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Sunday, 26 April 2015

26 April 2015. A Picture IS Worth a Thousand Words… THIS is Why the Present Kiev Junta is EVIL… It Glorifies the Collaborators Who Helped the Nazis Carry Out the Holocaust

00 majdanek concentration camp. poland. red army. ussr. 26.04.15


Take a GOOD look at the above image. THAT is what the Rada glorified when it glorified the Nazi collaborators of the VOV. Many Galician Uniate nationalists willingly aided the Nazis. However… bear THIS in mind… many good Galician people FOUGHT the Uniate fascist pigs. That’s why the partisan war there was so bitter… it was a real civil war. The Reds and the real patriots fought against the pro-Western sell-out scummers. That sounds like today, doesn’t it? Draft-dodging is as endemic in the Western Ukraine as it is elsewhere. That tells you something… if the junta can’t even count on the support of its supposedly most-solid region, how long does it have left? I’d say, “Not long”…




DNR Minoborony sez Junta Aggressors Advanced Seven Battlegroups to the Front Reinforced with Grad Batteries

00 dnr. donetsk pr combat zone 01. 26.04.15


DNR Deputy Defence Minister E А Basurin told journalists that the operational situation all along the line of demarcation deteriorated in recent days, “Despite the numerous claims that Kiev is committed to the Minsk agreements, units of the Ukrainian forces, especially, the so-called National Guard, stepped up the intensity of their attacks on our land. In recent days, the number of daily violations has gone up from 30 to 50. We link this increase in the number of serious provocations with the forthcoming EU Summit on Monday 27 April on the Ukraine; the Kiev régime wishes to complicate the situation in [Novorossiya] so that it can continue to receive regular funding tranches to maintain its rule. According to our intel, Kiev’s formed seven mobile battlegroups in the combat zone along the contact line, reinforced by Grad MLRS batteries that fire indiscriminately on our towns, rapidly displacing after firing. I’d say that the diciest situations are around Novaya Marevka, Shirokino, Gorlovka, Zhabichevo, Grigorovka, Lozovogo, Spartak, Telmanovo, Sosnovka, Sakhanki, Oktyabrskaya, and Donetsk airport. Currently, our units aren’t able to counter the actions of the Ukrainian side adequately because they lack heavy weapons, which we withdrew from the combat zone according to the Minsk agreements of February this year. We call on Kiev to immediately stop its provocative shelling of our towns in the DNR and move on to actually implement all points of the Minsk agreements”.

25 April 2015

DAN Donetsk News Agency



The C3I situation in the junta forces is an anarchic jumble (no, Neil McCabe, that isn’t “Russian propaganda”, it’s a stone-cold fact, as my facts will prove). The so-called “National Guard” is NOT under the Minoborony Ukrainy… it’s unclear whether its notionally under the MVDU or the SBU (it certainly isn’t part of the regular VV MVDU)… that is, it’s a paramilitary, NOT a military, unit. It’s a modern analogue of the SS… in all respects. It’s a body of untrained, ill-disciplined, and insubordinate fascist fanatics outside of the normal military chain-of-command, which Mr McCabe would know if he got his news from other sources than the Western media. This isn’t the only force outside of the normal chain-of-command on the battlefield. I’m not going to go through it all again here for Mr McCabe’s benefit. It deserves its own post (and it shall get such, for all patriotic pro-Holy Rus posters have to beware of smarmy ignorant Anglos like McCabe and know how to deal with them).

The main reason the junta forces are failing is that its forces lack a unified command and control structure. That’s why they’re going to go down to defeat. The patriots have unified armed forces… the junta fascists do not… most emphatically. All the American “advisors” and “trainers” in the world won’t change that fact.

Also… the Grad MLRS is an area weapon, incapable of precise use. According to Soviet/Russian tactical doctrine, one uses it to lay down area barrages in front of advancing troops, to keep an opponent’s head down as one’s own forces go on the attack. However, on the contrary, the junta uses the Grad for terror bombardments… you see, relatively-untrained troops can use this system, it doesn’t require the trained men that regular artillery does, and each separate launcher only requires a crew of three. Therefore, the junta can give them to clueless Right Sector Galician Uniate nationalist hillbillies… you simply point the launcher in the general direction of the target and fire off the 40 rockets in each load. Then, it takes two minutes to ready the unit for departure, you skedaddle, and a trained crew can reload the launcher in 10 minutes (that means that untrained junta militants would take twice as long). If each battlegroup had a battery of Grads attached, with four launchers per battery (losses necessitated reducing units per battery to four from six), that means that there’d be 28 Grads present, a believable number as the Ukraine had 120 Grads prior to the war. Each four-unit battery is capable of firing 160 12.2-cm rockets in 20 seconds (each launcher can fire its 40 rockets in 20 seconds).

In short, this is isn’t “Russian propaganda”… something that Mr McCabe would know if he an ounce of military knowledge… but it’s clear that he doesn’t. Such is the world. Don’t argue with such sorts in the commboxes… that’s the surest way in the world to get banned. Keep it focused.


LNR Techs and Engineers Restored more than 80 Armoured Vehicles Captured from the Junta in the Debaltsevo Pocket

00 lugansk. debaltsevo. tank repair 01. 26.04.15


00 lugansk. debaltsevo. tank repair 02. 26.04.15


00 lugansk. debaltsevo. tank repair 03. 26.04.15


00 lugansk. debaltsevo. tank repair. 26.04.15


Senior Lieutenant Vladimir Girchenko, commander of an armoured vehicle repair unit, told us, “Within a month-and-a-half after the capture of Debaltsevo, we restored more than 80 AFVs… tanks, MICVs, APCs. The Ukrainian forces provided us with a sizeable inventory, there’s a lot to do. Our work doesn’t stop; we work day and night, we work around the clock. In Debaltsevo, we captured more than 300 AFVs, 80 percent of them are repairable. We use the equipment beyond repair as source of spares and assemblies for the repair of other damaged vehicles. It takes us anywhere from three days to two weeks to repair vehicles, depending on the degree of damage. Our techs had to learn the specifics on the job. Two or three months ago, we didn’t know the specifics, but now we can repair anything… tanks, MICVs, APCs… we can repair powertrains, gearboxes, and clutches. All my men are former tractorists*, miners, and combine-operators. Some know electrical systems; others know mechanics. We don’t have any problems with spares, not now. We captured enough at Debaltsevo for any small and major repairs necessary. At the beginning of the war, we didn’t have enough vehicles, but now we have something worthy to meet our opponents. You know, the Ukrainians use equipment produced during the Soviet era. Its equipment produced in the time of the USSR. Did they build it to fight against the Soviet people? I don’t think so! They made it to protect the people… we WILL use it to protect the people. All of the AFVs that we repair go right into service with our forces”.

  • Tractorist: literal translation from the Russian… not merely a tractor driver, but a general mechanic and electrical repairman. In the USSR, they were some of the most politically-reliable people in the countryside (they provided the backbone of the tank crews in the Red Army that defeated the fascists).

25 April 2015

LITs Lugansk Information Centre


Basurin sez Intel Confirms that the Junta will Attempt Provocations on Victory Day

00 E A Basurin. VSN. Novorossiya. 18.02.15


Today, DNR Deputy Minister of Defence E А Basurin confirmed that the DNR Minoborony continues to receive intel that the junta is planning to commit provocations on Victory Day, saying, “Once again, we’re receiving intel that the Ukrainian side is preparing imminent large-scale provocations to disrupt celebrations of the 70th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War over the fascist invaders. In the report of the OSCE observer mission in the Ukraine for 22 April, on their official website, you can read a post that stated that the Ukrainian side warned local residents in junta-occupied Luganskoe (north of Debaltsevo) that they had to leave town before 9 May due to possible renewed fighting. We confirmed preparations and training for large-scale provocations”.

Minoborony officials stressed that the DNR still insists on seeking a peaceful resolution to the conflict and urged the international community to influence the Ukrainian side to make Kiev honour the Minsk agreements and refrain from provocations. Earlier, the DNR Minoborony reported that it was likely that the junta would stage provocations during celebrations of the anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War.

26 April 2015

DAN Donetsk News Agency



Of course, the junta wants to disrupt Victory Day… they honour Nazi collaborators, after all. My experience amongst diaspora “Ukrainians” (actually, Galicians, to be precise) taught me that many of them are fanatics… the more fanatical they are, the more that they honour pigs like the SS collaborators and the UPA murderers (who, don’t forget, “took the shilling” from both the Nazis and the Anglo Americans!). Just go down to Bound Brook in Jersey, you’ll see the graves of Nazi collaborators next to the “Ukrainian ICBM” (one of the most hideous churches in existence… it’s super effin’ FUGLY).

These fanatics are in Novorossiya and they’re the most vicious towards all those they consider “Russians”… remember, neither the “Ukrainian Catholics” nor the “Ukrainian Orthodox” condemn those who holler “a knife to the Moskals (Russians)” or “the Ukraine for the Ukrainians only”… it’s why I believe that these pigs are capable of killing civilians… they’ve already done so. After all, the Peoples Republics didn’t invade Banderstan… the junta invaded the Peoples Republics. That’s not “Russian propaganda”… that’s a fact, Jack… if you dispute that, you show yourself an apologist for evil; I’ll oppose you everywhere and always.


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