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Sunday, 22 March 2015

22 March 2015. Christ Heals the Demoniac

00 Christ heals the demoniac. 22.03.15



Open Letter from the PMR to Poroshenko in Response to His offer to Help Integrate Them into Moldova

00 Pridnesrovia money PMR. 22.03.15


We, Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic (PMR) citizens, were quite surprised by the manifested concern for the restoration of historic state borders from P A Poroshenko and, in turn, intend to express consent, provided, however, that the Ukraine will return to its historical homeland, that is, to Russia, to restore the territorial integrity of the Russian lands. Actually, Ukrainian citizens have demanded that for more than a year. Dear Pyotr Alekseyevich, we’re surprised that you started with the integration of foreign states, not starting with your own. In order to show us an example of how to come to terms with your historical homeland, now you must demonstrate with your own example and restore the historic injustice of the collapse of the Great Union, the nuclear superpower. In case you deny Russia its right to return to rightfully Russian land, then, we’d be forced to refuse you, too, because if you can’t find the strength to return home, then what right do you have to return us somewhere? Sincerely, we hope that you come to your senses and integrate into the Russian Federation, where people will start to live normally, not like now… only existing and surviving.

With respect,

PMR citizens

19 March 2015

Fort Russ


OCA SOBs Kick the Can Down the Road… Delay Naming Bishop for DOS… Is This a Divided House? Is This Another Dahulich Manoeuvre?

01 Scaredy Cat


Here is a letter sent out by the OCA:

Dear Faithful Clergy of the Diocese of the South:

All the blessings of the fast!

Please carefully read the attached letter from His Beatitude, Metropolitan Tikhon. I also encourage you to send this out to your parish mailing list if you so desire. Following this past week’s Holy Synod meeting, Fr Gerasim has been appointed Administrator of the Diocese of the South, and Metropolitan Tikhon is now the locum tenens.  As Administrator, Fr Gerasim has been given full responsibility for the life of the diocese, save for those things specifically reserved for a bishop. Practically speaking, this means that your dean continues to be the point of first contact when pastoral need arises, but that Fr Gerasim will be integrally involved in all the decisions that affect the life of our diocese.

From today forward in liturgical services you should no longer commemorate Archbishop Nikon, but only the Metropolitan as “His Beatitude, Metropolitan Tikhon, Archbishop of Washington, Metropolitan of All America and Canada, Locum Tenens of the Diocese of the South”. Be assured, too, that Fr Gerasim is in complete agreement with this decision, and as soon as he is back in Dallas, he will send out a letter explaining things from his perspective. This decision in no way nullifies our Special Assembly, and the Holy Synod hasn’t rejected Fr Gerasim, nor has any other candidate been put forth for our Diocese. I, therefore, ask everyone to temper his disappointment that there wasn’t an election and recognise that this is the next step in a process that will lead to the election of a new bishop for the Diocese of the South. I counsel patience, and I also beg for restraint, especially as regards to any clergy who might be tempted to “vent” on social media or in the “blogosphere”.  As one wise member of our diocese has stated, “this is a process, not an event”.

Please let me know if I can serve you in any way. In the meantime, I pray that you all have a profitable remainder of these Great and Holy Days.

I remain faithfully yours in Christ Jesus,

Archpriest Marcus


It looks as though the SOBs are divided… divided to the point of inaction. I smell Dahulich, Peterson, and the SVS gang (with Tikhon Fitz cheering from the sidelines). Remember Parma… do you recall how Dahulich tried to hijack the proceedings? At Parma, a majority of levelheaded parish leaders overrode Dahulich’s naked power grab. Dahulich has a devoted and zealous coterie of young priests… whom he uses as stormtroopers. In the SOBs, the bishops don’t have their archpriestly allies immediately present. Ergo, Dahulich and Peterson obviously tried an end-run to put Eliel in as bishop. They failed. However, Mollard’s a weak reed, a coward in all respects. This was a situation that cried for leadership… Mollard gave none. Yet, it wasn’t the worst outcome. Nikon Liolin is ill… ergo, if Mollard takes over as locum, it means that the sede vacante period might be longer than most expect (it’ll depend on who wins the power tussle in the SOBs). It’s clear that Eliel isn’t favoured in the ROCOR or at the Centre. Let’s be frank… the OCA is a dependency of the MP in all but name. That’s why Dahulich is so dangerous… he’s an EP man, with ties to the Phanar. Also, if Nikon is ill enough not to be able to act as locum, is his health bad enough to keep him from active duty or shall it take a worse turn, presenting the OCA will another empty seat?

We don’t have much to go on… however, it’s clear that something untoward occurred and Mollard is too scared to deal with it. Yes, that’s bad… but Dahulich would’ve been worse… reflect on that. Mollard WAS the Sobor’s choice… FOR GOOD REASON. Keep that in mind.


22 March 2015. A Picture IS Worth a Thousand Words… “Eternal Memory to Those Who Fell Defending the Airport”… AMEN

00 memorial cross. donetsk airport. 22.03.15


This memorial cross honours the soldiers of the VSN who fell defending the Donetsk airport from Uniate terrorists and Western mercenaries. The freedom of Novorossiya from the fascist Uniate junta has had a cost… the blood of the brave soaks the soil. That’s why there’s no return to the prewar notional “Ukraine”. Either the patriots of Novorossiya will win or the demonic pro-American Uniate/schismatical sellouts will win. There’s no other result on offer. However, I’ll say this… there’s no putting Humpty back together again. It’s broken, for good and all, and it’s all due to Western arrogance, fecklessness, and hubris, aided by local quisling gangsters.

God have mercy on the poor suffering people of Novorossiya, Malorossiya, Galicia, Bukovina, and Podkarpatskaya. May the demonic “Ukrainian” state sink into the cesspit of history… never to re-emerge. These poor people have suffered enough…


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