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Saturday, 11 April 2015

Greetings of First Secretary G A Zyuganov to Orthodox Christians on Easter

01 Christ is Risen! KPRF 2011


Dear brothers and sisters, compatriots, comrades and friends!

Easter Sunday celebrates the triumph of life over death, of eternity over extinction, loyalty over oblivion. These bright days of the beloved people’s holiday of Easter fill young and old, our towns and villages with joy and gladness. Coincidentally, this spring, common historical experiences unite us. Seven decades ago, the peoples of our country won a globally fateful victory of good over evil. Before our eyes, during these paschal days, the Immortal Regiment marches by… our fallen… “trampling down death by death”… they live forever, on watch and on patrol in our memory. The veterans are still with us, those lucky ones who returned despite all the deaths. We’re together… the living and the dead… we, their descendants, and those who seven decades ago came to grips with the forces of evil who tried to crucify the Motherland…

Soldiers aren’t born. They fight to the death, for what’s holy and right… those who were only recently workers and farmers, students and teachers. They didn’t do it for glory; they did it for the sake of life on earth. From the beginning of those bitter days, their mothers, wives, sisters, and children took their places, working tirelessly in the rear. However, for the people, the holy war wasn’t a trifle; everyone made a strong contribution to the cause of saving the country and the world from enslavement and destruction. As our ancestors once did at Kulikovo and Borodino, at Poltava, the Battle on the Ice, Izmail, and Sevastopol, our grandfathers and fathers did at Khalkhin Gol, through the Kursk Salient, Mamaev Kurgan, the Bryansk forests and swamps to Prague and Berlin. We went on to win, though love and mercy, in a merciless war.

The victory won in that bright spring of 1945 showed a historical continuity, of the Russian spirit and of Soviet patriotism. In those happy spring days, the people of Europe bowed their heads to the courage and sacrifice of the Soviet soldier, and gave thanks for their redeemed world. It’s written, There is no greater love than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends (Gospel according to St John 15.13). Then, it seemed that we burned out the “brown plague” with fire and sword; that we’d put it down forever and everywhere. The victors returned to their still-smouldering homes… reviving our country demanded selfless efforts from veterans, widows, and orphans. The triumph of life and the resurrection of the people and of the motherland followed the tragedy of death.

With a unanimous cry, our multiethnic country burst forth and rushed towards the heavens. In those same spring days, on 12 April 1961, the first Russian officer, a Soviet Communist with a lovely disarming smile, the grandson of Putilov workers, a peasant partisan’s son from Bryansk, looked at the Earth from the window of a spacecraft. Yu A Gagarin spent 108 minutes looking at the Earth, amazed at its beauty and fragility. The Soviet people on Earth watched the flight of the “Vostok” and praised the podvig* of our scientists, engineers, designers, and workers who created the space industry. The podvigs of the people led to the greater podvig, to create a new civilisation of benevolence, of humanity, of serving the people. Despising past grievances and betrayal, in this victorious era, we fought for universal disarmament and world peace. “Peace on Earth*!” we wrote on their victory banner.

  • Podvig: Should NEVER be “Englished”… one of the most powerful words in the Russian language. There are literally no English equivalents strong enough. Podvig has overtones of “epic”, “heroic”, “bravery”, “self-sacrifice”, “victory”, “effort”, and “triumph”. It’s best to leave it as is, and admit that English lacks the necessary material to give meaning to this word.
  • An untranslatable play-on-words in Russian («Миру – мир!»)

Now, in this seventieth spring of the victory, a cold light arose… again, Evil put us to the test. It couldn’t take us by force, so it tried to shove us to our knees with lies, scorn, slander, and pieces-of-silver. History repeated itself… as farce, not a tragedy. In the fraternal Ukraine, poisonous seed sprouted from the teeth of the once-defeated Nazi dragon. In the motherland of the Young Guard, in the Donbass, those who honoured our historical memory clashed with the successors of the ravishers of our motherland, in a battle for life and death. Again, we see the frontline of the confrontation between good and evil, and the anti-fascist warriors can only draw upon their own strength and on the solidarity of people of goodwill. We believe that you can’t rewrite history, that you can’t cover it up, and that you can’t embroider it… consciousness will reject corroding lies, and the truth will prevail. We will never deny our glorious heritage… only historical truth makes us a people. We must keep in mind that the leadership should remember that one could only direct Russia with an enlightened head, a pure heart, and a good soul. We should encourage them to be worthy and to do the will of the people, striving for truth, justice, and creativity. We hope that the younger generation will follow the true traditions of their elders, to continue to fight for peace, genuine democracy, a just world order, human rights, and the dignity of citizens. Then, no dark forces will prevail against us.

Therefore, we’ll win!

I give greetings on this Easter Sunday to all Orthodox Christians! I wish you peace, joy, and new achievements towards the revival of our Motherland.

Christ is Risen!

00 G A Zyuganov 2011

G A Zyuganov

Head of the KPRF faction in the RF Gosduma

Chairman of the TsK KPRF

11 April 2015


KPRF official website



The DNR Minoborony Thought the Junta is Preparing Provocations Using Militants Disguised as Russian Soldiers

00 Uniate fascists. 21.02.15


A DNR Minoborony source told us that the junta is preparing provocations involving junta militants disguised in Russian uniform, saying, “According to our intelligence, autos left Dnepropetrovsk carrying people dressed in Russian uniforms. We fear that the Ukrainian forces are preparing a provocation in [junta-controlled] territory using soldiers disguised in Russian uniforms”. Also today, a group of Malaysian forensic experts arrived to look at the wreckage of the MH17 Boeing. Vice-Chairman of the People’s Soviet, D V Pushilin, didn’t rule out provocations by junta forces in the near future.

11 April 2015

DAN Donetsk News Agency


High-Level DNR Source sez Malaysian Forensics Experts Arrived in DNR to Inspect MH17 Crash Site

00 MH17 crash site. donetsk PR. 11.04.15


A high-level DNR governmental source told us that a group of Malaysian forensics experts arrived in the DNR to survey the wreckage of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17. Our source said, “Experts from Malaysia are now in the DNR to make a detailed study of the wreckage of the [MH17] Boeing. We haven’t yet set the exact timing of their trip to the crash site”. In turn, Vice-Chairman of the DNR People’s Soviet D V Pushilin stated that the DNR government is aware of the purpose of the Malaysian experts’ trip. However, he also pointed up that it could be the occasion for provocations by junta forces, saying, “We have to expect that provocations from the Ukrainian side are possible; nevertheless, we’ll do our best to provide everything they need, including security for their work”. Besides this, we learned of the arrival this week in the DNR of a Dutch delegation to search for the remains of the MH17 passengers and their belongings. On 10 April, a source at the OSCE mission said that experts from Malaysia arrived to visit the MH17 crash site, but didn’t have precise information about their plans, saying, “Our task is to provide access to the Malaysian airliner crash site to the forensics experts” .The DNR Ministry of Emergency Situations stated its readiness to provide comprehensive assistance to the Malaysian experts. Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17, on a flight between Amsterdam and Kuala Lumpur, crashed on 17 July last year, killing all 298 people onboard.

11 April 2015

DAN Donetsk News Agency


LNR Mintrans Resumed Operation of Eight Trolleybus Routes in Lugansk

00 lugansk trolleybus 01a. 11.04.15


00 lugansk trolleybus 02a. 11.04.15

The indicated fare is 1.50 Grivnya (3.50 Roubles. 0.40 Renminbi. 4 INR. 6 US Cents. 8 Canadian Cents. 8 Australian Cents. 0.06 Euros. 4 UK Pence)


00 lugansk trolleybus 03a. 11.04.15

“Don’t distract the driver”


00 lugansk trolleybus 04a. 11.04.15

“Signal for hoist”… obviously, for handicapped access/egress


00 lugansk trolleybus 05a. 11.04.15

“Don’t lean [against this]”


00 lugansk trolleybus 06a. 11.04.15

At the Tsentralny (Central) stop in Lugansk


00 lugansk trolleybus 07a. 11.04.15

The banner on the upper-left reads, “Kick the enemy back to their homeland! We will destroy the fascists!”


Today, Aleksandr Chumachenko, LNR Minister of Infrastructure, Transport, and Communications, stated that Luganskelektrotransa reopened eight trolleybus routes in Lugansk, saying, “Trolleybus routes in the Southern and Eastern sectors now operate normally”. He also said that it isn’t possible to run the trolleybus route to Yubileiny as combat operations had severely damaged the power substation there and the powerlines for the buses. He noted, “We face many problems in repairing our vehicle inventory, but in the short time that the Chairman of the Government gave us, we did what we could”. Eight months ago, trolleybuses in Lugansk stopped running because the fighting caused shortages of electricity.

11 April 2015

LITs Lugansk Information Centre



Lugansk sure doesn’t look like a warzone to me. What this means is that Choco Loco and his American puppeteers are liars… let’s see… the Anglo American establishment claimed that Serbia was massacring Bosnians and Albanians, Afghanistan was a hotbed of terrorists, Iraq had WMDs, Libya was in the grip of a cruel dictator, Syria is the worst dictatorship in the Middle East, and the people in the LNR and DNR are dirty separatist criminals bent on dismembering the peaceful Ukraine. Such is the narrative one hears in Washington… they echo every lie of the “Ukrainian Catholics” and “Ukrainian Orthodox”. The LNR and DNR (and the rest of tsarist Novorossiya too) simply want to left alone… “Kick the enemy back to their homeland”. They want no part of Galician Uniate nationalist “Consciousness”… they want no part of Galician hillbilly pidgin (“Ukrainian”)… they want no part of the illegitimate extremist fascist putschist junta in Kiev installed by the Americans.

Lugansk wants normality… putting the trolleybuses back online is part of that normality. You can support socialist sanity or you can support American-sponsored fascist lunacy. I prefer to support the socialists of the LNR and DNR. They’re “People’s Republics”, indeed… note well that subsidised public transport is part of the”social contract” in the People’s Republics… the Uniate fascists beat the people with clubs (literally) as they jack up utilities rates and transit fares into the stratosphere (and cut wages and pensions as they do so… can you see why the US Republican Party loves them?). I know where I’d prefer to live if given the choice between the Republics or Banderstan! I’m NOT alone in thinking that way!


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