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Saturday, 9 May 2015

9 May 2015. A Word of Wise Counsel…

00 St Vladimir Cathedral. Crimea. 09.05.15



9 May 2015. Animal Funnies… A Biker Dog? “Well, Dog My Cat!” As That Great Philosopher Jed Clampett Would Say

00 biker dog. 08.05.15


What need I say? Is this cool or what?


The DNR Government Dared Poroshenko to Come to Donetsk to Set His Ultimatum Before the People

00 victory day. donetsk. dnr. 09.05.15

One of the crowd at the Donetsk Victory Day parade today… Porky will have to leave his Galician hillbilly bully-boys at home, though…


Today, A Е Purgin, the Chairman of the DNR Peoples Soviet, told reporters, “Let Poroshenko come to Donetsk and let him reiterate his plans to end the war, let him repeat his ultimatum that Ukrainian troops would only go home after they ‘liberate’ the Donbass and ‘free’ the Crimea. Let him see and hear the reaction from the 40,000 people who gathered today in the central square of Donetsk to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Victory. Let Poroshenko hear those people that his gang in Kiev considers ‘terrorists’. I think that the Donbass’ answer would make the Ukrainian President reconsider his demands. What would count is if he dared to come to us. In fact, we invite it”.

9 May 2015

DAN Donetsk News Agency


VOV Vet V I Bondar sez If We Want to Defeat Fascism We Must Implant Love of Motherland and of the People in Our Kids

00 international children's day. Moscow 01. 12.06.14


“We, the old veterans, viscerally felt the approach of fascism on our land. We already knew and saw what it was, so we had a gut feeling. However, at first, no one listened to us or wanted to hear what we said. Now, many in the Ukraine told us it isn’t ‘fascism’, go look up the word in the dictionary. We told them, ‘We know without a dictionary what it looks like’. Sometimes, they were very affectionate… German chocolate for the children, food and schnapps for the adults. However, they only did that when they had to. Nevertheless, when it came to the truth, or personal opinion, the Nazis had only one truth… theirs… they were the only ones who could say so. Anyone who spoke against them, without the slightest hesitation, went into the queue for the ‘Heavenly Express’.

Yet, if we compare our present war with that time, ‘ours’ in the Ukraine is much worse than the Nazis. No comparison comes to mind. Amongst the Germans… some were good and some were bad… but to compare that war and this one… it was terrible. Then, more property destroyed, but such atrocities as we see now … to take innocent people, and kill them in cold blood. Well, how is that? I just can’t understand that. It’s horrid. They destroy houses, people live in basements, no bread, no light, no water, and, God forbid, they kill little kids. Well, how is that?”

After the war, she graduated from the Pedagogical Institute, became a teacher in a kindergarten, where she worked until her retirement. She said that education begins in the crib… where the soul of the child turns to hate or love.

“Under the USSR, we tried to teach them to respect each other, to love each other, and to love their people. In kindergarten, when children were walking along and during games, they repeated some adult phrases about curses against other nationalities, we tried to stop it immediately, punished it, explained what it was… don’t give in to hatred. We knew that parents would tell them, ‘Do as the teacher said’. Now, we don’t teach children these things in either our families or in the kindergartens. Today, people grow up with no sense of pity, no love of country. It isn’t like before, when we educated them. They grow up without understanding what’s right and wrong. Three-year-olds curse, they shout, ‘I’ll kill you!’ they have no idea what ‘Motherland’ means. Moms just sit around and don’t say a word about it. It’s a very different upbringing. What will happen to this generation? What kind of children will they raise? That’s how fascism came about, regardless of whether it’s in the dictionary or not. Therefore, it’s necessary for an urgent change in the programme of education of children in kindergartens and schools, to help parents raise their kids better, to teach them what to look for. Only then could we expect that the current three-seven-year-olds would take our country into strong and capable hands in 15-20 years. Then, we’d have peace and a happy people

Valentina Ivanovna Bondar

VOV veteran

9 May 2015

LITs Lugansk Information Centre


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