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Tuesday, 28 April 2015

28 April 2015. From the Russian Web… Raccoon Funnies: The Great ‘Coon-Cat Staredown… Who’s Gonna Win?

00 raccooon and cat. 29.04.15


“This is my house, and you’re not getting in, no way, no how!!” Who’ll win? The ‘coon or the cat? Perspirin’ minds wanna know…



28 April 2015. They’re All Passing… How Much Longer Shall We Have Them?

00 Nikolai M Belyaev. rusia. last surviving Reichstag veteran. 28.04.15


The generation of heroes that put down fascism is passing… they’re dying. There are only a few left of that cohort. They fought to free the world of the corrosive racist ideology of Nazism… a uniquely-evil construct that killed more people in 12 short years than many tyrannies did in a century. The whole world banded together to put that evil down.

Sadly, that evil is re-emerging under American auspices… it’s not just the neo-Nazi fascists in the Ukraine… it’s neo-Confederates in the American South… it’s Cuban rightwingers in Miami… it’s the vicious racists in the Baltic states… no… Nazism isn’t dead anymore. Rightwingers in America conjured it up from its grave. The Koch brothers finance it… Fox News propagandises for it… the Republican Party embraces it as its ideology… the “Evangelicals” dress it up in pseudo-religious vesture. We need to put down the beast again… God willing, the cost won’t be so high…


28 April 2105. Delight Thyself Also in the Lord

00 Delight Themself Also in the Lord. 28.04.15


Junta Militants Crack Down on Food Smugglers Sending Food to the DNR

00 ukrainian facist stormtrooper. 30.01.15.jpg-large


Junta militants are cracking down on businessmen smuggling food to the DNR from junta-occupied territory. Anonymous sources close to the parties involved told us, “On our last trip to Mariupol for supplies, instead of one day, it dragged on for several days, because of stops at Ukrainian checkpoints. On the way back, on a bypass road running through a field, I witnessed Ukrainian soldiers brutally beating another trader like me, just ahead of me on the road”. Another smuggler said, “For me, the last attempt to get through their roadblocks led to a pow-wow with them, which led to them pawing over my stuff; I had to pay them ‘taxes’ on the spot. I had to let them do it… they made it clear that if I made a fuss about it, they’d shoot me. I knew that they weren’t joking about their threat… I know about more than one other case that had such a sad ending”.

The junta blockaded food supplies from the Ukraine to the DNR from February 2015. Because of this, food wholesalers in the DNR increasingly oriented their business to suppliers from Russia. According to the DNR Ministry of Economic Development, the volume of such trade is growing rapidly… in February, the DNR received 471 tonnes of food, in March, it received 5,000 tonnes, and the Ministry expects that the amount for April will be significantly higher than that.

27 April 2015

DAN Donetsk News Agency


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