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Thursday, 14 May 2015

A Colloquy on Indifference

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00 Naked Cowboy. Times Square. 22.01.14. New York NY. 25.01.14


Indifference IS the antipode of love… love is caring for someone or something; indifference isn’t giving a good goddamn one way or another. I’d rather be hated…

Indifference, like nakedness, looks simple and natural, but it’s actually highly artificial and constructed. You have to know you intend it, to do it; the thing is bad faith, because how do you know who to be indifferent to? The one you resent!


I’d rather have hatred directed at me than to be an indifferent object of bored and juvenile anomie. That’s what wrong with Anglo America… they don’t give a good goddamn, they’re so “nice”, so “caring”, and so “benevolent”. You know what the Apocalypse said, I wish that thou were hot or cold, but since thou are lukewarm, I will spew thee out of my mouth… that says it all. Note well that this applies especially to the “religious hobbyists” (who go off on “Toll Houses” and “automatic excommunication” and other such rot).



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