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Sunday, 19 April 2015

Why I Hate “Religious Hobbyists” and What They Stand For and Do

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Fr Marty Watt reposted this on FB (Fr Michael Lillie did the original post):

Metropolitan Antony Bloom once explained how during one Liturgy he went out to give the homily and said, “Yesterday evening, a woman with her baby came into the church during services. She was wearing pants and no head covering. One of you criticised her. She left. I don’t know who criticised her, but I hereby order them to pray for her and that baby until the end of their days, so that God will save [the woman and her baby]. Because, thanks to one of you, she might never again come to church”. He turned around and left. That was the whole homily.

I put this in as a comment after “liking” it:

I’ve had it with “religious hobbyists” and their obsession with rules, Rules, RULES… Christ wouldn’t have done that, so, neither should I… or you, for that matter. Note well that such people are quick to tell you about “fasts” (and how well they keep them), but aren’t so quick to FEAST when the Church sez so (they hector you about Lent, but how many of them keep Honey Spas or Apple Spas?).

Let’s not be coy… konvertsy “experts” crawl all over the internet telling us how to be Orthodox. The worst are Shake n’ Bake convert priests with no real Orthodox seminary training (the worst of those are the ones with heterodox seminary, but no Orthodox seminary). They incessantly lecture us on the Fathers, Scripture, and the Canons with a specificity and rigour that I’ve never heard from real Orthodox seminary graduates (I mean both here and in the Rodina). I got news for such sorts. The REAL Church is the “Church of a Thousand Chances”… it didn’t shitcan Florensky and Bulgakov, even after they taught heresy bareheaded… it didn’t shitcan Kochetkov and his merry crew of modernist Renovationists in Moscow (it did ignore them, so their heresy has about much impact as a mouse fart during the finale of Beethoven’s Ninth). You have to work HARD to get the boot… yet, these jerks are forever nattering about how this one or that one is “automatically excommunicated”… the canons say so, dontcha know!

Remember, what the Church holds as TRUE non-negotiables are in the Creed. That’s why we repeat it at every liturgy. The rest is commentary on that. Yes, there are certain things that aren’t gonna change… but most of those aren’t enshrined in canonical legislation, believe it or not (the Church only issues canons when something becomes overly controversial). Some canons have even become obsolete (like the one forbidding Christians to eat with Jews, for instance). So be wary whenever someone like Dreher starts fulminating… the Church is NOT “going Episcopal” because an SVS asshat makes a dumbass statement (they’re been doing that since the 50s, and their influence gets LESS with each passing year). I stand with Christ the Carpenter’s Son… who never ever kicked someone out for what they wore or what they were. You can hate me for that. I hold what I hold… ‘nuff said.

The above is my opinion… it’s NOT the “Teaching of the Church”. I ran this up on my own nickel. I simply “liked” Fr Marty’s post… I most certainly didn’t consult with him about it. All youse “loose canons” out there can calm down. Youse been told…



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