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Thursday, 9 April 2015

The Actions of the Junta Towards Novorossiya Convinces Its People that the Ukraine is a Hostile State

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Kick Out the Banderovtsy Scum!


Aleksandr Protsenko (Candidate* of Political Science), the head of the “Special Status” Centre for Sociological Research, told LITs, “All the current actions by Kiev only repel Donbass residents; indeed, it convinces them that the Ukraine is hostile to them. This is in the face of Kiev’s vehement assertions that it means these steps to return the Donbass to the Ukraine. To suggest that Kiev doesn’t understand the consequences of such a policy is, at least, naïve. Therefore, these actions are deliberate and intended. In essence, the current Ukrainian government wants to force and coerce Donbass people “to convert to their faith”, to force them to abandon their traditional values, and to ignore their economic, political, and sociocultural interests. The fact that it causes a backlash, a desire to resist, is a natural response of any social community to such pressure. Separatist ideas and attitudes don’t arise by themselves… they’re the consequence of irresponsible and frankly aggressive actions towards [Novorossiya]. These actions by yesterday’s opposition elements are nothing but a victory of inanity. Unfortunately, the UKU lacks an article “for incitement to separatism”. Many of those now in power in Kiev would be appropriate defendants in criminal cases”.

  • Candidate (Kandidatura): an academic degree equal to a Western PhD, but a bit more rigorous… a “Doctor of Science” is even higher, equal to Western post-doctoral study

9 April 2015

LITs Lugansk Information Centre



9 April 2015. Today Is Holy Thursday…

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Today, we are buried with Him… need I say more? We’re coming on up to the Holiest part of Holy Week. ‘Nuff said…


Makeyevka Honoured the Memory of Nazi Concentration Camps Victims by Laying Flowers at the Eternal Flame

Liberation of Auschwitz by Red Army. 12.11

NEVER FORGET! Galician Uniate nationalist pigs helped RUN the concentration camps… the Red Army LIBERATED them. To honour the UPA and OUN is to honour the Holocaust… do reflect on that. The Rada’s new law honouring the UPA and the OUN was HOLOCAUST DENIAL writ large. Never forget… the number of Galician hands in the Holocaust was NOT small (it’s one of the most Anti-Semitic places in the world, sadly enough… not a majority, but enough to make them the world champs of Anti-Semitism).


In Makeyevka, citizens honoured the memory of Nazi concentration camp victims by laying flowers at the local Eternal Flame memorial. The local branch of the Donetsk Republic Society sponsored the event. During the ceremony, local secretary Larisa Tolstykina pointed up that the fascist ideology is stronger than ever in the Ukraine. “After all the horrors of the Great Patriotic War, occupation, and concentration camps, who could think that a revival of fascism would be possible? However, over the years, the ‘brown plague’ ideology re-entered the masses. At least, we must do what we can… we must remember [what happened] and not allow the “fascist plague” to penetrate the heads of the younger generation”.

During the Second World War, Nazi Germany and its allies had about 14,000 concentration camps of all sizes on their territories and in occupied lands. The Nazis burned prisoners in crematoria ovens, killed them in gas chambers, and tortured, starved, and overworked inmates to death. International Day of Liberation of Nazi Concentration Camps on 11 April is in memory of an international uprising at Buchenwald concentration camp on 11 April 1945.

9 April 2015

DAN Donetsk News Agency


Zakharchenko and Pushilin Rap Junta Recognition of UPA and OUN as “Freedom Fighters”

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Chairman of the DNR Government A V Zakharchenko said that the Ukrainian Verkhovnaya Rada launched an irreversible process leading to the final disintegration of the Ukraine by its assertion that the OUN and UPA were “freedom fighters”, stating, “they’re trying to embroil Russia and the Ukraine by making such a law. This attempt to glorify UPA terrorists is farcical. This ‘historic’ declaration causes nothing but disgust and revulsion. However, it IS historical, because this action today formalises the victory of fascism in the Ukraine. Very soon, most Ukrainians will conclude that the country is kaput. The Ukrainian leadership launched an irreversible process leading to the complete disintegration of the country”.

Today, the Rada recognised the activities of the OUN and UPA as “struggles for Ukrainian independence”. On the second reading, the Rada adopted a law on “the legal status of participants in the struggle for Ukrainian independence in the 20th century”. 271 People’s Deputies voted for the bill; the bill only needed 226 votes to pass it. The Organisation of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN) was an extremist Far Right political faction that operated mainly in the Western Ukraine. To achieve its goal of creating an “independent” Ukraine, the OUN used extremist methods, including terrorism. The OUN’s actions had an obvious anti-Polish, anti-Soviet, and anti-Semitic slant. During the Great Patriotic War, the OUN cooperated with Nazi German intelligence agencies and fought against the Soviets. In 1943, the OUN formed the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA). The OUN actively promoted recruitment efforts for the 14. Waffen-Grenadier-Division der SS “Galizien” (galizische/ukrainische SS-Division Nr 1)  {a VOLUNTEER SS division guilty of many atrocities and war-crimes: editor}. According to scholarly research, the OUN and UPA killed at least a million people, including about 200,000 Poles.


Today, D V Pushilin, Vice-Chairman of the DNR People’s Soviet told our correspondent in an interview that the Rada should be ashamed for passing an “appalling bill” recognising the OUN and UPA as Ukrainian “freedom fighters”, noting, “Our grandfathers drove the fascist scum and their minions like S A BanderaR I Shukhevich, and others not only from their own land, but also from Europe. It’s repellent to see how many people simply resign themselves to the fact that this rewrites history, defacing the memory of what our heroic ancestors did, cancelling out major people’s holidays celebrating our multinational (Russian, Ukrainian, Belarusian, Kazakh, Uzbek, Georgian, Armenian, et al) achievement! Could you really possibly take this, and just give in to a bunch of radicals and vote almost unanimously in the Verkhovnaya Rada for such an infamous bill? For shame!”

9 April 2015

DAN Donetsk News Agency



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