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Friday, 27 March 2015

27 March 2015. Thank You for the Victory! Uphold the Values of the Anti-Hitler Coalition, NOT the Values of the Nazi Monsters!

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I think that it’s time for the USA to return to the ideals espoused by the New Deal… FDR wanted to dismantle the British Empire, but his untimely death brought the naïve Truman into office (Churchill played him like a fiddle). The USA once stood for a FAR better ideology than it does now. Reflect on this… the Wall Street greedsters wouldn’t have had anything to steal if it hadn’t been for the rightness of the New Deal… now, that’s a meaty thought…

Remember those who came before us and never forget what they endured to smash Hitler and his evil. Don’t support the heirs of the Nazis today. Support the free people of Novorossiya… it’s your duty before God and man…

Nothing is forgotten… No one is forgotten!

They all had faces… They all had names…

They cleansed the earth of a horrid evil…




DNR Won’t Hand Back Bodies of Dead Junta Militants Until the Junta Hands Back the Bodies of VSN Soldiers

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Liliya Rodionova, the DNR Representative for POW Affairs, told journalists that in future the DNR wouldn’t hand over the dead bodies of junta militants until the junta shows it reciprocity, saying, “We sent requests to them to give us back the bodies of our dead, but so far, there hasn’t been any real dialogue. We’ve sent letters to Major General Rozmanin about this. We have another 20 bodies… it may sound cynical, but we won’t hand them over as long as the Ukrainian side refuses to return the bodies of our fallen soldiers., but will not hand them over, no matter how cynical it may sound, until the Ukrainian side returns the bodies of the VSN soldiers”. At present, volunteer organisations are transferring 22 bodies of junta militants killed in the fighting for the Donetsk airport. Rodionova made it clear that all those concerned about the transfer of a particular body can still appeal to the DNR Committee for POW Affairs; people can contact it using social network webpages.

27 March 2015

DAN Donetsk News Agency


Ripe for the Nuthouse: Have the Ukraine’s Leaders Completely Lost It?

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Czech political analyst and journalist Tereza Spencerová said in an interview on the website Parlamentnílisty.cz that the Ukraine per se is no more; the “government” of P A Poroshenko and A P Yatsenyuk has little impact on the affairs of state, noting, “To stay in power and on the receiving end of the billions of dollars expected to flow in from the West, they need to bide for time, that’s why they make all kinds of deceitful and self-assured statements… one just shouldn’t take these people seriously because they’ll eventually do exactly what they’re told to do from the outside. They’re pitiable and weak politicians running a bankrupt country, beefing up an army they have neither the money nor people to keep, and threatening Russia with full-blown war, which they hope to win. We need to institutionalise the Kiev leadership; if the West continues to support them, the situation will keep going downhill”. Spencerová pointed up that what really matters now is whether the hawks in the US Congress on the one side, or the doves in Paris and Berlin on the other, will eventually prevail. In the end, Spencerová believed that since Merkel and Hollande staked the future of their political clout on the Minsk accords, they wouldn’t let Poroshenko or anybody else ruin their image, reputation, and business ties with Russia.

27 March 2015

Sputnik International


Jewish-Ukrainian Doctor Beaten, Attackers Shouted “Jew Face, Get Out-of-Town!”

01 SS Division Galizien anti-semitic poster

Galician Anti-Semitic poster of the VOV period… the symbol is that of a Galician volunteer SS unit made up of fanatical Galician Uniate nationalists… who were (and are) fascist in ideology, who ally themselves with any powerful outsider ready to enable them to let loose their violent and nasty tendencies


A Jewish-Ukrainian physician was severely beaten in what he said was an assault with anti-Semitic overtones. Aleksandr Dukhovskoi, a chief paediatric neurosurgeon in Kharkov, told 9 TV that he believed that competitors ordered Sunday’s assault, but he didn’t name a suspect. He said, “Three men on the street beat me up. They shouted at me, ‘Jew face, get out-of-town, and get out of the country’. This is blatant anti-Semitism. I told local journalists, but nobody wanted to mention this aspect of the attack.” The assailants fractured Dukhovskoi’s skull and ruptured at least one of his kidneys. He’ll remain in hospital for at least a month. He also said that he suffered hand injuries; he thinks that the beating would leave him partly disabled. 9 TV reported that he left the Ukraine for treatment in Jerusalem earlier this week. Aleksandr Feldman, a Jewish-Ukrainian lawmaker and founder of the Ukrainian Jewish Committee, said that he’s following the investigation into the assault.

The attack followed several incidents of anti-Semitic vandalism in the Ukraine and Russia, where anti-Semitic rhetoric has proliferated amidst an armed conflict. The Euro-Asian Jewish Congress reported that on 22 March, vandals drew a swastika and the initials of the Nazi party on a monument for Holocaust victims in Nikolayev. It was the fifth defacement of the monument since its erection in 2011. Separately, the Coordination Forum for Countering Anti-Semitism reported on 18 March that unidentified individuals wrote “death to the Jewish rule” near the offices of the Hessed Jewish charity in Cherkassy. Volga Media reported that on 23 March, vandals painted Nazi symbols on a monument for Holocaust victims in Volgograd in the Russian Federation.

27 March 2015

Jewish Daily Forward



The junta-occupied Ukraine is now a lawless hell, with all sorts of nationalist trash roaming the streets, seeking out victims (the more helpless, the better… we’re talking about the crème de la crème of asshats here). There is Anti-Semitism on both sides of the current conflict. However, the most feral sort is found amongst Galician Uniate nationalists… do remember their role in the Holocaust and as bully-boys for the fascist occupiers. Then, they smashed people’s faces for the Nazis… now, they do it for the Americans. Great folks, aren’t they?

Never forget… the Novorossiya patriots honour those who LIBERATED the Nazi death camps… the junta Uniate/schismatical fanatics honour those who RAN the Nazi death camps… I seem to find a difference in that. I’m not alone in thinking that way.


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