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Thursday, 2 April 2015

DNR University Students Will Receive Their Stipends

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On 2 April in Makeyevka, DNR Education and Science Minister Igor Kostenok affirmed that students in higher educational institutions wold receive the stipends due to them, saying, “We’ll carry out everything promised by the DNR. We’re paying the stipends due to students who’ve fulfilled their educational programmes for this week and last week”. However, he emphasised that the most-needy students… orphans, the disabled, and children from large families, have already received and will continue to receive financial assistance from DNR Government.

2 April 2015

Official Website DNR Council of Ministers of the People’s Soviet



Compare and contrast this with the bankster system in place in the USA. Not only do students in Novorossiya receive free education, they receive a modest stipend to cover clothes, necessaries, and the occasional bottle of Three Axes (the popular name for Portvein 777, the Russian equivalent of Mad Dog and Night Train). The Republican Party wants to shackle students to debt from the first… the socialists in Novorossiya want to give students a boost.

I know which one is Christian and which one is Anti-Christian… the Anti-Christians are full of smarmy pietism, aren’t they? God does hate mockers and blasphemers, I’ve heard…



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