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Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Basurin sez Junta Using Ceasefire as a Cover to Prepare Summer Offensive

00 E A Basurin. DNR. Donetsk. 20.05.15


Today, at a briefing in Donetsk, DNR Deputy Defence Minister E А Basurin told journalists that the junta uses the ceasefire as a cover for their preparations for a summer offensive in Novorossiya, “Poroshenko is trying to save his government, but it’s hardly possible given the complete failure of its social and economic policy. Kiev can only hope for another major inflow of Western cash, to extend its stay in power in the short-term. In the near future, we don’t expect frontal attacks our positions by Ukrainian infantry and armour. Our intel indicates that the Ukrainian side changed its operational doctrine dramatically due to influence from NATO, especially American, military advisors. The primary focus of the summer campaign will be to degrade our economic potential, to damage our transportation, energy, and social infrastructure through regular shelling from artillery systems of all sorts. Their main goal would be to weaken our forces through diminishing our economic base, and, coincidentally, erode our societal support. We in the DNR stand 100 percent behind the ceasefire, and we’ll definitely fulfil our obligations under it. However, we’d meet any attempt by the Ukrainian side to seize the Donbass through the use of new tactics by its forces, despite the formal stipulation of the Minsk Agreement regarding withdrawal of heavy artillery, with an appropriate response”.

20 May 2015

DAN Donetsk News Agency



Note well that the “Ukrainian Air Force” no longer exists as a combat-capable force. This is due to three factors. Firstly, the insane Galician Uniate nationalist purges kicked out competent pilots from the forces, mostly for the sin of being Russian. Secondly, patriot air defences inflicted heavy losses on junta aircraft. Most of these patriot gunners served in the Soviet and Ukrainian forces in the PVO (Anti-Air Command), so, it didn’t take them long to get their groove back. Besides that, “Ukrainian” PVO troops who rallied to Russia in the Crimea form the hard professional cadre, along with purged “Ukrainian” elements who made their way to Free Novorossiya and prewar “Ukrainian” elements based in Novorossiya that rallied to the patriot cause from the first. Thirdly, common buzz has it that Russian PVO units (radar, SAMs, and AAA) in the Russian Federation can cover patriot territory, and that Russia won’t allow any bombing of patriot forces or civilian concentrations. I don’t know how true that is, but I’ve heard that from several sources, so, I’d rate it as “possible” (there’s not enough evidence to make it “probable” yet).

As for the American advisors, I’d observe that such advisors didn’t bring victory in Vietnam or in Georgia. There’s no rationalisation of the chaotic structure of the junta “forces”. Besides that, their organisation is loopy. Due to a lack of trained officers (particularly, staff officers), there is an entire level of command missing in the junta forces. There are no Division HQs between the brigade and corps level. This increases the incoherency of the C3I chain. That is, corps commanders, who normally only deal with division commanders, have to deal with a larger number of brigade commanders. If that wasn’t all, many of the junta units are independent battalions and smaller formations. Thus, a corps commander doesn’t only have to deal with a larger set of brigade commanders (due to the lack of divisional commanders and staffs), but also with a largish set of battalion commanders not under higher formations. This is a recipe for disaster, and the Americans aren’t touching that. I’d say that the junta defeat at the Debaltsevo Pocket was due to this jumbled and confused command chain. Orders and supplies couldn’t move efficiently, so, the patriot forces destroyed the junta militants piecemeal… one band at a time. Debaltsevo proved the utter incompetence of the junta officer corps… the Americans can’t improve that in the short-term.

The result will be like that of the South Ossetia War… the American advisors will send back glowing reports to the Pentagon… then, they’re going to have to run like hell when the local forces take French Leave. You see, if American advisors tell the truth, the DoD brass would replace them with those who’ll tell the bosses what they want to hear. This is looking like Saigon in 1975. Are Americans going to flee Kiev in their helos just as they did in Vietnam? We’ll have to see. Morale in the junta forces is in the shitter. Stay tuned…



Plotnitsky sez Junta Forces Tortured LNR NM Soldiers Abducted Near Schastye on 16 May

00 lnr. lugansk. I V Plotnitsky 02. 20.05.15


Today, at a news conference, LNR Chairman of the Government I V Plotnitsky announced that junta militants tortured the LNR Peoples Armed Forces (LNR NM) soldiers abducted near Schastye on 16 May. Junta terrorists wounded and kidnapped Yevgeni Yerofeyev and Aleksandr Aleksandrov in an illegal attack on their observation post (a flagrant violation of the ceasefire). Plotnitsky said, “I can tell you one thing… I know the details of the battle that took place, and I know what injuries our soldiers had. If you watch the video from the Ukrainian side, you’d notice that Yerofeyev, when captured, had a gunshot wound to the shoulder, but afterwards, when they paraded him on TV, his other arm had injuries too. I can tell you for sure that they used torture on these soldiers”.

Plotnitsky then showed the journalists extracts from documentation about the patriot soldiers captured by the junta militants. He told the reporters, “Aleksandr Aleksandrov was the commander of a recon group, he joined the LNR NM in Lugansk on 12 January 2015. Captain Yevgeni Yerofeyev, a reserve officer, was the commander of the recon company, he joined the LNR NM on 17 February 2015”. Plotnitsky scornfully refuted junta allegations that the abductees were members of the Russian forces, “To say what they did before they joined up in the Republic, I don’t know. However, [the putschist junta] hollers all the time about Russians, Russian spetsnaz and soldiers… but they never can give evidence of such. If they abducted our scouts, that fact that they may have once served in the Russian forces doesn’t prove anything. Well, if [junta militants] captured a Spaniard or Frenchman, well what would that mean about us? Now, the [Kiev junta] just passed a law that allows foreigners to serve in their forces. That’s contrary to all the Minsk agreements. Why, the Ukrainian side tries all sorts of tricks, they use any means to weasel out of implementing the Minsk agreements. Our government is making active efforts to free our soldiers. Right now, negotiations are underway on the exchange of these prisoners; we’ve had two meetings already”.

20 May 2015

LITs Lugansk Information Centre


50th Anniversary of the Donetsk Botanical Gardens… One of Largest in Europe

00 donetsk botanical garden 01. 20.05.15


00 donetsk botanical garden 02. 20.05.15


00 donetsk botanical garden 03. 20.05.15


00 donetsk botanical garden 04. 20.05.15


00 donetsk botanical garden 05. 20.05.15


00 donetsk botanical garden 06. 20.05.15


Today, the Donetsk Botanical Garden (DBS)… one of the largest in Europe… celebrated its golden jubilee. The ceremony for the anniversary attracted retired staff, government officials, and Deputies of the DNR Peoples Soviet. Acting DBS Director Svetlana Prikhodko said, “This is a wonderful holiday, the 50th anniversary of our Donetsk Botanical Garden. It’s a time of attainment and at the same time a summing up. This is a time of advance and future plans. Our garden, despite the war, continues to carry on, create, and develop”.

Congratulations came in from scientists at European and SNG botanical gardens. They rated the work of their Donetsk colleagues highly, as they enriched the steppe land, developing botanical science in an industrial region. Where there were only smouldering slag heaps (waste rock extracted in coalmining), over a half-century, Donetsk botanists created greenhouses, they transforming the towns of the Donbass, and they offered new technologies to farmers. DNR Minister of Education and Science Larisa Polyakova said, “The DBS is now a major research centre. Its staff created their own scientific schools; they amassed a rich collection of species and forms of plants and seed samples. They also have established close coöperation with universities and schools of the Republic; they became partners in the environmental education of our youth”.

The foundation of the DBS was in 1965. A Komsomol shock brigade built it in the former Bogodukhovskaya Balke. In 1977, it opened its first addition; now, it comprises 203 hectares (502 acres). Over the years, Donetsk, largely thanks to the DBS staff, became one of the greenest industrial cities in Europe. Its researchers bred 56 new plant varieties, created 8,000 new mutations and hybrids, 142,000 seed samples, and a herbarium of 140,000 leaves, and established 80 natural reserve objects. Moreover, the DBS is a popular place of recreation for residents and visitors. Every year, it has 100,000 visitors. It operates a Small Academy of Sciences for local schools, students can practise, and they can send seedlings from here out to other places in the Donbass for planting. Even today, during this anniversary celebration, having received awards and congratulations, the DBS staff welcome our visitors… we want them to return again and again, to see this true green pearl of the Donbass.

19 May 2015

DAN Donetsk News Agency


Plotnitsky sez Junta Blockade Failed to Destroy Our Industry

00 i v plotnitsky 01. lnr. lugansk. 20.05.15



Today, Chairman of the LNR Government I V Plotnitsky told a news conference in Lugansk that the junta tried to destroy our economic base via their blockade, but failed to do so. He said, “They did everything possible to ensure that we could never run any of our factories and enterprises. However, yesterday, I was at the Stal works, I saw how everyone is slowly rebuilding their operations, and I saw how our Republic provides all possible assistance. Any blockade, whether it is economic or political, is a boomerang that always comes back. At the same time, the economic blockade imposed by Kiev had negative effects for the Ukraine itself. Look at, for example, their purchase of coal in South Africa… therefore, the economic blockade, I think, won’t last a very long time”. Previously, Plotnitsky said that about 35-40 percent of large industrial enterprises in the LNR are now back online, and the rest are in the process of restart.

20 May 2015

LITs Lugansk Information Centre


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