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Sunday, 17 May 2015

Junta Militants Abducted Two LNR Peoples Armed Force soldiers in LNR Territory

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Sergei Kozlov, First Deputy Commander of the LNR Peoples Armed Forces (LNR NM), told a briefing in Lugansk that junta militants abducted two LNR NM soldiers, “Yesterday, on 16 May, at about 13.00, near the line of demarcation on the Seversky Donets River, east of Veseloe, an enemy covert ops group attacked an LNR NM observation post. During the ensuing battle, the enemy aggressors wounded two of our soldiers, Yevgeni Yerofeyev Evgeny and Aleksandr Aleksandrov and took them captive. We assume that they’d torture them for further provocations. We don’t know what happened to them. The leadership of the Republic, together with the LNR NM command, established a group to negotiate their exchange. Yerofeyev and Alexandrov voluntarily joined the LNR NM a few months ago. In order to confirm our info, I brought extracts from the personal files of these guys (showing the journalists their enlistment contracts in the LNR NM and their military ID cards). I call on the OSCE monitoring mission to attend to this seizure of LNR NM soldiers by the Kiev forces, which occurred on our territory. The Ukrainian side is keen to resume hostilities in the Donbass; it continues to commit provocations to further accusations against the LNR NM. We call on the Ukrainian side to give up provocations and to adhere strictly to the Minsk agreements”.

17 May 2015

LITs Lugansk Information Centre



17 May 2015. Russia’s Answer to the Juvenile Anglo Threats…

00 Russia no to EU. Valentin Serov. Entry of St Aleksandr Nevsky into Pskov After the Battle on the Ice


The Anglo American toddlers love to say, “History is bunk!” Well… Russia and China, the two main opponents of American neoliberal crapitalism… they don’t agree with that. Both Russia and China revere their histories and traditions. They’re not alone… American Indians (of the many First Nations) know their history; they know who did what to whom… Black Americans know their history; they remember that white folks bought and sold them like so many blocks of inanimate timber… Latinos know their history; they remember how the Anglos stole the Southwest (and how in Texas they stole it to make it safe for slavery and human bondage)… non-Anglo whites know their history; they remember how the Anglos brought them in as cheap labour and how the Anglos still look down on them, no matter how much money they make.

The Anglo says “history is bunk” because they have one of the most vicious and cruel ideologies on the face of the planet. They believe “winning is the only thing”… and that anything one does to enrich oneself is quite legit, thank you very much. They have the most corrupt legislature in the world, the most rapacious oligarch class, and one of the cruellest prison systems in the world. Yet, to their eyes, they’re God’s Chosen. They truly believe that.

Well… they’d best remember this… “Those who march on our land with sword in hand, by the sword shall they perish!” Russians have held that in their hearts since 1242… long before the USA was even thought of. I truly hope that the USA pulls back from attacking Holy Rus. I truly do pray for that. I don’t want American corpses to rot on the steppe in a new Retreat from Moscow just like la Grande Armée of Napoleon. I don’t want to see putrid American dead littering the soil of Holy Rus just like the Wehrmacht in its long retreat to Berlin. I pray for comprehension, compassion, and sanity. Otherwise, I wouldn’t want to see what’d happen next. Russia and China would do whatever it takes to defend themselves against American aggression. WHATEVER IT TAKES. They’re not going to back down.

“All those who march on Russia shall be put to death”.

As it was… as it is… as it ever shall be.


17 May 2015. A Thought from Archimandrite Ioann Krestiankin

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Basurin sez DNR Intel Documented Forced Removal of Civilian Population in Junta-Occupied Areas

00 E A Basurin. VSN. Novorossiya. 18.02.15


Today, DNR Deputy Defence Minister E А Basurin said, “The Azov and Dnepr Battalions of the so-called ‘National Guard’ and Right Sector elements continue to steal civilian property. Our intelligence assets documented the forcible removal of whole streets of people in Marinka and the complete emptying of Peredovoe, which the aforementioned units later occupied, along with foreign military personnel”.

17 May 2015

DAN Donetsk News Agency



Note the terminology “foreign military personnel”… we know that American, Canadian, and British troops are in the Ukraine, ostensibly on “training missions”. These forces are penny packets… the British force is less than a hundred, there are 199 Canadians, and 300 Americans… that is, not even a full battalion! However, if these troops include fanatical diaspora Galician racists, we could have trouble. They’d do something to try to drag the USA, Canada, and UK into this failed war. Colonel Basurin is being PRECISE… he didn’t say PMCs (Private Military Contractors) nor did he say mercenaries… he said “foreign military personnel”… unlike the Galician Uniate nationalist thugs, he’s a trained officer who knows the difference between all three.

Basurin is saying that foreign troops are in the frontlines. That’s big, kids. Are the Americans antsy that their fascist clients are going down the shitter? We’ll have to see on this one.


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