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Wednesday, 1 April 2015

1 April 2015. A Picture IS Worth a Thousand Words… Here’s What Odessa Thinks of Choco Loco

00 Odessa and Poroshenko. 01.04.15


I need add nothing save, “Thus always to tyrants!”



1 April 2015. Thank You for the Victory! Uphold the Values of the Anti-Hitler Coalition, NOT the Values of the Nazi Monsters!

00 vov 05. 27.03.15


00 vov 05c. 27.03.15


When you look at the actual documents, newspapers, magazines, and posters of the era, it becomes clear that the America of World War II was a different place from the Republican oligarchic hell regnant today. You see an America pulling together… cooperating… note well that the Republican filth called many of the patriotic people who made the victory in World War II possible “traitors”… that’s how much they hated (and still hate) the socialistic New Deal. There was NEVER a danger from the USSR… it took a generation to rebuild their shattered homeland after the fascist occupation of their western lands. The Republicans lied in the postwar period… they lie now. Their only god is money and power. You can follow the Republican Party or you can follow the ideals of the New Deal. That’s why I believe that Chilly Hilly won’t run in ’16… people are sick n’ tired of Republicans and their undisguised hate, and they’ve had it with phoney “Democrats” who act like Republicans. People want the America of Rosie the Riveter back… not the greed, cruelty, and vindictiveness of Wet Willy Romney, Rush Limboob, Little Mizz Sarah, and the whole Fox News lot. It’s time to go “Back to the Future”…

Remember those who came before us and never forget what they endured to smash Hitler and his evil. Don’t support the heirs of the Nazis today. Support the free people of Novorossiya… it’s your duty before God and man…

Nothing is forgotten… No one is forgotten!

They all had faces… They all had names…

They cleansed the earth of a horrid evil…



1 April 2015. In Memory of Oscar the Cat… Let Everything That Breathes Praise the Lord…

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00 In Memory of Oscar the Cat. 01.04.15


1 April 2015. Be Strong and of a Good Courage…

00 be strong and of a good courage. 01.04.15


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