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Monday, 11 May 2015

11 May 2015. Company-Sized Unit of Junta Hummers on the Road to Lugansk (video)

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Firstly, this is NOT a large unit. It’s only a scout/recon company of 20 vehicles (3 platoons of six vehicles each, plus a HQ section of two vehicles)… it’s unclear whether the civilian-looking vehicle is a requisitioned vehicle organic to the unit or a civilian vehicle that got caught up in the convoy. Such a unit would only have 96 troops in its three platoons (6 x Hummer vehicles, with a platoon commander, a platoon sergeant, 6 x vehicle commanders, 6 x vehicle gunners, and 12 x infantrymen, 32 troops per platoon). The Company HQ would have two officers and nine soldiers, with 2 Hummer vehicles… so, a recon company at full top would have 107 personnel and 20 vehicles. If this is of the untrained and undisciplined “National Guard”, it’d explain the poor march security and incompetent clearing of the road. Truly, the “National Guard is a loony bunch… its precise status is murky… it isn’t under the Minoborony Ukrainy… different sources claim that it’s under the MVDU or the SBU… but not under the VV MVDU or the existing armed paramilitary formations of the SBU. Besides all of this, the HUMMER isn’t really a frontline vehicle. The US Army found out that if it wanted to operate HUMMERS even under the permissive low-intensity conditions in Iraq (no major opponent with heavy mechanised forces), it had to add “hillbilly armour” to the HUMMERS… which cut mobility and payload substantially. If these are stock unmodified HUMMERS, the patriot forces would make short work of them. If they have “hillbilly armour”, they have impaired mobility, and they’re still vulnerable to RPGs, let alone AFVs and ATGMs. To sum up, this is a sorry lot… lambs led to the slaughter.

It’s obvious that whomever posted this has no military training or experience. This was a minor movement of ONE COMPANY of incompetent, ragtag, and sorry “troops” who can’t even perform a road march order evolution correctly… their actions in battle prove that the “National Guard” can’t perform in a standup fight with real soldiers… however, they have proved themselves effective as thugs, rapists, thieves, and bully-boys…



11 May 2015. Ye are the Light of the World

00 Pharos of Alexandria. 11.05.15


“Our Little General”: Touching Video of Troops Saluting Little Kid at V-Day Rehearsal (VIDEO)

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This little Russian lad had a moment of real pride as troops he saluted on V-Day actually saluted him back, greeting him like a true general. The video of the scene, recorded by boy’s aunt, went viral, melting the hearts of thousands on the internet. On 7 May, troop elements were marching in the heart of Moscow, making their last rehearsal before the massive Victory Day parade on Red Square. Amongst the crowds on the pavement, Ilya Kazansky, a 4½-year-old boy, came to see the soldiers. Right then, he might have imagined himself a general… the boy started smartly saluting the troops… they saluted back! Proud Ilya stood still until the last soldier passed by. The boy’s aunt, Yelena Tsukanova, recorded the touching scene and shared it on Facebook, where it soon went viral. She posted, “They saluted our favourite little general. People even filmed this scene”. Facebook user Derek Roman wrote, “I like that every one that saw him, just had a huge smile on their faces!” another user, VljevMarko ReezboSlav, commented, “Mega like! I’m still smiling!”

11 May 2015



11 May 2015. You CAN Do Something About it…

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Trust me, we outnumber the loudmouthed Fox News asshats… they’re predominately male (there’s a 13 percent gender gap in voting)… white (92 percent of all Republican votes come from “whites” in a country that’s only  60 percent “white”)… older… uneducated… and Radical Sectarian (“Evangelical”/Mormon/Pentecostalist). In short, if “the rest of us” get off our asses and vote, we can put the Tea Party into the shitter (except in the Southeast, which would be its last redoubt and bastion).




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