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Friday, 24 April 2015

24 April 2015. Hey, Hey, It’s the Peace Car! There be Some Sanity Left in the World

00 us and ussr peace car. 21.04.15


This appears to be the USA. This proves, to all comers, that the shit spouted by Fox News and the Republican Party doesn’t pollute everyone in the USA. Shall decency win out in the end? I hope so… I hope that we end the lying historical revisionism of the Republicans, that we put their vicious and nasty McCarthyism and their scurrilous Antichristian Me First Crapitalism down. I hope that we can resurrect the spirit of the New Deal… that spirit helped the USA do its part in the Anti-Hitler Coalition. I hope that anti-patriotic greedsters like Willy Romney, Chilly Hilly, Ted Cruz, Joe Biden, Marco Rubio, and Antonin Scalia lose all their influence and power.

Can these dry bones live? I confide… they can! However… we have to want it and we have to steel ourselves to endure the pain necessary to drive out the crapitalist plug-uglies. It’s time to retake our home… squatters like the Kochs and Waltons have stolen from us long enough…


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