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Friday, 3 April 2015

Is Yatsenyuk on the Way Out? More Evidence Surfaces… But I’m Not Puttin’ Any Green on that Bet, Yet…

00 Odessa. Yatsenyuk hanged in effigy. 15.03.14

“I’m sorry, Ukrainians, but I’ve sold my soul to the IMF, and the people into slavery!”


Read this. A report surfaced Wednesday of junta “Prime Minister” Yatsenyuk being in the shitter. Well… it was April Fool’s Day… like many another experienced internet journalist, I dismissed it as an April Fool as there wasn’t corroborating information. Well… evidence is trickling out… more of it in Russian (but this is an English-language item, for my readers’ convenience). There’s still not enough intel for my taste. What it means is that big-time players are buying into the story. I’d love to see it… it’d mean that the junta’s on its last legs (throwing people off the bus rarely helps any foundering enterprise)… but that’s precisely why I set the bar so high. Since it WOULD be a sign of terminal sclerosis, I don’t want to claim it until we can nail it down as fact. If this is so (and I do mean IF), it’s a sign of approaching death for the junta. That wouldn’t mean the end… there are enough Galician Uniate nationalist crazies afoot to cause much mischief until they’re put down. However, if this is so, it means that the junta may not last out the year (bringing Elder Iona’s prophecy to fruition… “the third Easter will be victorious”). Arseny Petrovich WAS Darlin’ Yuliya the Landshark’s bagman, he’s pals with the deep-pocketed Scientologists (his sister in the USA is one), and he’s got a tub-full of money to spread about… as I said, I’m not going to believe that he’s out until the Munchkin Coroner sings his song.

I think that all discerning readers will understand my reluctance to call this guy “politically dead” until it happens. I do hope so; I truly do.



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