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Saturday, 21 March 2015

21 March 2015. “Christian Is, As Christian Does…”

00 Galician Uniate Consciousness. 21.03.15


I didn’t come up with the title… I got it from a comment on Facebook. I want you to know that. Yes… “Christian is, as Christian does”… Shevchuk and Denisenko refuse to condemn the madness. Metropolitan Onufry Berezovsky calls for prayer and fasting for peace. Yes… “Christian is, as Christian does”… the Uniates and schismatics fail the test.



Uniate Bandits Blow Up Bridge Across the Seversky Donets River… Is the Junta Getting Ready to Abandon the LNR?

00 bridge blown up by Ukrainians. 21.03.15


Junta bandits admitted blowing up a bridge across the Seversky Donets River. Junta militants blew up the last motorway bridge between the Ukraine and the LNR. Ilya Kiva, the senior MVDU officer in the junta-occupied DNR, admitted it on-air on 5 Kanal TV, saying, “The Headquarters of the Anti-Terrorist Operation (sic) decided to blow up this bridge to prevent any possible breakthrough of terrorist (sic) forces to our positions”. Sergei Kozlov, the head of the LNR People’s Police, said that junta militants blew up the bridge across the Seversky Donets River near Stanitsa Luganskaya yesterday using a Ford car loaded with explosives. Ukrainian “patriotic” media attempted to lay the blame for the infrastructure object’s destruction on the VSN. Kozlov stated that junta militants used a similar MO before; the last time, they used a Moskvich as a car-bomb. The bridge near Stanitsa Luganskaya was one of the two functioning transport corridors between the Ukraine and the LNR.

21 March 2015

Truth From Ukraine



You blow up infrastructure in areas that you intend to abandon. That’s SOP in all militaries. Therefore, the cowardly Uniate Banderlogs intend to skedaddle. Do note the amateurish job that the Uniates did. A division-level engineering unit could remove the Sad Sack vehicle “blocks” and repair the relatively minor damage to the bridge within hours… in fact, parts of the existing bridge and supports are usable. It shows you the utter incompetence of the Uniate militants. They can rob and rape and kill, but they can’t “soldier” worth a good goddamn. The question is… “Do they intend to abandon the DNR/LNR or do they intend to flee all Novorossiya?” Chukcha would say, “However, they’re still beat, aren’t they?” The Galician Uniate nationalists refuse to fight like men, but they’re ready to rape women, kill kids, and brutalise old folks. Do you need proof that they follow an evil ideology?


None of the Above: Poll Shows Ukrainians Don’t Trust Leaders, Parties, or the Media

00 Quo vadis. ukraina. kiev. 21.03.15


On Thursday, Ukrainian marketing and social research firm Research & Branding Group released a scathing new sociological survey about the sour political mood in the country. The poll, conducted 6-16 March, found that between 58-68 percent of respondents don’t approve of the political performance of the junta “president”, “prime minister”, or “chairman of the Rada”. “Prime Minister” A P Yatsenyuk rated the lowest, receiving a 68 percent disapproval rating, with only 24 percent “on the whole approving” his performance. “Rada Chairman” V В Groisman, followed him with a disapproval rating of 62 percent, only 23 percent approved his work. “President” P A Poroshenko rounded out the list, with 58 percent disapproving of his work and 33 percent approving. Ukrainian political parties rated even lower, with 81 percent of respondents saying they don’t trust them, 8 percent saying that they do, and 11 percent finding it “difficult to say”.

Trust in Politicians and Political Parties

When asked which parties they’d vote for if snap elections occurred in March, 23.1 percent of respondents stated that they wouldn’t vote. Meanwhile, 13.2 percent answered that they’d support the Poroshenko Bloc, 8 percent chose A I Sadovy‘s Self Reliance Party, 5.7 percent picked O V Lyashko‘s Radical Party, 5.6 percent selected the all-Ukrainian Fatherland, 5.3 percent picked the Opposition Bloc, and 4.4 percent chose the Right Sector. Given the country’s 3 percent requirement for entering parliament, Yatsenyuk’s People’s Front would not pass in these hypothetical elections, polling at just 2.5 percent. Nearly a quarter of respondents, 24.1 percent, said that it was “difficult to say” who they’d vote for. Asked about who they’d vote for if presidential elections occurred now, 19.2 percent of respondents said they’d vote for Poroshenko, followed by former Prime Minister Yu V Timoshenko (5.3 percent) and Lyashko (5 percent). 20.1 percent noted that they wouldn’t vote, 10.1 percent said that they’d vote “against all”, and 23.9 percent said it’d be “difficult to say”.

Trust in Media and Social Institutions

The poll found that 58 percent of Ukrainians “on the whole don’t trust” the media, with 32 percent answering that they “on the whole trust” media sources. Ten percent found it “difficult to say”. Amongst the social institutions most trusted, 62 percent said that they “on the whole trust” the church, with 24 percent answering that they “on the whole don’t trust” it. The army, social, and volunteer organisations tied in terms of trustworthiness, with 57 percent saying they trust the institutions, 34 percent saying they don’t, and 9 percent finding it difficult to say.

Hopes for a Better Tomorrow

Asked the question “At present, in what direction is the Ukraine headed?” 48 percent of respondents said “on the whole, in the wrong direction”, while 44 percent of respondents noted “in some areas in the right direction, in some areas in the wrong direction”. A mere 8 percent answered “on the whole in the right direction”. Asked about their assessment of the “political situation in the country”, 79 percent of respondents said that they consider the political situation in the country as “on the whole unstable”, with 5 percent characterising it as stable. Another 16 percent characterised it as stable in some areas, unstable in others. Research & Branding Group conducted the poll in all junta-controlled areas; 1,501 people participated in the polling, with an estimated margin of error of +/-3 percent.

20 March 2015

Sputnik International


The Ukraine Faces Collapse in Foreign Trade

00 ukrainian money. 21.03.15


Ukrainskaya Pravda reported that a serious reduction in Ukrainian export volumes reflected the poor economic situation. Ukrainian foreign trade turnover fell by one-third for January 2015, but the junta hasn’t worked out a strategic plan to support exporting companies. According to official Ukrainian foreign trade statistics for 2014, the volume of exports fell by 22 percent. Ukrainskaya Pravda stated, “Statistics in January 2015 were set to confirm or refute expert assessments about the collapse of Ukrainian exports to the EU. In fact, statistics turned out to be much worse!” The latest data show that Ukrainian exports to the EU in January 2015 dropped by 31 percent compared with January 2014. The decrease of Ukrainian exports to the SNG and Russia was even more apparent, reaching 54.9 percent and 60.3 percent, respectively. Anna Derevyanko, Executive Director of the European Business Association, said that export growth requires a stable and predictable economic policy, which now doesn’t exist.

18 March 2015

Sputnik International


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