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Thursday, 23 April 2015

Russian Singer Yuliya Chicherina Doesn’t Care that She Browned Off Ukrainian Extremists

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Today, Russian singer Yu D Chicherina told our correspondent that she doesn’t care that she browned off Ukrainian extremists because of her support for Novorossiya. She said, “You have to take the criticism of these Ukrainian extremists ‘with a grain of salt’; they don’t like that I perform in [Novorossiya]. I’m not sorry that I lost this part of my audience”. Yuliya Dmitrievna is in the DNR to take part in two rock festivals. She went on to say, “I’ve said that I’m not against the Ukraine, but that doesn’t stop me from bringing love to the people of [Novorossiya]. I fell in love with this land… on 9 May, I’m going to give concerts in the DNR”. Today, Chicherina is performing at a rock festival put on by Novorossiya Rocks Radio, along with Vadim Samoilov, the frontman of Agata Kristi, and the rock group 7B, along with DNR rockers. Tomorrow, the Russian rockers will perform at the DNRok Festival, in the central square of Donetsk, to mark the International Day of Youth Solidarity.

23 April 2015

DAN Donetsk News Agency


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