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Monday, 6 April 2015

Lvov Church Decorated With “Icon” of “Holy Punishers”

00 Lvov blasphemous icon. 05.04.15


Images of soldiers wearing balaclavas with halos around their heads and guns in the hands shocked parishioners; a Lvov resident posted the image on her wall in a social network with the caption, “No comment”. Such” fine art” has become quite common in the Ukraine. In 2014, the artist Roman Bonchuk painted an “icon” of the “Heavenly Hundred”, which depicted Evromaidantsy activists killed in clashes with police. He painted it in the style of the Royal Doors of the iconostas with portraits of “Heavenly Hundred”. Bonchuk put the Mother of God and archangels over the portraits.Lyubomir Guzar, the former head of the UGKTs, blessed the artist and his work; Bonchuk had painted Gusar as part of the work.

5 April 2015

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