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Tuesday, 7 April 2015

7 April 2015. Remember the Cost…

00 Thank You. 05.04.15


Never forget that putting down Nazism had a cost. We’re finding that out again in Novorossiya. There can be no compromise with fascists… NONE.




Happy Birthday, DNR! На многая лета!

00 Happy Birthday DNR! 07.04.15


00 Vitaly Podvitsky. Happy Birthday, Donetsk! 2014


Happy Birthday, DNR! May God grant thee many, many years!

Your first Easter last year was bloody… this Easter is a time of want… next Easter is predicted to be a Easter of Victory. I believe that will be so. The Red Banner of Victory and the Three-Bar Cross of Christ will mark the Donetsk skyline. The city first known as Yuzovka, then Stalino, and now Donetsk, will stand as a Hero City…

I bow before you… we’ll wipe away your tears and help you in whatever way we can. This I vow…

На многая лета!


7 April 2015. FACEBOOK FUCKS UP!!! Persecutes Orthodox Clergy For “Not Using Legal Names”

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00 Cracked Facebook Logo. 26.10.13


One of my fave Russkie bands, Lyube, doing The Red Army is the Strongest… a real kick-ass anthem


It’s SICK… Facebook is causing grief for clergy and monastics… claiming that they’re not using their “legal names”. Most of us need only give a driver licence number… but some sick bastard is causing trouble because priests are calling themselves “Fr”… that’s WEIRD. Facebook is persecuting Fr Tryphon (of the coffee-roasting monks up in Washington State) and Fr John Whiteford (yes, I know that he’s an asshat… but Facebook is in the wrong, and that’s that).

I wonder if it’s Galician Uniate nationalists… they’re causing trouble for those they label as Russian Orthodox clergy (more so as their cause is going down the shitter). Crazy world, ain’t it? Stand up for our guys… even if they’re idiots. That’s what family is all about… blood IS thicker than water… post this on your Facebook page.


(I’m handing out the AKs, machetes, coshes, axe-handles, and RPGs out back to all interested parties)

‘Nuff said.


7 April 2015. Since Thou Wast Precious in My Sight

00 since thou wast precious in my sight. 07.04.15


Yesterday, we said something about Podkarpatskaya, the Far Western outlier of Holy Rus… the Komandorsky are almost the Far Eastern outlier… that’s Alaska. If you discount Lower-48 Carpetbagger Phonies like Sarah Palin, real Alaska culture is permeated by the century of Russian settlement. That is… Holy Rus still persists wherever Russian Orthodoxy suffuses the culture. You’ll find it in modest Rusin homes in the heart of the Carpathians… you’ll find it amongst VSN soldiers standing guard in Novorossiya… you’ll find it in a Tlingit village on Auke Bay… you’ll even find it scattered in small towns in NEPA. It’s ALL ours… or NONE of it is ours… ponder that…


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