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Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Demilitarisation of Shirokino is on the Table

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Today, Colonel-General Aleksandr Lentsov, the Russian member of the Joint Centre of Control and Coordination of the Ceasefire (STsKK), told reporters that a proposal for the demilitarisation of Shirokino would be on the table in the next two days, saying, “th joint task before the STSKK is to submit a draft proposal for the demilitarisation of Shirokino to the relevant parties in the next two days. The fundamental military questions of the demilitarisation of Shirokino won’t take long”. The first priority will be to define the lines to which units of each side will withdraw.


Today, Colonel-General Aleksandr Lentsov, the Russian member of the STsKK, told reporters that it’d take at least a week to clear Shirokino of mines and booby-traps after its formal demilitarisation, saying, “We’ve received a lot of complaints from Shirokino residents about mines laid in the village. Yesterday’s explosion of a booby-trap involving Zvezda TV cameraman Andrei Lunev just proves that. To solve this problem, we need to clear the settlement, but we can only do that after we demilitarise it. Overall, to do the job right will take at least a week”. Yesterday, Zvezda TV cameraman Andrei Lunev set off a booby-trap when STsKK members, OSCE observers, and journalists visited Shirokino. He’s now in critical condition in hospital in Novoazovsk. Local doctors had the aid of a special team of surgeons and intensive care specialists sent urgently from Donetsk by the DNR Ministry of Health. Later in the afternoon, a special flight took Lunev to Russia. Shirokino is in a no-man’s land between junta-occupied Mariupol and DNR-controlled Novoazovsk; it’s one of the tensest parts of the line of contact.

15 April 2015

DAN Donetsk News Agency




Junta Forces Shelled Positions of Ukrainian Nationalists near Dzerzhinsk

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Tonight, the DNR Minoborony told us that junta forces opened fire on an irregular self-controlled “volunteer unit” on the outskirts of Dzerzhinsk, saying, “Our intelligence determined that the positions occupied by elements of the 93 Mechanised Brigade near Novogorodskoe shelled the positions of Ukrainian ‘volunteer units’ located on the outskirts of Dzerzhinsk who refused to follow orders from the Ukrainian forces. The Ukrainian nationalist irregulars couldn’t determine the direction from which the fire came, so, they fire at the western and north-western outskirts of Gorlovka”. Gorlovka Mayor Andrei Darkovsky confirmed to us, “I really heard cannon-fire in the town”.

15 April 2015

DAN Donetsk News Agency



The junta forces are NOT organised as a proper military force. Firstly, there’ve been FIVE Ministers of Defence in the past year… not a good sign to begin with. At the front, besides the regular army, there are oligarch/warlord battalions, so-called National Guard battalions, units of the SBU and VV MVDU, not to mention foreign PMC mercs. The chain-of-command is a complete and utter clusterfuck, with no one in actual charge and little real organisation above the brigade level. There are no divisional HQs… there aren’t enough competent trained officers for staff work. That’s to say that there isn’t a level of command between brigade and corps. Now, here’s the cherry on the sundae… there’s been several purges (“lustration”) of officers, with competent Russian officers replaced by incompetent Galician Uniate nationalist hacks. Finally, there are the officers and long-service cadre who simply went over to the patriot side, either in the Crimea or after capture on the Novorossiyan front. Don’t forget… the commander of the Ukrainian Navy rallied to Russia and is now a deputy commander of the Black Sea Fleet in Sevastopol.

In other words, the above incident isn’t surprising… indeed, the only surprising thing is that it took so long to happen. The junta doesn’t have real armed forces… do note the lack of air and heliborne support. Also, note how junta forces NEVER react as a trained and cohesive unit. It’s too much of a muchness… crazy, ain’t it?


DNR Ministry of Education sez Pupils can Choose to take Final Exams in Russian or Ukrainian

00.0a Lugansk School-leavers 06.12

School-leavers in Lugansk in happier prewar days, before the imposition of the illegal and criminal pro-American putschist junta


DNR Minister of Education and Science Igor Kostenok told us that graduating students in schools could take final exams in either Russian or Ukrainian, stating, “The Ministry of Education gave orders to ensure orderly handling of the state final examination in three subjects, Russian or Ukrainian language, mathematics, and a subject of choice”. He told us that students would have a choice in taking the exam in Russian or in Ukrainian. The state final exams will be from 2 to 11 June 2015.

15 April 2015

DAN Donetsk News Agency


Morozova sez First Trials of Junta Militants on War Crimes Charges will Begin Before the End of April

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Today, DNR Commissioner for Human Rights Dariya Morozova told us, “The first trials of Ukrainian soldiers accused of war crimes will begin in the near future, probably, at the end of April. We detained them in a lawful way on suspicion of committing criminal offences. We’ve instituted criminal cases against them; we’ll judge them according to the laws of the Republic”. Earlier, DNR Chief Justice Eduard Yakubovsky told our correspondent, “By the beginning of summer, we plan to open DNR courts-martial. They’d try crimes against humanity committed in times of war”.

15 April 2015

DAN Donetsk News Agency


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