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Monday, 23 March 2015

23 March 2015. “Crimea for Dummies”… RT Vid in English

00 It's TIme to Come Home. 18.03.15



We all KNOW that those dirty schemin’ Moskals did it again! CNN and the Ukrainian Catholic Church say so. All kiddin’ aside… watch this vid… it’s good stuff…



23 March 2015. Cold Pizza n’ Warm Beer… THE Breakfast of Champions!

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00 cold pizza & warm beer the breakfast of champions. 23.03.15


Here’s a guilty pleasure of man, woman, and beast (hey, give the dog a little pizza n’ pivo, too… let him live a little). I LIKE it… as do most normal human beings. God made the hops n’ God made the wheat, but it took mankind to come up with a breakfast that can’t be beat! I would eat it on a boat, I would eat with a goat, I love cold pizza n’ warm beer, shout it to the world loud n’ clear.

Have a smile, dears…


Food Prices in the DNR GOING DOWN

parish dinner


DNR Minister of Economic Development Yevgeniya Samokhina told a briefing at the Donetsk News Agency media centre that food prices are coming down in the DNR, saying, “Some food products have always been cheaper in Russia than here. Thus, we plan to cut prices by bringing in these food products. In comparison with last week, prices have already fallen in the DNR. For instance, the price of fresh cucumbers and canned fish fell 11 percent, salo fell 7 percent, and kasha fell 8 percent. However, the price of meat, kolbasy, cheese, and dairy products in Russia are higher than here. However, we don’t have a cheese plant here. Therefore, prices of such products imported from Russia will be higher than before. Establishing economic relations with the Russian Federation is a key priority for us. Trade turnover with Russia increases daily. All of the major distributors deliver food products, the price of which is much lower”.

20 March 2015

DAN Donetsk News Agency



Food prices in junta-controlled territory are sharply increasing, with no end in sight. Food prices in the DNR are going down. Where would YOU like to live? I don’t think that’s rocket science…


Ternopol Oblast Police Head Met with Superior of Pochaev Lavra to Defuse Tensions

00 pochaev lavra. 23.03.15


On Sunday, 22 March, the Ternopol Oblast MVDU reported that local police commander Aleksandr Bogomolov met with Metropolitan Vladimir Moroz, Superior of the Holy Assumption-Pochaev Lavra, to defuse tensions around the Lavra, which arose due to the spread of rumours about the supposed transfer from the monastery of the Wonderworking Icon of the Mother of God of Pochaev. Metropolitan Vladimir again denied the story that there isn’t a planned removal of holy objects from the monastery, and gave assurances that he had no such intention to do so. He reiterated that the holy icon is where it’s supposed to be. During the meeting, both parties discussed how to preserve order both in the monastery itself and in the immediate vicinity. The MVDU report stated, “We ask all those who might spread information that might destabilise the situation here to verify any report before spreading it”.

22 March 2015

Pravoslavnaya Zhizn


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