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Friday, 24 April 2015

24 April 2015. You Can’t Make Up Shit Like This! Android Pisses on Apple! NO LIE! :-D

00 Android pisses on Apple 01. 24.04.15


00 Android pisses on Apple 02. 24.04.15


Read this. Need I say more? Pass the jug and smile!



24 April 2015. Hey, Hey, It’s the Peace Car! There be Some Sanity Left in the World

00 us and ussr peace car. 21.04.15


This appears to be the USA. This proves, to all comers, that the shit spouted by Fox News and the Republican Party doesn’t pollute everyone in the USA. Shall decency win out in the end? I hope so… I hope that we end the lying historical revisionism of the Republicans, that we put their vicious and nasty McCarthyism and their scurrilous Antichristian Me First Crapitalism down. I hope that we can resurrect the spirit of the New Deal… that spirit helped the USA do its part in the Anti-Hitler Coalition. I hope that anti-patriotic greedsters like Willy Romney, Chilly Hilly, Ted Cruz, Joe Biden, Marco Rubio, and Antonin Scalia lose all their influence and power.

Can these dry bones live? I confide… they can! However… we have to want it and we have to steel ourselves to endure the pain necessary to drive out the crapitalist plug-uglies. It’s time to retake our home… squatters like the Kochs and Waltons have stolen from us long enough…


Official Statement by DNR Chairman of the Government A V Zakharchenko on the Centennial of the Armenian Genocide in the Ottoman Empire

00 Tatev Monastery. ARMENIA. Russia and Armenia Friends



I address Armenia, the Armenian people, and Armenian citizens of the DNR.

The Armenian diaspora has long been an important and integral part of the multiethnic population of the Donbass, and for centuries Armenia and the Armenian people were one of the most loyal and fraternal allies of Russia and the whole family of the Slavic peoples. A centuries-old friendship, a common faith, and a common determination to preserve our traditions unite us. Together, shoulder-to-shoulder, we beat the common foe during the Great Patriotic War and rebuilt our national home. Today, Armenians in the DNR actively work to build our country; they bravely defend our motherland’s borders.

Today is a mournful date associated with one of the most tragic events in human history… the Armenian Genocide. One hundred years later, we, the people of the DNR, bow to the memory of all the victims of this tragedy. Today, we, just like the fraternal Armenian people did a hundred years ago, face persecution on ethnic and religious grounds. We also face those who wish to destroy us physically, to obliterate our language, and to break our will. Therefore, we understand the pain and suffering of the Armenian people; we can see how their anguish and misfortune relates to ours. We believe that there’s no place in the world for nationalism or for incitement to religious hatred… a new generation of Armenians should never experience the horror that Armenians all over the world call the Medz Yeghern (Մեծ Եղեռն/The Great Calamity). I want to wish fraternal Armenia and Armenians living in the DNR peace, wellbeing, and prosperity.

00 A V Zakharchenko 01. 25.03.15A V Zakharchenko

Chairman of the DNR Government

24 April 2015

DAN Donetsk News Agency



The Galician Uniate nationalist nutters are trying to ram Uniatism down our throats… they’re trying to replace literary Russian with their hillbilly semi-Polish pidgin… they’re trying to kill all who oppose their demonic plans. They’ll stop at nothing. I fear that nationalist fanatics who support the fascist filth in Kiev run the so-called “Ukrainian Catholic” and “Ukrainian Orthodox” churches. No… most of the people aren’t guilty… not at all. I can’t name the people who showed kindness to me in the past or in the present, for fear that some nationalist creepo supremo would hurt them. Yes… it’s that bad. Therefore, have a care… be prudent, don’t argue with such sorts. Tell the truth… tell it to all who’ll listen. Remember… if we don’t stand tall for our coreligionists, the Uniate nationalists will do as the Ottomans did. In fact, since they’re fanatics, they’d be worse. This is the world that we live in…


Gazprom Dismissed Locksmith Who was Fan of the Azov Battalion

00 gazprom ukie locksmith. russia. ukraine. 24.04.15


Gazprom fired Moscow locksmith Grigori Krasnik after REN TV journalist Valentin Trushnin turned him over to the cops. The reporter posted on Facebook that he noticed the logo of the Azov Battalion in Krasnik’s wallet, so, he decided to report him into the police. Trushin, who had recently returned from Novorossiya, wrote, “I caught a live Banderovets*! Where do you think that I did so? Right here at home! Standing right in front of me in the queue at the shop, wearing Gazpom overalls, buying a “one-and-a-half”* of beer. I noted that he had an Azov Battalion logo in his wallet. I accosted him outside, and I asked him, ‘Are you a follower of the Azov Battalion?’ The guy cocked an attitude at me, saying, ‘Yeah, I’m a follower, so what?’ I let him know, ‘Nothing… but understand that I’m turning you over to the cops’… and I did so”. Trushin went on to say that Krasnik wasn’t a member of Azov, “but his soul belonged with them”.

  • Banderovets: Galician Uniate nationalist fanatic, follower of the terrorist murderer S A Bandera
  • Полторашку (poltarashku): literally, “one-and-a-half”, in this case, a 1.5 litre (50 US fluid ounces) bottle. It’s as much a part of colloquial Russian as “six” for “six-pack of beer” is part of American colloquial English or a “slab” is “a case of 24 cans of beer” in Australian colloquial English. A One-and-a-Half is 25 percent larger than an American “40” (40-ounce bottle of beer/malt liquor, Thus, “Get nice with a 40 of Mickey’s”).

As of the time of writing, Gazprom called REN TV on the day of the incident, saying that locksmith Grigori Krasnik called the company’s head of emergency dispatch and denied involvement in the incident, saying that he wanted to debunk his detractors. Then, he said that the young man on the photo in the wallet isn’t his picture. However, on the following day Krasnik admitted that Trushin hadn’t lied and had posted the truth on the social network. Gazprom released the following statement, “Grigori Krasnik admitted that Trushin told the truth. Recognising that giving false information undermined his credibility, Krasnik expressed a willingness to leave his job. We terminated his employment on his request”.

23 April 2015



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