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Saturday, 2 May 2015

A Multimedia Presentation… About 10,000 Took Part in the May Day Festivities in Snezhnoe

00 dnr. donetsk pr. Snezhnoe. May Day. 01. 02.05.15


00 dnr. donetsk pr. Snezhnoe. May Day. 02. 02.05.15

 Stop Fascism!


A modern version of Katyusha


00 dnr. donetsk pr. Snezhnoe. May Day. 03. 02.05.15

We Greet the First of May! For a Dignified Life!


00 dnr. donetsk pr. Snezhnoe. May Day. 04. 02.05.15


00 dnr. donetsk pr. Snezhnoe. May Day. 05. 02.05.15

For Labour! For Peace! For the Future!




Himno de la Unidad Popular


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00 dnr. donetsk pr. Snezhnoe. May Day. 08. 02.05.15


Dean Reed doing Venceremos


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00 dnr. donetsk pr. Snezhnoe. May Day. 10. 02.05.15


Today, our correspondent on the scene reported that about 10,000 people gathered at a May Day celebration in Snezhnoe, with a parade passing through the main street of the city. The overwhelming majority of those present wore St George Ribbons; many carried red banners and sang a medley of the old-timey frontline songs, among them the legendary Katyusha and Smuglanka. The Vice-Chairman of the Peoples Soviet, D V Pushilin, joined the locals in the celebration. He told the crowd, “With all my soul, I greet all of you on this holiday. I wish you peace and prosperity. We lacked such popular holidays in the past; definitely, it was good to return to them. This allows us to see who’s on our side on our path to build an independent state”. Pushilin emphasised that there are many for whom this holiday isn’t just mere words about civic duty… they’ve laid the foundations of a new country over the last months, one which future generations can be proud of. For his part, Sergei Kondrykinsky, the head of the public organisation “Young Republic”, said, “I’d like to greet our youngsters on this First of May, they’re honouring our traditions… they’ll stay true to the path of our elder comrades, they’ll help them in every way. We’re for peace, we’re for love, we’re for the DNR”.

Meanwhile, Donetsk homies marched in a festive parade with red banners, singing the VOV frontline songs. Many gathered near the fountains that the city administration turned on today. The First of May morning in Donetsk passed relatively quietly. The responsible security organs told us that they were ready to react to any junta provocations.

1 May 2015

DAN Donetsk News Agency



10,000 out of 45,000 people in town showed up for the festivities. I’d say that was popular support. Remember these humble pictures whenever you hear Western caterwauling about “Russian propaganda”… they’re saying that because not only non-Westerners reject them (they don’t care about us… we’re just “white niggers” to the Anglos), but Westerners are starting to listen to the likes of RT, TASS, and Sputnik, because they tell the truth, not the outrageous lies and pabulum served up by CNN, Fox, Reuters, and AFP. RT doesn’t have close to a tenth of the budget of CNN and Fox… yet it scares the bejesus out of the American Establishment. The US media, both “liberal” and “conservative”, whore for the neoliberal Moloch. Both regurgitate the lies of the Pentagon and Foggy Bottom uncritically. Therefore, why should it surprise anyone that people gravitate to the truth?

As for me, I get ZIP… I get NADA… I get NICHEVO… unlike Victor Potapov, who’s a direct (very well-paid) hireling of Langley at “Radio Liberty”… unlike Rod Dreher, who draws a salary from the so-called American Conservative… unlike Freddie M-G, who’s another direct US government hireling at NPR… unlike Sophia Kishkovskaya, who’s part of the NY Times apparat (her Uncle Serge got her the position, no doubt… her work is of abysmally low-quality). There’s also Vassa Larina, a direct hireling of the papists (she tried to bring a Uniate imposter “archimandrite” (her papist sugar daddy) to Jordanville to speak to Orthodox… how much more treacherous can you get?) and John Jillions, who was a direct hireling of the Galician Uniates (!). In short, most of the pro-Western voices amongst us are sell-outs… they’re the ones receiving the pay-packets for spouting pro-American bullshit (especially, Dreher with his smarmy and self-congratulatory self-satisfied upper-middle Republican pseudo-“conservative” hedonism)… not we pro-Russian people, we’re mostly people who do it for love (like me).

People are rising against the Beast… that’s why I support Bernie. We don’t deserve more of the chains that the Corporate/Political Neoliberals and their willing well-paid media hirelings want to put on us (the media hacks are WORSE than the oligarchs are… trust me). That’s what May Day is all about.

¡Venceremos! ¡Salud!


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