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Wednesday, 22 April 2015

22 April 2015. URA! For the Continuity of Our Russian History!

00 Know No Fear. Marshal G K Zhukov. 22.04.15


G K Zhukov was the greatest Russian war leader since Suvorov. There were only a few such in Russian History… St Aleksandr Nevsky… St Dmitri Donskoi… Minin and Pozharsky… A V Suvorov… G K Zhukov… they’re the pantheon of Russian Leadership. They’re the Great War Lords… the Great Captains of Holy Rus. It’s a real and rich history. Our history is a seamless garment… one that one can’t divide without destroying the whole. The Ukraine? It has no past, no history, and, therefore, no soul. It’s a golem built by the West to try to topple Holy Rus. It shall not prevail!

If we forget our history, we lose our soul. Look at the “Ukrainians”… that’s an object lesson. They’ve forgotten who they are… need I say more?



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