Sez OK

00 moscow red square. victory day. 17.03.15


On Tuesday, citing the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Izvestiya reported that reported over 30 world leaders confirmed that they’d be in Moscow for the Victory Day parade on 9 May to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the Soviet victory over Nazi Germany, stating, “Invitations were extended to many heads of state and chiefs of various organisations. By the end of January 2015, 20 leaders confirmed their participation in the celebration on Red Square. By the beginning of March, there were over 30 [countries]”. According to Izvestiya, we’d have more details on high-ranking guests by April; however, we know that leaders of Asian and Middle Eastern countries, members of the Commonwealth of Independent States (SNG), Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (ShOS), and the BRICS bloc (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa) are more likely to accept their invitations than EU leaders are. On Monday, European Council President Donald Tusk declined Moscow’s invitation to the Victory Day parade. On 11 March, Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel also said that she wouldn’t go to the Victory Day celebrations and military parade in Moscow. British Prime Minister David Cameron also declined Moscow’s invitation. These moves reflects recent tensions between the West and Russia over the conflict in Novorossiya and Western accusations of Moscow’s alleged involvement in the region’s affairs.

17 March 2015

Sputnik International



The same shit-fer-brains who wrote the treasonous letter to Iran also advocate that the USA refuse Moscow’s invitation. Godless anti-life filth such as Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Lindsay Graham, and Tom Cotton spit full-force in the faces of American World War II vets by their treatment of Russia… America’s trusty ally in World War II… if it hadn’t been for the bleeding-out of the Wehrmacht on the Russian Front, the Normandy invasion would’ve failed. Don’t forget, the socialist New Deal made the victory of World War II possible. The Republicans have lied about it ever since 1946. Don’t forget… one country attempted to fight World War II on a “Free Market” basis… NAZI GERMANY. After all, the Bush family and Hitler were cosy prior to the war. I say that shitbirds of a feather flock together… and that the ideologies of the Nazi and contemporary Republican Parties are uncomfortably close. Be mindful that the descendants of the members of the White Citizens’ Councils are NOT repentant and that they’ve made their home in the Republican Party. You can honour the Great Victory or you can honour the GOP… it’s no secret where I stand. I don’t stand alone…

One last thing… the MP requires that its parishes serve a molieben on Victory Day and serve pannikhida for the Soviet war dead (both civilian and military). The ROCOR is part of the MP… I wonder… will Potapov, Whiteford, and Nelson honour the Great Victory and honour the Soviet war dead (along with their Western allies, of course), or, will they honour the shamelessly godless Republican greedster agenda and ignore their obligations as Russian Orthodox priests? Perspirin’ minds wanna know…


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