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Sunday, 3 May 2015

DNR Security Roundup… AM 3 May 2015

00 donetsk dnr 01. 03.05.15


Today, DNR Deputy Defence Minister E А Basurin told us, “We noticed that covert ops units are at the line of contact. Therefore, we expect provocations on 8-9 May. We have evidence that foreign individuals are amongst them from radio intercepts”. Earlier, on 21 April, Basurin pointed up that Ukrainian nationalist elements are preparing to disrupt the 70th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War celebrations in the DNR and LNR, “It’s noteworthy that military training instructors from NATO are in on this”.


Locals heard loud explosions in the centre of Donetsk, which continued for more than an hour. They told us that the shelling shook the furniture and walls, so they tried to stay away from windows and many took shelter in the basements. The DNR Minoborony stated, “We’ll give more detailed commentary later”.


The DNR Minoborony told us that junta forces attacked our positions near Spartak and fired on the Kievsky Raion of Donetsk, “Ukrainian forces shelled the Kievsky Raion of Donetsk with 15.2-cm artillery. There were shell bursts in residential areas”. Ivan Prikhodko, head administrator of Kievsky and Kuibyshev Raions in Donetsk, stated that heavy fighting was in progress near Peski and Spartak, with the junta forces using heavy artillery. There is no information on causalities


A source in one of the “power ministries”* told us, “We registered fire from 15.5-cm artillery at Avdeyevka, with the Putilovsky bridge being under fire. We reacted with counterbattery fire. I stress that 15.5-cm is a NATO calibre, not one used by the SNG countries. The Ukrainian side fired not only at Donetsk and Spartak, but also began a heavy shelling of Yasinovataya”.

  • Power Ministry: Russian colloquialism for the MVD, Minoborony, and FSB, or analogous agencies in successor-states


Today, DNR Deputy Defence Minister E A Basurin said, “Our troops reported tank and mortar fire tonight. This fire also targeted civilian neighbourhoods in Donetsk”.


Donetsk Mayor Igor Martynov told us that emergency responders couldn’t get through to affected neighbourhoods due to junta shellfire, “Our responders can’t get to the affected areas of Donetsk, as they’re pinned down by heavy fire from the Ukrainian side. We’ve already received reports about the damage from Kievsky Raion residents; however, we don’t know how much there is yet. The heaviest fire is in the Putilovskaya Roshchi neighbourhood in Kievsky Raion and near the Tochmash plant”.

2 May 2015


We talked with residents of the Putilovsky neighbourhood in Donetsk’s Kievsky Raion on the phone; they told us that a junta shell hit a school. Local resident Oksana Mikhailova told us, “According to initial reports, a shell hit School nr 57. Smoke covers the entire neighbourhood. Every time we hear a shot, it scares us. We’re taking refuge in our basements”. Ivan Prikhodko, head administrator of Kievsky and Kuibyshev Raions in Donetsk, told us that junta shellfire caused quite a bit of damage, “However, it’s impossible to assess the damage when the shells are flying. We’ll make an assessment as soon as possible”.


Today, Yasinovataya Raion (Donetsk agglomeration) head Yuri Korsar told us, “Right now, there’s gunfire on the city outskirts. The Ukrainian side used tanks and mortars to fire at our roadblocks. We don’t have any reports on damage or casualties”.


Today, DNR Deputy Defence Minister E A Basurin said that the DNR and Ukrainian side met with the TsKK (ceasefire monitors), “Together with the STsKK, we agreed with the Ukrainian side to a ceasefire from 00.00 local time. However, after that time, the Ukrainian side continued its bombardment of our positions, although in decreased intensity”. Our correspondents and local residents also confirmed that there was only a partial reduction in the level of the junta attacks.


Today, Ivan Prikhodko, head administrator of Kievsky and Kuibyshev Raions in Donetsk, told us that last night’s shelling of Kievsky Raion by junta forces led to major destruction, “We’ve confirmed damage at the following addresses:

  • 21, 29 Zoologicheskaya
  • 2 Chapaev
  • 31a, 37b, 70,66a, 68a Partizansky
  • 13, 14,19 Listoprokatchikov
  • 2 Sobinov
  • 1 Blagoveshchenskaya
  • 14 Zasyadko

We don’t have any information about casualties from the shelling”


Today, the Donetsk GMA* reported that a junta shell hit a boiler, disrupting hot water supply to some houses in Kievsky Raion, “last night, on 2-3 May, we had a difficult time. A shell hit Boiler nr 518, which left 25 houses in Kievsky Raion without hot water. At 08.30, we could still hear gunfire. There’s no detail on damage to buildings and infrastructure or on causalities”.

  • GMA:City Municipal Administration, administrative apparat of a city

3 May 2015

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