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Wednesday, 22 April 2015

22 April 2015. URA! For the Continuity of Our Russian History!

00 Know No Fear. Marshal G K Zhukov. 22.04.15


G K Zhukov was the greatest Russian war leader since Suvorov. There were only a few such in Russian History… St Aleksandr Nevsky… St Dmitri Donskoi… Minin and Pozharsky… A V Suvorov… G K Zhukov… they’re the pantheon of Russian Leadership. They’re the Great War Lords… the Great Captains of Holy Rus. It’s a real and rich history. Our history is a seamless garment… one that one can’t divide without destroying the whole. The Ukraine? It has no past, no history, and, therefore, no soul. It’s a golem built by the West to try to topple Holy Rus. It shall not prevail!

If we forget our history, we lose our soul. Look at the “Ukrainians”… that’s an object lesson. They’ve forgotten who they are… need I say more?



22 April 2015. Today is Lenin’s Birthday!

00 inObrAS. In Memory of Lenin. 2008


22 April is Lenin’s birthday on the Gregorian calendar (it was 10 April Julian when he was born in Russia). I’ll simply make this observation… in the Ukraine, those who honour Lenin, also honour the Church and Christ. Those who hate Lenin and rip down his statues (mostly Uniates, schismatics, and sectarians) also hate Christ and His Canonical Church. My, my… what a coincidence! If you claim to be Orthodox, but call yourself “anti-communist”, YOU ARE A LIAR. Full stop… by their fruits ye shall know them. The god-fearing commies in the DNR and LNR are doing their best to heal a country battered and raped by crapitalistic oligarchs and their American puppeteers. The godless anti-communists in the Ukraine slobber idiotically as America and its Western pals rape the country, steal its resources, and do their best to entice the “best and the brightest” to emigrate to the West.

I’d say that there was quite a difference.

If you want St Vladimir, you must stand for Vladimir Ilyich. That’s that… that’s reality.

Lenin lived, Lenin lives, Lenin will live… had the Old Empire been truly Christian, he would’ve never made a revolution. The Old Empire had become corrupt and kleptocratic in the aristocratic and bourgeois classes… the same is happening in America today. Ponder that. Remember this… all of those White Russian anti-communists who slobber over the memory of the Imperial Family… their ancestors didn’t lift a finger to save the tsar and his family from Kerensky’s imprisonment. Not a one fought for restoration of the tsar in the ensuing Civil War. Therefore, take all of their rants with a great deal of scepticism… after all, they DID lose a great deal in the way of money, power, and influence, didn’t they?

Lenin wasn’t an angel… but he was no devil either. He was a man, with all the frailties that l’condition humaine implies. He was a great man who continues to inspire millions… many of whom are Orthodox Christians. His legacy still lives…


Debaltsevo “Pocket”: Needlessly Sacrificed

00 debaltsevo. dnr. broken ukrainian tank. 22.04.15


We stand at the entrance of a typical railway-crossing booth. Behind us, we hear the snapping and the see the flickering flashes of DSLR cameras, but none of the reporters comes forward. Yes, in the end, they don’t want to look at it. The bottom panel of a sickly-looking once-blue door, miraculously still hanging on the twisted outer doorframe, blocks the entrance. The glass in the window frames is also long-gone. Shattered wall fragments on chipped broken floorboards decorate the booth … yes, a brick medley covering all of this bedlam like a shroud. However, it can’t hide the riveting view… a huge dried burgundy-brown puddle impregnating the brick with war’s detritus, its mangled screed litters the floor, and whitewashed strips of tiles hang from the ceiling. No, it isn’t paint… it’s the blood of a faceless Ukrainian kid, mowed down in this civil war. We don’t know if this was his first fight, but for sure, it was his last one. It was a hopeless and meaningless fight… a victim that they brought to sacrifice on the vain altar of this insane war.


In the last days of the Debaltsevo pocket, the lid slammed shut. Our forces conduct continuous reconnaissance, our artillery methodically works over the area… it doesn’t allow the Ukrainian army, the terror battalion militants, and the other junta forces to raise their heads, it demoralises the enemy. Our infiltrators constantly penetrate deep into the Ukrainian defence lines. There are heavy casualties on both sides. The Avgust Mechanised Battalion from the LNR holds the frontal sector near the Debaltsevo railway depot. Earlier, they distinguished themselves in the fighting near Sanzharovkoy. A 30-year-old soldier named Yakov, with the call-sign “The Kid” (“Малыш”), a former irrigation expert, now commander of one of the units, is preparing plans for the next operation. His troops cover an area where we expect a counterattack from the “Ukropov*” in the near future. According to intelligence reports, not far away, near the Second Industrial Site, they’ve brought up an armoured task group, which will try to break out of the encirclement. In response to this, the higher command decided to form a scratch tank group, to cover units of 4 Mechanised Brigade in the direction of the expected tank assault and to organise ambush positions on possible retreat routes of Ukrainian forces that managed to escape our “hedgehog”.

  • Ukropov: word for pro-junta militants, it comes from the Russian word for “robber, thief, bandit”

In the railway depot, the area’s just a heap of metal and concrete, nearby, there’s a tunnel and, most importantly, a bomb shelter filled with civilians just a hundred metres from the potential breakout point of the expected Ukrainian attack. The Kid and his zamkombat* “Petrovich” worked together to solve the complex tactical problem… formerly, Petrovich was criminal investigator Major Viktor Zotov. Everybody waited for nightfall. We used a tractor to drag a damaged T-72 to a defensive position on a rise; it did have intact tracks and an undamaged hull. In the rear, behind a concrete wall in the depot, we had three hidden T-64s with full ordnance loads with registered fields of fire. Now, we could only wait.

  • Zamkombat: Deputy Battalion Commander, ergo, “Kombat“ is Battalion Commander, not “combat“ in English, it’s a false cognate!


The enemy armoured group appeared at dawn… six tanks, MICVs and APCs, and trucks with infantry in columns marched straight into an ambush. They didn’t watch their front nor did they cover their flanks and rear. The first rank rose and immediately boldly countered and blocked the tanks, the rest of the “boxes” swept the field. Destroying the trucks was easier… their drivers rushed into the infantry, sowing confusion. One of the Ukrainian tanks, zigzagging at high-speed through gloopy mud, miraculously escaped from the cauldron, but after driving into the industrial zone, its engine died and fell silent. We couldn’t move our three tanks in ambush… there was still a high probability of another enemy armoured attack. We didn’t have Infantry to cover the tanks. However, there was a scout group led by their bold zamkovzvoda* Seryoga, a 30-year-old miner from Krasnodon, with Shmels (“Bumblebees”) (RPO Shmel rocket launchers). The probing attack was over. Seryoga’s group quickly found a hidden tank literally 30 metres across the street… they fired Shmels with thermobaric warheads at the turret.  They hit the “64” in ambush even though it was firing at them. They made two direct hits, the ammunition cooked off; the blast demolished the turret, and turned the tank-crew into lumps of burning fat.

  • Zamkovzvoda: Assistant Platoon Commander


The surviving enemy infantry slowly and methodically withdrew through the industrial zone. One of their “warriors” hid in the railway-crossing booth. There was nowhere to run, and no reason to. We tried to speak to him, we tried to explain that no one wants blood… it really doesn’t solve anything. In response, the crazed militant cursed at us and threatened all of us with abusive talk. It was 20 metres from our guys to the booth. When we tried to talk with him again, after he cursed at us again, he threw a grenade at us. After it exploded, we threw three at him. We pieced together the fragments of his passport… it said that the dead guy was born in Dnepropetrovsk Oblast. There were no other documents; therefore, it wasn’t possible to determine which unit he was from or from what service. We pulled the body out of the booth, put it right on the crossing, covered it with a blanket, and the burial party soon took it away. Just a few days later, together with prisoners, we handed over the “200th” to the Ukrainian side.

6 April 2015

LITs Lugansk Information Centre



This is one of the best-written pieces that I’ve seen. It’s far superior to anything on Fort Russ, Colonel Cassad, or Stratfor. You can see the fanaticism of some of the junta militants. Today, the junta forces have fanatics, western mercs, and disaffected conscripts. That’s a military disaster just waiting to happen. Note well the military incompetence of the junta forces. I can see why Russia isn’t getting involved… it doesn’t have to. The Galician Uniate nationalists will slit their throats of their own accord. “Slava Ukraina! Slava Geroyam!” Then, the patriots will mow them down… reluctantly, but definitely.

The Ukraine ain’t dead yet… but it soon shall be… the sooner the better.


The DNR Minoborony Thinks it Probable that the Junta will Try to Disrupt Victory Day Celebrations in the DNR on 9 May

00 E A Basurin. VSN. Novorossiya. 18.02.15


Today, DNR Deputy Defence Minister E А Basurin stated at a media briefing, “Ukrainian nationalist elements are preparing to commit provocations in the DNR and LNR in the period before, on, and after our celebration of the 70th anniversary of the Victory in the VOV”. He pointed up that activists formed a covert sabotage unit in the Lvov Oblast of 300-500 members recruited from radical groups, which the junta plans to deploy near Stanichno-Luganskoe (12 kilometres (7.5 miles) north of Lugansk) to commit provocations wearing Russian military uniforms. Basurin observed, “It’s important to note that NATO instructors are in Lvov Oblast training nationalist elements; on 17 April, 300 American paratroopers of the 173 Airborne Brigade arrived at the Yavorov polygon* (50 kilometres (33 miles) from Lvov). It’s possible that foreign troops would take part in provocations in the DNR and LNR, to destabilise and disrupt the celebrations of Victory Day, of the victory of Soviet people over fascism”. Due to the intel that came in to us, we’ll intensify patrols and strengthen garrisons; we’ll also step up checks at roadblocks and checkpoints. We’d collaborate with police to identify and interrogate suspects. We ask the citizens of the LNR and DNR to be vigilant and promptly report suspicious persons to us”.

  • Polygon: Post-WWII Russian colloquialism for a military base, it derives from the polygon-shaped concrete blocks on drill fields (the US Navy calls such a field a “grinder”)

21 April 2015

DAN Donetsk News Agency



It’s important to note that Yavorov Raion is right on the border with Poland; Yavorov is the first major town on the motorway between Poland and Lvov. That is, the NATO troops aren’t in the Ukraine proper, rather, they’re in the Lvovshchina (a part of the Habsburg Empire and of interwar Poland). If necessary, they can skedaddle quickly back to Poland in less than an hour on the motorway (it appears that the Americans learned from their fiasco in Gori during the ’08 South Ossetia War). Add in the fact that the American and Canadian troops aren’t trained instructors, but regular combat units, it looks like that their real role is to secure a retreat path to Poland for Western elements in the Ukraine (and to allow a bolthole for pro-American nationalist terrorists… they know too much, but it’s too difficult to kill them on home ground). Probably, it’s where the Americans and their Canadian poodles will take the last looted resources of the Ukraine, as a convenient guarded stopping point on the way to Poland.

Again, don’t listen to asshats such as Stratfor and Fort Russ… pull out your maps… look carefully at what’s deployed where… have an idea of what modern military units “look like”. For instance, media releases ranted about “120 US tanks in the Baltics”. Photographic evidence showed that the “tanks” were a mixture of wheeled APCs and tanks… 120 AFVs equal two heavy mechanised battalions… NOT EVEN A FULL BRIGADE. Besides that, the images revealed that there weren’t any MICVs at all. In all, 590 American and Canadian paratroopers are in Yavorov. That’s not even a full battalion… in short, the West knows that its client is going down the shitter. The present deployment is to protect the last known secure retreat route to Poland. Everyone knows that the present situation is political kabuki… mostly for domestic purposes in the USA. It allows both Republican and Democratic pols to claim that they did their all to preserve “the free Ukraine”. The Canadian troops are there because Galician Uniates are a big political presence in the Prairie Provinces (Ed Stelmach, anyone?). Once you understand that, you almost feel sorry for the junta. Their Western “allies” are anything else but that, and their patriot opponents are waxing their ass at the front. It’s only a matter of time. How long? I haven’t the foggiest… no one does. However, I hope that the Dear Lord cuts the time short… too many innocents have suffered already.


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