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Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Zakharchenko sez Junta may Launch New Combat Operations at Any Moment

00 A V Zakharchenko 01. 25.03.15


In an interview with DAN, Chairman of the DNR Government A V Zakharchenko commented on events at the battlefront in recent days, “[The Kiev government] is preparing to unleash a new war. It all hinges on when they it’s appropriate… when they think that they’re ready. In recent days, the number of attacks increased significantly on our positions. They’re attempts at reconnaissance… to identify weaknesses in our defence and, as experience shows us, then, we can expect a larger attack”.

21 April 2015

DAN Donetsk News Agency



Basurin sez Security Beefed Up in DNR in Preparation for Victory Day

00 Eduard Basurin. DNR. Donetsk. 20.04.15


Today, DNR Deputy Minister of Defence E А Basurin told reporters, “On the eve of the upcoming Victory Day celebrations, the DNR Minoborony is beefing up security to forestall possible provocations by Ukrainian saboteurs. In particular, we’ll intensify patrols and strengthen garrisons; we’ll also step up checks at roadblocks and checkpoints. We’d collaborate with police to identify and interrogate suspects. We expect provocations from the Ukrainian side on Victory Day. 9 May is the Victory Day over Fascism… since the Ukrainian side promotes [fascism] they’d try to disrupt the celebration. We hope that the people would help us in confronting any possible saboteurs. We ask the citizens of the LNR and DNR to be vigilant and promptly report suspicious persons to us”.

21 April 2015

DAN Donetsk News Agency



The Galician Uniate nationalists are sick tickets. They refuse to take responsibility for anything… everything is Russia’s fault. Hell, they were that way back in the 80s; it isn’t something new for them. Therefore, their claims of Russian troops in Novorossiya aren’t real reports… it’s just their usual Russophobia. In like manner, they purloin cultural artefacts and accoutrements not their own. To think that this bunch of papist Carpathian hillbillies speaking a semi-Polish pidgin fancy themselves Cossacks! There was never such thing as a Uniate Cossack or a Galician Cossack! That’s absurd! ALL COSSACKS HATED AND STILL HATE THE UNIA! All Cossacks identified and still identify with Holy Rus.

Have a care around Galician Uniate nationalists… they live in a fantasyland that makes Middle Earth seem plausible. They’ve not been tethered too tightly to hard reality for many years… as I said, it isn’t something new for them. Most of all and scariest of all is that they’re willing to kill to advance that fantasy… “Knife the Moskals (Russians)!”… note well that the “Ukrainian Orthodox” and “Ukrainian Catholics” refuse to condemn that.

Have a care around such people. As their phantasmagorical whimsy crumbles in front of their eyes, the feral amongst them will become more and more unstable and violent. They’re not the majority of that cohort, but they’re numerous enough to warrant me warning you of them… the others won’t help you if they pounce on you. I can’t be more serious or more insistent… don’t associate overly much with such sorts… that’d keep things sweet.


DNR Minoborony sez Junta Violated Ceasefire 39 Times

00 donetsk pr. war 01. 21.04.15


Today, the DNR Minoborony told us, “In the past day, we recorded 39 ceasefire violations. They used RPGs and small arms 20 times, mortars 14 times, and tanks twice. In addition, the Ukrainian side twice fired on us using APCs and MICVs and once with an anti-aircraft gun”. Junta forces fired at Shirokino, Spartak, Zhabichevo, and Gorlovka. In addition, they again fired at the Donetsk airport and Oktyabrsky. No information on victims is available. The Minoborony noted that VSN doesn’t respond to junta provocations and doesn’t return fire.

21 April 2015

DAN Donetsk News Agency


21 April 2015. And Jesus Said, Suffer Little Children

00 suffer little children. russia. 21.04.15


This is why the Church is what it is… it follows Christ… not human juridical fancies. You’re either a Christian or you’re not… therefore, if a little child is a Christian, to deny them Holy Communion by using the sophistical argument that “they don’t understand it” is just beyond the pale and Unchristian. None of us understand it nor can we ever do so. The only attitude that we can show is “eucharistic”… a sense of deep and abiding thankfulness for a Gift quite beyond our ken and reason. That’s what the Church teaches, that’s what I hold, that’s what the Churches of God preach, and we’ll allow no argument on that. That’s what the Apostle said… it hasn’t changed in two millennia, kids.

“Thank you, Jesus”… that’s all that you can say… anything else is hubristical bullshit and I say such openly. God or Reason… that be the choice…


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