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Sunday, 19 April 2015

19 April 2015. Conspiracy Theories Abound on the Internet on Rash of Ukrainian Political Murders… NO CONSPIRACY… JUST ANARCHY

00 Fr Dmitri Sidor. 08.04.14

Is Fr D D Sidor safe? In the conditions of lawless anarchy now regnant, God alone knows…


Read this.

Well, I don’t think that NATO is orchestrating a wave of murders in the Ukraine nor is Langley. It’s something rather more simple… and far more sinister for the people. Civil society and the rule of law have broken down in Banderstan. There’s no law… there’s no order. Fascist thugs roam the streets… people “commit suicide” or are simply gunned down. In fact, the acts are so sloppy that it’s clear that pros aren’t involved. To be blunt, this means that the situation is much worse than if NATO and Langley WERE shooting people in the Ukraine. NO ONE KNOWS WHICH END IS UP IN THE UKRAINE. NO ONE. It’s libertarianism run amuck… it’s why the Church blesses the State and Holy Authority… without it, society quickly deteriorates into a lawless quagmire of private revenge, honour killings, and political lynching.

Libertarianism is nothing but anarchy with a rightwing face. Do want to know what libertarianism actually looks like? Look at the Wild West atmosphere in Banderstan… that’s what libertarianism is. That’s what the Koch Brothers want in the USA… a condition where they could kill their perceived opponents with impunity. Nasty, ain’t it? That’s why “conservatism” is evil… it tends to anarchy, and anarchy is ALWAYS evil.

God do watch over and protect Fr Dmitri… the times are VERY evil… Fr Dmitri shouldn’t share the fate of Blessed Gavriil Kostelnik (and here) or St Maksim Sandovich.



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