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Wednesday, 13 May 2015

LNR and DNR Published Their Proposed Amendments to the Constitution of the Ukraine

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Today, the DNR and LNR published a list of proposed amendments to the Ukrainian Constitution. The amendments cover six main articles of the document. There is a proposed supplement to Article 17 or 18, “The Ukraine will not join any military bloc or alliance, it will be neutral, and will not take part in military action outside its territory”. It proposed to make the law on the special status of the Donbass permanent (instead of the current temporary status of three years only). It made eight amendments to Article 139, in particular, to create a separate autonomous Donbass region, with its own election commission. The DNR and LNR could form people’s militia*, with powers defined in separate legislation. Local officials would appoint and direct the militia. Local authorities would create and abolish courts, regulate their activities, and appoint and dismiss judges and procurators. Local bodies would monitor regional natural resources, oversee construction, tourism, transport, culture (including construction and protection of monuments, obelisks, and memorials), and education (mandating use of the Russian language). The Ukraine, for its part, would set aside a part of its annual budget to finance the development in the DNR and LNR, promote coöperation between regions, fix adequate sources of financing, and introduce a special economic régime. The Cabinet of Ministers of the Ukraine would have the duty to contribute to the socioeconomic and cultural development of the Donbass.

  • Militia: It’s unclear from the context whether “Militia” means “Police” in the Soviet sense or whether it means separate military units

13 May 2015

DAN Donetsk News Agency



13 May 2015. This is Why the People in Novorossiya Fight So Fiercely…

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I’ll tell you why the neocon filth support the Galician Uniate nationalist junta in the Ukraine… like calls unto like! Shitbirds of a feather do flock together! The neocons love using indiscriminate area bombing and drone attacks on defenceless innocent civilians. The Uniate nationalists love using indiscriminate artillery bombardments on innocent civilians. Gee… that sounds pretty similar to me! Often, the junta forces have lost battles because they fired the artillery that should’ve supported the troops at civilian neighbourhoods in a genocidal attempt to wipe out the Russian people of Novorossiya. The Uniates and “Ukrainian Orthodox” scream, “Knife the Moskali (Russians)!” and “The Ukraine for Ukrainians only”… the Dom Profsoyuzov arson and scenes such as this are the practical upshot of that. Do you support this? If you don’t… raise your voice! Stand up! The Ukrainian Catholics and Ukrainian Orthodox in the USA and Canada stand up and support the junta’s hate, xenophobia, aggression, and war crimes. They send money to help the junta’s aggression and lobby American and Canadian lawmakers to send arms and money to the illegitimate junta (after all, it took power in an illegal and irregular putsch). We should stand up just as vigorously for our compatriots and coreligionists.

The main enabler of the junta murderers is the US Republican Party. That means that NO Orthodox Christian can have ANYTHING to do with such an amoral, theomachistic, and ravening faction. Don’t mewl to me about “Pro-Life”… that’s nothing compared to the fact that the GOP holds a knife to our Motherland’s throat and that it threatens to turn it over to Sectarian, Uniate, schismatic, and heretic elements. That’s how serious it is. You don’t worry about a small fire near the outhouse if the main house is on fire. We have to get the main fire out (and it’s A Number One Fuckin’ Serious)… everything else has to wait. If you vote for Republicans, you vote for asshats who hate our Motherland, Faith, and Culture. If you give the Republicans money, you give it to people who hate us. If you support the Republicans in any way, you help to uphold the opponents of Christ’s Church and the foremost haters of Holy Rus. The Democrats ain’t nothing to write home about, but they’re not sucking up to the Sectarian Anti-Christian opponents of the Church.

Kauft nicht bei Republicanen!*

  • literally, “Buy not from Republicans”, “Don’t buy from Republicans”, that is, don’t trust the GOP and don’t support it. It comes from the Nazi slogan, “Kauft nicht bei Juden!” (“Don’t buy from Jews!”)


13 May 2015. Yes, You MUST Forgive… But You Needn’t Like Nor Trust Them

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13 May 2015. Jimi Hendrix’s Take on Love

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