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Sunday, 12 April 2015

12 April 2015. Easter Greetings from Novorossiya… Remember Our Compatriots… They STILL Hang on the Cross

00 Cat and VSN soldier


Remember our suffering compatriots in Novorossiya, both free territories and those under the boot of the cruel Uniate nationalist junta occupation. Golgotha isn’t over for them, yet… NEVER forget that…



12 April 2015. Galician Uniate Nationalist Pigs Shell Donetsk on Easter… BLASPHEMOUS BASTARDS!



There were internet reports of shelling in Donetsk today. I asked sources to confirm it for me. I can now state that the Uniate nationalist bastards SHELLED A HOSPITAL in Donetsk. The UPA murdered Poles in Volyn in the VOV… Galician Uniate nationalist collaborators helped the Nazis burn villages and murder villagers in Belarus… thousands of Galician Uniate Trawnikimänner helped the Nazis run concentration camps and rounded up Jews for the slaughter. This is an abomination and a blasphemy. To violate the most sacred of Christian holy-days proves to all comers that the Galician Uniate nationalists are no Christians, and that one must have a care around those who identify as “Ukrainian Catholic” or “Ukrainian Orthodox”.. most are innocent… but many are not, and the majority that doesn’t take part in evil is inert towards those who espouse the demonic ideology of “Consciousness” (a particularly vicious form of fascist integral nationalism). I can’t figure that one out… so, my advice to you is to have a care with any associations with those who call themselves “Ukrainian Catholic” or “Ukrainian Orthodox”… they may not support the fascist murderers, but all-too-many of the clergy do and all of their bishops do. DO NOT HATE. However, be prudent… take sensible precautions… be aware that the innocent majority won’t defend you against the feral minority if something were to happen. I offer you this to you as the fruit of my hard-won experience.

NEVER ARGUE WITH UNIATE NATIONALISTS. Stay out of their fora, don’t comment in their commboxes, and don’t go “looking for trouble”… as for the last, I warn you, if you look for trouble, there are Uniate nationalists who’d oblige you. After all, we’re talking about people who shell hospitals on Holy Easter. I need say nothing more.


12 April 2015. A Believer’s Take on Marriage

00 Nayzak. How 2  b a Good Muslim Husband. 2011

How 2 B a Good Muslim Husband





Gabe and Laura… this one’s for you. May Laura deliver safely…



When Allah has decided to unite two hearts in marriage:

  • no distance is too far
  • no time is too long
  • no powerful force can separate them
  • no one can break them apart

Mohsin Hasan Mumtaz

Dedicated to my lovely sister FATIMA MICHEL BARNES


Today is Easter… spread the joy… to all around you… to believers (including non-Christians)… to secularists (don’t call ‘em atheists, please)… to all of God’s Creation (including your animals).

To Mr Mumtaz… thank you for such a beautiful (and concise) post. God luv ya…

To all rightwing asshats… Muslims are believers, too… you’ve forgotten that. Neither ISIS nor the Azov Battalion represent real Christian and real Muslim believers. That’s that… it’s what I hold and what I stand for, any road.

THIS IS MY PERSONAL BELIEF… I don’t claim it to be the “Teaching of the Church”… however… I’d say that it doesn’t contradict it, though. Be careful with labelling things the “Teaching of the Church”… quite often, it’s nothing but idiosyncratic opinion decked out in ill-fitting (and utterly false) finery… reflect on that, this Easter…


12 April 2015. It Ain’t Lent No More… Bright Week is FAST-FREE… DEMAND SAUSAGES EVERYWHERE!

00 It's Time to Feast. Demand Sausages Everywhere! unknown artist. USSR. 1937


There is NO fasting allowed during the Bright Week (the week after Holy Easter)… no way, no how. You can sit down and scarf down a dozen hot-dogs on Wednesday, if that’s what your heart desires. You can have some kolbasa with horseradish mustard with your pirogi on Friday! Just as the Church sets aside some times as “fasts”, it sets aside others as “feasts”… Christ did not teach us to be a “Misery Guts with a Face Three-Feet-Long”… He taught us to be fully human, free, and joyful. Reflect on that…

However (as Chukcha would say)… do pass me the sausages and do fill your plate, too. It’s a time to feast, feast, feast! There’s an earthy and earthly side to our Easter joy… if you miss it, you might very well miss the spiritual joy, as well. That’s something else to think about…


from the bottom of my heart, from our house to yours…


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