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Tuesday, 5 May 2015

5 May 2015. Bart’s Crew Antsy Over Sobor Preparations

00 Glittersnipe.com. Get Your Shit Together. 2013


Well, we had HH saying that there were difficulties and intrigues at the preparation for the notional Istanbul all-Orthodox Sobor. Read this… OUCH! Bart’s bunch has their knicks in a knot. Let’s not be coy… Bart’s crew of losers doesn’t accept the OCA or the Czechs as autocephalous Local Churches. I did some asking around… not only did I get this link (I can’t catch everything, of course)… many think that HH sending Onufry Berezovsky to the OCA Sobor in July is a “Message to the Phanar”. No one can sue me for stating what’s out there. I don’t know what went on in Switzerland… but HH is on record as saying it was difficult and this post just nailed it down. Actually, the Phanar was stupid in doing this… it just reinforced in everyone’s mind the notion that a hellova smell ensued in them thar hills. Look at this:

The Committee’s deliberations took place in a spirit of fraternal love and constructive dialogue.

In Diplomatese, it means that all parties had a good food fight that didn’t degenerate into a Texas Steel Cage Death Match (that’s what happens when diplomats say that they’ve spoken “frankly”). In short, the Phanar showed its WEAKNESS. A strong party would’ve ignored it and the internet brouhaha would’ve dissipated in a week or so. My take is that the agenda isn’t nailed down… there’s more than a little disagreement on that… on top of the fact that neither the MP or EP have agreed to seat all the other’s delegations. This looks more n’ more like a “no go”… the Centre will insist on the OCA and the Czechs being there. Who’ll blink first? Well… if the fascist junta in the Ukraine goes down the shitter… you can see where I’m going. Bart will find that being a Friend of Langley only goes so far…



5 May 2015. THIS is Why the Anglo Filth Will NOT Prevail in the Ukraine

00 Nikita Tsytsin The Bread of the Blockade. 1987

The Bread of the Blockade

Nikita Tsytsin



00 V Safonov The Battle Banner

The Battle Banner

V Safonov



00 V Akhvelediani How Young Were We

How Young Were We

V Akhvelediani



00 Gely Korzhev-Chuvelyov. Farewell, from 'Scorched By the Fires of War'. 1967

Farewell: from “Scorched By the Fires of War”

Gely Korzhev-Chuvelyov


This is my favourite amongst Korzhev-Chuvelyov’s works. There’s no mawkishness or sentimentality… there’s no pretence… there’s nothing but a ruthless and no-holds-barred depiction of a soldier’s farewell to his wife. Shall they be reunited on this earth? No one knows… least of all, them.

This is truth.

Such determination has won Russia its wars…


00 Vladimir Kireyev. St George the all-Victorious (Eternal Struggle and Eternal Victory). 2014

St George the all-Victorious (Eternal Struggle and Eternal Victory)

Vladimir Kireyev


The church at Poklonnaya Gora (the great VOV memorial park in Moscow) is dedicated to St George the all-Victorious. America would find out that Russians haven’t changed… just as they threw back Swedes, Teutonic Knights, Poles, Tatars, the French, and Germans, the Russians would see to it that the Americans left their rotting bodies on the Russian land. Yet again, Holy Mother Rus would prevail over the latest foe from foreign parts. The Americans would find out that they have limits… that they’re not arbiters of the world. Would these arrogant juveniles learn?

“Exceptional”… I think not… Anglos are demented toddlers sadly in need of correction and discipline. So far, their project is a failure… God willing, they’ll go back home, perhaps, wiser (I wouldn’t bet on that, what with Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, and Sean Hannity)…


Patriarch Kirill Thanked Pope Francisco for His Balanced Stance on the Ukraine

00 Uniate blasphemy. 12.03.15

Blasphemous Galician Uniate “icon”


On Thursday, at a ceremony bestowing an honorary degree upon him at the Diplomatic Academy of the Russian Federation, Patriarch Kirill Gundyaev of Moscow and all the Russias thanked the Vatican for its position on the situation in the Ukraine, “Francisco the Pope of Rome and the State Secretariat of the Holy See maintained a balanced position on the Ukrainian situation, avoiding unilateral judgements and calling for an end to fratricidal war. This position coincides with our position in the Moscow Patriarchate. This is very important because, as we know, in the Ukraine, the Greek Catholics and schismatics take a bigoted position, they pour oil onto the fire, they incite vicious feelings, they play off one against each other, calling it ‘protection of national interests’, they arrange ‘witch hunts’, and they seize Orthodox churches… so, they’re not forces for peace, they’re ideological factions, serving only one side of the civil conflict. Today, only the UPTs/MP has the standing to be a peacemaker, precisely because it’s always stood firmly for positions advocating peace”.

30 April 2015



Patriarch Kirill Regrets that Intrigue Accompanies Preparations for the all-Orthodox Sobor



On Thursday, at a ceremony bestowing an honorary degree upon him at the Diplomatic Academy of the Russian Federation, Patriarch Kirill Gundyaev of Moscow and all the Russias said that the all-Orthodox Sobor set for Istanbul in 2016 will still be held, but its preparation hasn’t been easy. He said, “If everything goes according to plan, the Sobor will take place in 2016”. He pointed up that this historic forum would address topics related to the relation between Church and society, to address the concerns of believers on the issues of the day, “As always, around important historical events, there’s some intrigue, some hidden agendas, with some trying to influence the outcome, including some political forces. This faces all of us, especially, with the crisis in the Ukraine”. He also touched upon the Middle East, commenting that a large-scale exodus of Christians from the region would violate local stability, creating a breeding ground for extremism, “In Syria, [terrorists] destroyed 400 Christian churches just because they didn’t like the fact that the country historically has harboured a Christian community”.

30 April 2015



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