Voices from Russia

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

25 March 2015. Thank You for the Victory! Uphold the Values of the Anti-Hitler Coalition, NOT the Values of the Nazi Monsters!

00 Thank you for the victory 01. 25.03.15


00 Thank you for the victory 03. 25.03.15


Our fathers and grandfathers fought together, as one, to extinguish the evil that was Nazism. Today, the leadership elements of the USA, political, media, corporate, and social, uphold states like the Ukraine, Estonia, and Latvia that espouse neofascism… what happened? Indeed… what happened? I’d say that the USA abandoned the ideals of the New Deal and started to worship the Almighty Dollar. Think on that…

Remember those who came before us and never forget what they endured to smash Hitler and his evil. Don’t support the heirs of the Nazis today. Support the free people of Novorossiya… it’s your duty before God and man…

Nothing is forgotten… No one is forgotten!

They all had faces… They all had names…

They cleansed the earth of a horrid evil…



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