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Sunday, 22 March 2015

22 March 2015. Hey, Hey, Hey, Novorossiya’s Bringing Back the Old-School Subbotnik! URA! For Christian Socialism!

00 subbotnik cleanup in Donetsk. 22.03.15

Subbotnik cleanup in Donetsk by DNR Supreme Soviet People’s Deputies… do note how the logo amalgamates the best of Tsarist and Red symbolism… it’s the double-eagle combined with an “.su” internet address. That’s the ticket… Christian and RED!


Look at the image. The DNR is bringing back the old-school Sov subbotnik! That is, people pitch in to help clean up their town at the beginning of spring, and the local officials do their bit. Novorossiya is bringing back all the good things in Soviet socialism and infusing it with an Orthodox soul. There are even lies in the Western media about a supposed persecution of non-Orthodox, but that’s a calumny. True… people watch Uniates, as they’re junta fanatics and spies (and post-1991 carpetbaggers, to boot)… true, real-deal people encourage sectarians to rejoin the real Church, and leave their error. Catholics (RCs) are OK… it’s the “Polish religion” in local parlance, and they’ve been around since tsarist times (S V Kosior, the Soviet leader in the Ukrainian SSR, was an ethnic Pole from Yuzovka (now, Donetsk)). That is, the people want to rebuild a new Christian Socialist Novorossiya… all Christians should applaud that. If you think that the Church and rightwing elements are friends and of one heart and mind… do think again. Christ has no relation with demonic ideologies… libertarianism isn’t anything but anarchy for the rich and “Free Market Capitalism” is nothing but legalised and amoral theft from the people and rape of the natural environment.

Christ would smile at the subbotniki… He’d take a whip to the country club drones (You have made my Father’s House into a den of thieves!). Get your mind right and get with the programme… you’d be with people like HH… you’d be in GOOD company.


22 March 2015. From the Russian Web… What Your Cat Can Do For You: Fix Your Plumbing!

00 cat and bath. 22.03.15


Use your cat as a plumber’s helper! No… not a “plumber’s helper”, which is something else entirely, but to help you fix your plumbing. Do be careful… cats do NOT like water…


22 March 2015. On This Feastday of the 40 Martyrs of Sebaste

00 40 Martyrs of Sebaste. 22.03.15


40 brave soldiers for Jesus… 40 brave soldiers for Christ… the times haven’t changed. The powers-that-be demand a pinch of incense upon the altar. What’s especially galling is that many of those who demand such call themselves “Christians”. If “Christian is, as Christian does”, then, the converse is true, too… “Pagan is, as pagan does”… which makes their profession of “Christianity” not only worthless, but downright toxic and a public menace. Makes ya wonder about sectarians and their smarmy niceness, doesn’t it? See how they wrap themselves in the flag and see how they wave their guns… see how they “love” one another. With such “love”, I don’t think that we need any hate in the world, do we?


Ternopol-Based Right Sector Bravos Planning Provocation at the Pochaev Lavra

pochaev panorama


According to a statement posted on social network pages belonging to the Ternopol branch of the Right Sector, the group announced an “armed action in Pochaev” of its militants on Sunday 22 March. The Right Sector rightwing extremists justify this blatant provocation by claiming that the Brotherhood is about to transfer the Wonderworking Icon of the Mother of God of Pochaev out of the country. Although such reports of the icon’s departure are hearsay, most Pochaev residents have heard of them, who say that they heard about it in extremist statements in the media. Moreover, the Ternopol Oblast office of the MVDU denied reports that the icon has left the country. It stated, “The Kremenets police checked this report and found it unfounded. They talked to the Superior of the Pochaev Holy Assumption Lavra on the subject. He denied that there was any plan to move the icon, saying that the first time that they heard anything about it was on the internet”. Earlier, the Superior of the Monastery, Metropolitan Vladimir Moroz of Pochaev, vigorously refuted all slanderous reports about a possible transfer of the holy things of the monastery outside its walls, let alone a transfer abroad. In particular, he said, “Once again, I assure you that all the holy things of the Lavra are where they’re supposed to be, so, don’t listen to those who lie and tell you that the Lavra has sent everything away. Any road, where would we take them? This is our beloved spiritual home, one to which we’ve dedicated our lives”.

21 March 2015

Press Service of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (MP)



Metropolitan Vladimir is partly of Romanian background (his secular first name is Viorel) and is anti-fascist to the bone. The Uniate Nazis hate him for his pro-Holy Rus and anti-Uniate views. He is NOT a Vassa Larina or John Jillions, lying in bed with Uniates and taking their pieces of silver, quite the opposite.


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