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Wednesday, 18 March 2015

18 March 2015. GOP Proudly Showcases Budget… Republican Shits Want to Plant Their Boot Firmly on the Necks of Ordinary Americans… BASTARDS!

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The Republican Party submitted its budget proposals. They prove that all the talk of the GOP being godless, mendacious, greedy, and cruel wasn’t idle. I shall not mince my words. This means that no Christian of any stripe or any decent person of any or no faith can support such manifest, undisguised, and arrogant evil. They are NOT “Pro-Life”… they’re FOR the death penalty, warmongering in foreign parts, police brutality, tax forgiveness to the Affluent Effluent, and shredding the social safety net. Their anti-abortion rhetoric doesn’t outweigh that at all. Their first impulse was to slash HEALTHCARE. This means that for all of their talk, you don’t matter at all to them. The Republican Party is EVIL… need I mention that they support the Uniate murderers in Novorossiya? It’s all of a piece, kids… they don’t care if you live or die… their budget proposal says so. If you have money, you can live; if you don’t, “let them die and decrease the surplus population”…

This is why I oppose inhuman rightwing shits in the Church like Potapov, Paffhausen, Dreher, and Whiteford so bitterly. They advocate a satanic and indecent ideology. I shall NEVER shut up about that. It’s up to you. You can choose where to stand… choose wisely…


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