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Friday, 10 April 2015

10 April 2015. Which Side Are YOU On? You Can be Left or You Can be Republican… But NEVER Both at Once!

00 Communism is. 10.04.15


What do you want? Do you want a feral world where the rich run roughshod over everyone else or do you want a world with justice and opportunity for all? Remember, Libertarianism is unbridled anarchy for the rich… if you have money, you can do as you please, and to hell with everyone else. If one had to choose, Communism is closer to Our Lord Christ than Libertarianism is… in fact, what Libertarianism teaches is the same thing that Satanism does… do reflect on that as you hear certain sorts try to affix such evil to Christ and His Church… do ponder it well…



10 April 2015. A Picture IS Worth a Thousand Words. Graham Philips with VSN Troops Holding an “Essence of Time” Banner

00 Graham Phillips and Esence of Time banner. 10.04.15


Why does the VSN win and why do the junta militants fail? A good part of the reason is that the VSN fights for three things:

  • they fight to defend their native land, for their homes and families
  • they fight to defend their Russian nationality and their Orthodox religion
  • they fight to bring forward a coherent and just ideology

The first two are self-explanatory; most Westerners are aware of the first factor, many are aware of the second one… however, no Westerner seems to grasp that the fight in Novorossiya involves a fight between two inimical ideologies. The junta has a mishmash of world-views within it… ranging from oligarchic self-indulgence to Galician Uniate “Consciousness” (a particularly vicious form of fascist integral nationalism). There are no Western-style “democrats” amongst them, although they mouth Western shibboleths in an attempt to gain support. Opposing them, the Novorossiyans have quickly coalesced around two similar movements… Essence of Time and Eurasianism. In the above image, war correspondent Graham Philips and VSN soldiers hold an Essence of Time banner. This movement strives to unite people with socialist/communist political views, who also hold patriotic views and Orthodox Christian values. The conscious aim is to create a spiritual synthesis of Communism and Orthodoxy. The goal of the movement is to bring to life the best of communism’s ideals… a society that provides for the awakening and development of the higher creative abilities of every human being. Eurasianism posits that the Russian civilisational bloc doesn’t belong in the “European” category (somewhat like the Slavophiles) and that the Bolshevik October Revolution was a necessary component to rapidly modernise Russian society. The original Eurasianists (in the 1920s) believed that the Soviet system was capable of evolving into a new national non-European Orthodox Christian ideology. These supranational communal idealistic ideologies face a narrow parochial selfish nationalism that embraces the worst aspects of capitalism and fascism. One can readily see the clash of good and evil here.

We as Orthodox Christians in the diaspora must face the fact that we have traitors in our midst who oppose godly social justice, who fight against the union of the Cross and the Red Banner implicit in the the two above ideologies (which are very close, by the way). We all know who they are… some sold out for filthy lucre or for a seat at the high table… some others sold themselves as hirelings to the papists… still others crawl on their bellies for the Western media machine. I don’t think that I need name the people involved… you know them well. However, none of them are as dangerous as those who betray us for the sake of their fanatical belief in Libertarian Neoliberalism… that is, Jonas Paffhausen and his ragtag band of konvertsy. These people wish to ally the Church with such Anti-Christian elements as Radical Sectarians (“Evangelicals”) and the warmonger wing of the US Republican Party. The sell-outs are bad… but controllable. The True Believers are dangerous. They want to suck out the interior of our Faith and replace it with Sectarian/Libertarian goo. They’re the ones we must wrestle with and oppose… as our coreligionists abroad must fight the Uniates, we must fight the semi-Sectarians. In both cases, the Church is at stake… which side are you on?


10 April 2015. Quo Vadis, Russia? This House Gives You a Hint!

00 Russia House! 09.04.15


Take a look… from left to right, we have an unidentified figure labelled “Holy Rus” (is it St Aleksandr Nevsky?), Chairman of the RF Government D A Medvedev, Tsar Pyotr Veliki, V I Lenin, I V Stalin, President of the RF V V Putin, and Chairman of the Imperial Government Graf P A Stolypin. Let’s not sink into logorrhea… we must accept Russia and Russian history in its entirety, warts n’ all, good and bad, wheat and tares, exemplary and questionable. St Vladimir to St Aleksandr Nevsky to Ivan Grozny to Minin and Pozharsky to Pyotr Veliki to V I Lenin to I V Stalin to V V Putin… they all built the house that we know as RUSSIA. ALL OF THEM. NO EXCEPTION. For instance, for all the cruelty imputed to Ivan Grozny, it was still less than that practised in Western Europe at the time. Russia is what it is… it’s ours. The sooner that we accept it for what it is, the sooner we can put things right. That’s my view, any road…


Farewell, LAZ! They’ll Pack Mushrooms and Berries in the Factory Shops

00 LAZ Lvov Auto Plant. Galicia. ukraine. 09.04.15


As of today, the Lvov Automobile Plant (LAZ), which as late as 2012 produced buses for Euro 2012, stands completely gutted. The flagship enterprise of Lvov is in ruins and is up for sale. Journalists got inside the former LAZ and found nothing of value inside its buildings. In the shops, there is no sign of any equipment, the walls deteriorate, the windows shattered, even the floor doesn’t lack damage. The building itself is on offer at auction. LAZ, founded in 1945, during its existence built more than 365,000 autobuses. In 2001, it went into private hands. Then, production volume reached 14,600 units per year, not including producing automatic transmissions supplied to other enterprises. However, the private owner wasn’t able to support the plant properly; ergo, the LAZ got into debt, reduced staff, sold property, and went into bankruptcy. For over a year, the LAZ didn’t show up in statistical reports of Ukravtoproma and Auto-Consulting; in 2013 the LAZ’s owner promised to present a whole range of “Bus of the Future”, but beyond words, it was a bust.

According to the information on the website “City Transport Group”, which owns the LAZ plant, production continues in Dneprodzerzhinsk in Zaporozhe Oblast. However, no one’s heard anything from there; the last update of the site appeared at the beginning of last year, connected with the sale of 2013 model-year buses 2013. What caused the LAZ collapse just didn’t make the news. For several years, the Lvov Oblast OGA* tried to nationalise the plant. For quite some time, whispers had it that the owner artificially sunk the LAZ into bankruptcy, so people thought it should go back under state ownership. However, there’s no longer any sense to do anything. The seized property of the former LAZ, they’re up for sale at auction, due on 15 April, by 11 April, interested parties should submit applications. The asking price for the former LAZ shop premises (total area: 19,821 square metres/2 hectares (213,351 square feet/4.9 acres)) is 29,742,150 Grivnya (66.7 million Roubles. 7.9 million Renminbi. 79 million INR. 1.27 million USD. 1.6 million CAD. 1.66 million AUD. 1.2 million Euros. 868,000 UK Pounds). By the way, insider information says that a Polish investor wants to buy the empty factory to install a sorting plant for packaging blueberries, mushrooms, and blackberries.

  • OGA: Oblast State Administration: administrative apparat of an oblast

8 April 2015




This is why “investors” and “entrepreneurs” are the vilest of human beings… worse than paedophiles, murderers, rapists, and child abusers are. Those low inhuman scummers generally don’t hurt large numbers. What they do is enormously horrific and horridly scarring to the victims and those close to them… but it only affects a relatively small number at most (sorts like Chikatilo are rare, thank God, more are like Storheim, who only abused a few). Investors and entrepreneurs hurt THOUSANDS for the sake of filthy lucre. They destroy the livelihood of whole towns in their insatiable lust for money and power. You can see that all over the Northeastern USA… where investors and entrepreneurs left towns to rot so that they could fatten their bankrolls. That’s why what Serge Schmemann, Rod Dreher, and Sofia Kishkovskaya do is evil… they’re shills for the moneyed class. That’s why Paffhausen and his ilk are evil… they suck up to the moneyed class and to their Libertarian enablers. That’s why what Potapov does is evil… he’s a willing propagandist for the political whores of the Affluent Effluent.

Remember what Scripture says… The love of money is the root of all evil. It doesn’t say, Lust is the root of all evil. I seem to see a difference. Reflect on that, this Holy Friday.


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