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Monday, 20 April 2015

Zakharchenko Compared Junta Ceasefire Proposals with Schizophrenia

01 homer x-ray brain

A typical Galician Right Sector X-ray…


Today, Chairman of the DNR Government A V Zakharchenko announced at a meeting of DNR local officials that proposals put forward by the junta on the demilitarisation of certain DNR sectors suggest that they suffer from mental illness, “I gave the Ukrainian military my answer… outbreaks of schizophrenia occur in the spring and autumn, so, dear colleagues, go get treated. We won’t follow any of their ceasefire proposals. Schizophrenia amongst the Ukrainian military appears to be a very contagious disease, so, I asked them to see a therapist”. Zakharchenko was reacting, in particular, to junta proposals on the demilitarisation of the area around Shirokino. The junta chieftains actually demanded that the VSN withdraw deep into the DNR whilst the junta bands stayed at their current positions. Shirokino is in a no-man’s land between junta-occupied Mariupol and DNR-controlled Novoazovsk; it’s one of the tensest parts of the line of contact. The STsKK (ceasefire regulatory body) registered many provocations here on the part of the junta forces.

20 April 2015

DAN Donetsk News Agency



Petrol Prices in the DNR to Drop… Government to Crack Down on Price Gougers

00 Mojum Kamki. Rogger Robber. 2010


Today, DNR Chairman of the Government A V Zakharchenko told reporters that the price of petrol would go down by 5 Grivnya (12 Roubles. 1.35 Renminbi. 14 INR. 0.22 USD. 0.27 CAD. 0.28 AUD. 0.20 Euro. 0.15 UK Pound) per litre at DNR outlets by the end of the week, saying, “This week, we’ll make fundamental changes in pricing at petrol dealers. The price at the pump surprised our motorists. Frankly, before the end of this week, the price will be cheaper than in the Ukraine, about a Grivnya (2.50 Roubles. 0.27 Renminbi. 3 INR. 0.04 USD. 0.05 CAD. 0.05 AUD. 0.04 Euro. 0.03 UK Pound) less per litre, maybe a little more”. The current price of A-95 petrol in the DNR is around 25 Grivnya/litre (60 Roubles. 6.75 Renminbi. 70 INR. 1.10 USD. 1.35 CAD. 1.40 AUD. 1 Euro. 0.75 UK Pounds), whilst in the Ukraine this grade of petrol sells for 22 Grivnya/litre (52 Roubles. 6 Renminbi. 60 INR. 0.96 USD. 1.18 CAD. 1.25 AUD. 0.90 Euro. 0.65 UK Pound). Zakharchenko noted that the government’s first priority was to have enough fuel and lubricants for agricultural use, saying, “We’ve provided the seed needed for the sowing; we’ll have to continue to monitor the commercial situation”.

The above forex rate for the Grivnya is the official rate… no one in the Ukraine gets that… the Grivnya roughly only has half the value stated above

20 April 2015

DAN Donetsk News Agency



The DNR goes after profiteers and makes ‘em “walk the line”. In the “Ukraine”, profiteers and those who jack up prices run the government… in Novorossiya, the government runs them out-of-town! In the “Ukraine”, wages and pensions go down… in Novorossiya, wages and pensions go up. The oligarchs misrule the “Ukraine” for their (and the Anglo Americans’) pleasure (with a hearty “AMEN” from the Uniates and schismatics)… the socialist Orthodox in Novorossiya kick the oligarchs out on their ass to please the people. The Uniates and schismatics kiss the Pope’s ass, crawl on their bellies to the Americans, begging for scraps from the West’s table. The Orthodox stand tall confessing the True Faith, defending Holy Rus, being equals with all comers.

There’s a difference discernible even to the slow-learners… What concord hath Christ with Belial?

As always, choose well…


20 April 2015. Why Anglo Americans are SO Dangerous

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo. I Reject Evil. 2012


This is what I wrote a friend overseas recently:

Most Americans only know what their censored media feeds them. The worst is Fox News… they beat the war drums incessantly. Well, no matter what, there’s only two understrength US manoeuvre units in Europe… an airborne brigade and an armoured cavalry regiment (a three battalion light scouting force). There are no US heavy units in Europe, nor is there any prepositioned equipment. The Russians know this. The ballyhooed deployment to the Baltics was two battalions (2/3 of the armoured cavalry regiment) and the deployment in the Lvovshchina is only two companies (the Canadian contingent is another company, making a battalion-sized task force, but lacking fire support and logistics support). The West simply doesn’t scare Russia. Thus, Satan overplayed his hand. His plans are going up in smoke. The USA can only affect the coming collapse of the Ukraine with nukes. Here’s the scary part… the Yanks are the only people who’ve ever used them in anger… they truly don’t believe that anyone else is human. We’re not out of the thicket yet.

The Anglos are the most arrogant tribe on the face of the earth, but the Anglo Americans are the worst of a sorry lot. They’re ruthless and violent, along with being both smarmy and arrogant at the same time (Orthodox people… think Rod Dreher or Freddie M-G, and you have the Anglo American temperament pegged). They truly are juvenile brats, and like all juvenile brats, they’re apt to lash out in spiteful anger if vexed and crossed. America supports sheer unrequited evil… remember this… Hannah Arendt said that evil is banal. I’d go further… evil is nice… evil is respectable… evil is civil and polite, it never raises its voice. Our Lord Christ went to the Cross because of the “Respectable”… NEVER forget that. Christ was the First Communist… I agree with Gennady Andreyevich on that. Keep that in mind and you’ll keep your feet in these evil times.

Have a care… the times are not only evil, but Anglo America demonically beats the drums for thermonuclear Ragnarok… God do preserve us.


20 April 2015. If a Man Have an Hundred Sheep

00 the lost sheep gospel. 20.04.15


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