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Saturday, 28 March 2015

More than 90 Percent of LNR Residents Believe that the Ukrainian Economic Blockade Only Consolidates Their Independence

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An opinion poll in the LNR found that 93.7 percent of respondents believe that the economic blockade consolidates independence amongst Donbass residents and alienates them from the Ukraine, which continues to wage aggressive war against its own former citizens. The “Special Status” Centre for Sociological Research ran this study from 9 to 14 March. It interviewed 1,675 people by phone in Lugansk, Alchevsk, Krasnodon, Rovenky, Bryanka, Krasny Luch, Antratsite, Sverdlovsk, and Stakhanov. The margin of error is about +/-3.2 percent. Almost all respondents (93.7 percent) said that the junta’s policy of conducting an economic and social blockade against the People’s Republics “made the people of the Donbass even more determined and alienated them from the Ukraine.” Only 2.8 percent of respondents think that the blockade “weakens the will of the resistance and makes the Donbass want to return to the Ukraine”. 79.3 percent of respondents described the present invasion of Novorossiya by the junta as “military aggression against its former citizens”, only 13.8 percent still view themselves as Ukrainian citizens. According to sociologists, these results suggest, “in the eyes of LNR residents, the military conflict in the Donbas is explicitly considered as a civil war”. Almost half (43.5%) of LNR residents praised the work of the authorities in rebuilding the economy and infrastructure of the Republic, calling it “unequivocally positive” and “rather positive”. Only a third of the respondents criticised the LNR leadership’s efforts.

28 March 2015

LITs Lugansk Information Centre



I believe that with the latest truce violations, the LNR and DNR “crossed the Rubicon”… they no longer consider themselves a part of the Ukrainian state, nor do they consider themselves “Ukrainian” (it’s an open question whether any Donbass resident actually did so, by the way). The toddler Anglos, in a fit of juvenile pique, destroyed what they DID have… a neutral Ukrainian state as a buffer against Russia. In their sheer hubris and arrogance, the Anglo Americans attempted to seize the Ukraine as a base against Russia, as a base in their drive for world hegemony. The Anglos learned none of the lessons of 2008… the former Soviet space is a “bridge too far” for them… it’s “imperial overreach”. That is, the Americans don’t have the available power to pull off this machination and scheme.

If you notice, all of their actions since World War II have been within easy reach of the World Ocean… that was true in Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Serbia, Libya, and Syria. However, South Ossetia had no connections to the World Ocean and the Ukraine only has peripheral links to it, thus negating Anglo American seapower, the only real field of superiority that they have. In Russia, the army is the main defender of the state, all other services support it… in the USA, the Navy is the main defender of the state as the USA’s eastern and western borders lie on the World Ocean (the northern border is with a friendly neighbour of the same culture, its southern border is held by a weak neighbour). That is, in the USA, the army doesn’t have to be as good as the Russian army is… if the Russian army fails, the state collapses. If the American army fails, the navy evacuates it and takes it back to a homeland defended by wide ocean barriers.

America did NOT learn its lesson in South Ossetia. Shall it learn its lesson now? God alone knows… and He didn’t tell me what He knows. It all hangs in the balance…


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