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Sunday, 19 April 2015

DNR Big sez Junta’s Disinformation about DNR Leadership Demonstrate Its Military and Diplomatic Impotence

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Today, Maksim Leshchenko, the Head of Administration for the Chairman of the DNR Government, the junta deliberately spreads disinformation through its lapdog media, demonstrating their military and diplomatic powerlessness, saying, “The Ukrainian side regularly issues made-up disinformation about statements allegedly made by our leaders. In particular, they spread ridiculous rumours of internal tensions within the DNR or tensions between the DNR and Russia. They do it all in a clumsy and unconvincing way, but third-rate ‘patriotic’ media outlets regularly circulate such stuff. Apparently, this is the only chance that Kiev sees to undermine the DNR leadership position, since it isn’t possible on either the political or the diplomatic front”. At present, Ukrainian webpages and bloggers are spreading a rumour about threats allegedly made by DNR head A V Zakharchenko to Chechen leader R A Kadyrov. The authors of this canard argued that the threat allegedly aired on a Russian TV channel, but offered no video verification.

19 April 2015

DAN Donetsk News Agency



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