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Friday, 8 May 2015

When the German Wolf and the Russian Bear Join Forces… It’ll Shake the World

00 The Bear is Back. 31.10.12 (2)




Russian and German people have lots in common. They are similar in their spirit, their values, and their views of life. Unfortunately, in the past they’ve been divided and forced into confrontation. They’ve been set apart and made enemies. Fortunately, with the beginning of a new era, these two great nations have a chance to come together and change the world for the better. A global awakening would help people to realise that humanity has a common enemy… the Dark Directors, who organise all the wars and revolutions in the world, but always stay behind the scene. They’re “nomads”, ones who “proliferate around the world as a malignant tumour metastases”.



This is V V Putin’s vision… of a Eurasia stretching from the Atlantic to the Pacific, embracing the entire North of the World Island. No… he doesn’t want to “restore the USSR”… he isn’t thinking in such picayune terms. He wants a Eurasia cleansed of foreign Anglo American contamination. I think that he can do this. THAT is why the Anglos (and their demented collaborationist allies amongst us) fear… that they’re going to be restricted to the Anglosphere… not the leading element in the world, but only one of many… Eurasia, the Ummah, Eastasia, l’Afrique Noire, Latin America, and the Hindosphere. I welcome a multipolar world… I’m not alone…



DNR Minister of Economic Development Samokhina sez Any Business Can join the “Republic’s Bread” Programme

00 russian bread. 24.04.15


In an interview with state media, DNR Minister of Economic Development Yevgeniya Samokhina spoke on social welfare programmes, “When we approved the ‘Republic’s Bread’ (Республиканский хлеб) programme, were sent proposals to all DNR baking companies, and eight of them immediately began to take part in this scheme. We specially designed this initiative so that any company in the distribution chain from manufacturer to buyer can take part, so that we can create jobs, and the companies can pay wages and applicable taxes. Therefore, the price of a subsidised loaf of bread is 2.80 Grivnya (7 Roubles. 0.85 Renminbi. 9 INR. 0.14 USD. 0.16 CAD. 0.17 AUD. 0.12 Euros. 0.09 UK Pounds). We figured it out so that it covers production and delivery costs, allowing enterprises to make money. To date, around 250 sales outlets plan to offer subsidised bread. Any enterprise can take part; the conditions are very simple… the manufacturer should label the product ‘Republic’s Bread’ and agree to our fixed price of 2.80 Grivnya. They shouldn’t charge any more or any less. Now, we’re collecting data from all participants in the programme, to find out where and when they’d sell these products. Because the price is fixed, anyone who wants to sell the bread should apply directly to the enterprise that produces it”.

8 May 2015

DNR Council of Ministers and Peoples Soviet official website



This is modern Leftism at work. It intends to do three things. Firstly, to subsidise the price so that people of modest means can afford enough to eat. Secondly, it sets the price at a fair level so that the enterprise makes a reasonable profit. Thirdly, this enables employment, as enterprises need people to make, ship, and sell the bread. There’s no expropriation at gunpoint as Republican asshats like Patrick Buchanan, Rod Dreher, Glenn Beck, Ted Cruz, and Rush Limbaugh would rant. Everyone makes out… except for the crooks like the fascist junta in Kiev and their US Republican sugar daddies.

The Peoples Republics help their people in pragmatic ways… the Kiev Uniate Nationalist fascist junta cudgels and kills people, it takes bread out of their mouths. I seem to see a difference here. The Peoples Republics are implementing a god-fearing communal social system… the fascist Kiev junta is implementing a Satanic theomachistic Libertarian Free Market hell. If you’re a Christian, there’s no doubt about where you should stand.

Shevchuk and Denisenko praise the fascist junta (along with John McCain and the US Republicans)… the REAL Church stands behind the Peoples Republics (yes… there are traitors here in the diaspora, but we know who they are, don’t we?). You MUST choose… yes, it shall involve the fate of your immortal soul… I’ve chosen… so should you.


Official Greetings of the LNR Government on Victory Day

00 novosibirsk. russia. staliin. victory day. 29.04.15



In Celebration of the Great Victory!

This is our celebration! 

We, the generation of the 21st century, who didn’t know the war and postwar devastation first-hand, were, perhaps, not fully aware of the supreme heroism, of the degree of patriotic sacrifice and dedication with which millions of Soviet people defended Europe from fascism. Yes, we, the Donbass people, each had our personal account of the war. Every family lost someone in the Great Patriotic War; every family had elders who were at the front both here at home and in Europe.

Indeed, we, the descendants of the Liberators, had no alternatives when fascism again raised its head in our former country. We learned from the previous glorious generation, how, 70 years ago, they had to go down to Berlin to crush the fascist hydra in its lair, we learnt from their experiences to understand the essence of patriotism, the bitterness of loss, the horror of occupation, the ardour of battle, and the significance of victory. We, who only knew about fascists from the stories of the older generation, the songs of the war years, from books and films, had to face the foe head on. We, who grew up in times of peace, nevertheless, were to know the price of courage, of fortitude, and of heroism. We, the peacetime generation, had to learn to fight to defend our common memory, our culture, our history, our families, and our land from Nazi aggression.

Now, we, the children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren who followed that heroic frontline generation that once saved Europe and the world, now find themselves on the road to the front… living history and military battles, writing golden annals of podvigs and Victory. Because of that, Victory Day became closer to us, a more personal and dear holiday for us, bonding us together in a chain of generations, giving us strength, courage, and confidence in our own abilities. After all, a generation of descendants of the victors can’t help but win!

Our dearest veterans! We bow our heads before the greatness of your podvig. We intend to fulfil to the end our filial duty… to protect the land of our ancestors, not to allow the Nazi scum to corrode the hearts and souls of our youth. There is no statute of limitations on the Victory in the Great Patriotic War; it’s in our blood, it’s in our genes.  As long as our hearts beat, we’ll keep alive the memory of those glorious days when Russian and Kazakh, Ukrainian and Latvian, and Belarusians, Volga Germans, Armenians, and Jews, members of hundreds of nations and nationalities sacrificed themselves for the sake of future generations, all in the same cause.

To the holiday, dear compatriots!

To Victory Day!

00 Igor Plotnitsky. Lugansk Peoples Republic. 22.03.15I V Plotnitsky

Chairman of the DNR Government

Gennady Tsypkalov

Chairman of the LNR Council of Ministers

Aleksei Karyakin

Chairman of the LNR Peoples Soviet       

8 May 2015

LITs Lugansk Information Centre


8 May 2015. A Point to Ponder… Hate is ALWAYS Hate

00 hate is hate. 08.05.15


Love comes to us in myriad and creative forms. Hate is banal, boring, and repetitive… and deadly. NEVER forget that. There’s a numbing sameness between the massacres of the Einsatzgruppen, the Croatian Ustaše, the Baltic Legions, the Khmer Rouge, the Burundi Hutus and Tutsi, the Salvadoran, Argentinean and Chilean juntas, and the OUN in Volhynia. Such is the same today in Iraq, Darfur, and Novorossiya. The hate that spills out is distressingly familiar. The bloodshed is the same, regardless of locale, clime, or culture…

When will they ever learn? Perhaps, chillingly, never…


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