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Saturday, 4 April 2015

DNR Veterans Council Urged French and German Leaders to Pressure Kiev into Lifting the Economic Blockade Against Novorossiya

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The DNR Veterans Council* appealed  to German Bundeskanzerlin Merkel and French Président Hollande, asking them to pressure the junta into lifting its blockade of Novorossiya. It wrote, “With deepest respect, we Donbass veterans turn to you! We ask you, as guarantors of the Minsk Agreement, to influence the Ukrainian government regarding its performance of measures to implement these agreements”. The Veterans Council stated that the junta hasn’t even begun to carry out the parts of this agreement about disbursement of social benefits to affected groups in Novorossiya, pointing up, “More than half a million senior citizens, disabled, orphans, and single mothers are left without means of subsistence”. They asked Hollande and Merkel, as guarantors of the Minsk Agreement, to focus their attention on the junta blockade, “as many people are unable to leave the DNR for the Ukraine to visit relatives because of a refusal to issue permits, and those who can leave complain of extortion by Ukrainian military and the National Guard (sic)”. In addition, the Veterans Council noted continuing attacks by junta forces and the movement of military equipment and units along the line of contact. In summation, the letter stated, “We appeal to your authority and to your common sense; we ask you to stop the genocide of the DNR’s people by the Ukraine, to make them return to the path of peace negotiations”.

  • In Russian contexts, “veteran” doesn’t mean “military veteran”, but rather “senior citizen”

4 April 2015

DAN Donetsk News Agency



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