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Thursday, 2 April 2015

Official Statement by DNR Minister of Finance Matyushchenko on Junta Disinformation on Pension Payments to Donbass Residents



At present, the junta authorities are spreading black propaganda that they’re sending pension payments to more than 900,000 pensioners living in the southeastern regions, registered in the central Ukraine as displaced persons, in accordance with Cabinet of Ministers of the Ukraine Regulation 595 (11.07.2014). Such information is untrue, and is especially cynical in the face of the junta’s continuing full transport and economic blockade. The junta deliberately misinforms the public, alleging that no one accuses them of violating paragraph 6 of Article 92, and paragraphs 2, 6, Article 116 of the Ukrainian Constitution. The junta wants to hide the fact that it failed to carry out the provisions of paragraph 8 Full Response to the Minsk Agreement, in accordance with which the junta has to restore all socioeconomic relations and social transfers, including pensions. We haven’t received any payments to DNR pensioners from the junta-ruled Ukraine yet… this is an absolute lie! Over the last seven months, the junta abandoned more than 1.2 million pensioners in Novorossiya to fend for themselves, without a livelihood.

30 March 2015

DAN Donetsk News Agency



Look at what Yatsenyuk does, and you’ll see what Boehner and Cruz want to do. They all want to hurt the elderly and disabled to benefit themselves and their rich cronies. I’ll bet you that Treasury paid out the money allocated to the pensioners… but Uniate nationalists such as Yatsenyuk and Lyashko stole it! SLAVA UKRAINA, SUCKERS! Remember… the Rabbit has a mansion more lavish than Yanukovich’s… the people on the street say, “The Rabbit shits in a solid-gold toilet”… my, my, my… what cynicism…



Plotnitsky Sez “No Curfew on Easter!”

01 Kulich and Easter Eggs



Today, Head of the LNR Government I V Plotnitsky announced at a meeting of Gorkom* and Raikom* administrators that on Easter, during the night of 11 to April 12, no curfew would be in effect throughout the LNR.  He said, “On this day, yes, we’re cancelling the curfew. There’s a decree to this effect, and all applicable administrators know about it. That night, everybody can go to worship in safety”.

  • Gorkom: City Committee
  • Raikom: Raion Committee

2 April 2015

LITs Lugansk Information Centre


DNR University Students Will Receive Their Stipends

00 Russian money


On 2 April in Makeyevka, DNR Education and Science Minister Igor Kostenok affirmed that students in higher educational institutions wold receive the stipends due to them, saying, “We’ll carry out everything promised by the DNR. We’re paying the stipends due to students who’ve fulfilled their educational programmes for this week and last week”. However, he emphasised that the most-needy students… orphans, the disabled, and children from large families, have already received and will continue to receive financial assistance from DNR Government.

2 April 2015

Official Website DNR Council of Ministers of the People’s Soviet



Compare and contrast this with the bankster system in place in the USA. Not only do students in Novorossiya receive free education, they receive a modest stipend to cover clothes, necessaries, and the occasional bottle of Three Axes (the popular name for Portvein 777, the Russian equivalent of Mad Dog and Night Train). The Republican Party wants to shackle students to debt from the first… the socialists in Novorossiya want to give students a boost.

I know which one is Christian and which one is Anti-Christian… the Anti-Christians are full of smarmy pietism, aren’t they? God does hate mockers and blasphemers, I’ve heard…


BREAKING NEWS! Tehran and World Powers Reach Solutions on Iranian Nuclear Programme

00 Iran nuclear programme. political cartoon. 02.12.13


On Thursday, according to a joint statement issued by negotiators, Iran and other international powers reached “solutions on key parameters” of Tehran’s nuclear programme following eight-day talks in Switzerland. The agreement envisages converting the Fordow facility into a nuclear physics centre with no fissile material. The parties agreed that the Natantz facility would remain as the only nuclear power plant in the country. Under the deal, Tehran agreed not to create nuclear weapons. Earlier, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said on Twitter that drafting an agreement should start immediately, with a June 30 deadline to finish the process. In a Tweet, Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif said ahead of the press conference on the results of the talks in Switzerland on Thursday, “Found solutions. Ready to start drafting immediately”. EU Foreign Policy Chief Federica Mogherini tweeted that the final ministerial meeting of the talks was over, adding, that there was “good news”. Iranian media reports suggest that the parties reached a deal on centrifuges; Tehran agreed to slash centrifuges to 6,000 from the current 19,000. Reportedly, the agreement will be in force for ten years. Press-TV reported the joint statement would announce the lifting of multilateral European and unilateral US financial sanctions against Iran.

2 April 2015




Now, it’s obvious why Boehner invited Satanyahu to address the Congress. He wanted to knacker the agreement between Iran and the West. Let’s face it, he has moles and ratfinks in Foggy Bottom; he didn’t like what he heard from them. Therefore, in an attempt to knacker the pact before it even got off the ground, he invited his pal Bibi. Unfortunately for Boehner, Bibi was in the midst of an election (and subsequent coalition building), which meant that Bibi would be out of the loop for at least three weeks whilst he cobbled together a governing coalition. The EU, Russians, and Chinese took their chance… Israel can do nothing, as the Shin Bet, Aman, and Mossad are all against a strike on Iran, and Bibi’s tied up in horse-trading with political rivals. This leaves the US Republican Party holding the bag. Watch Cruz, Rubio, Cotton, et al make jackasses of themselves (just watch them try to take the praise for this and try to placate their Israeli pals at the same time… of course, they can’t do it… their attempt will be pathetic, funny, and fitting).

It’s going to piss off Satanyahu… but as the most junior partner in the concern, well, his voice isn’t much heeded outside of the US Congress (who, like all their predecessors, are bought n’ paid-for whores of the first water). Iran gets sanctions lifted… Russia and China cement their relationship with Iran… France and Germany get exports to Iran… Barack Obama gets another feather in his cap… John Boehner et al get the cardboard box. Payback is a motherfucker, ain’t it?


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