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Thursday, 21 May 2015

IED Explodes Near Donetsk Railways Lorry Killing Two and Injuring Another… Two More IEDs Found Nearby

00 Trip-wire pipe bomb. 20.02.14


Today, the DNR State Committee of Mining and Technical Supervision reported, “On 21 May 2015, Donetsk Railways staff drove a lorry to a jobsite to repair damage after an explosion. On the way to Ilovaisk, the lorry set off an IED. The blast killed two workers and injured another. Not far from the place of the fatal incident, we discovered two IEDs, which looked like mines”. The DNR Minoborony also believes that a mine detonation damaged the vehicle. At present, DNR MChS EOD* experts are on-scene.

  • EOD: Explosives Ordnance Disposal, the bubbas who remove and defuse bombs and other such fun stuff

21 May 2015

DAN Donetsk News Agency



DNR Peoples Soviet Big sez Junta’s Repudiation of Soviet Legacy Denies its Right to the Donbass

00 dnr. donetk pr. patriotic rally. 21.05.15


00 languages spoken at home. Ukraine. 21.02.15

Do note how the linguistic boundaries almost parallel the voting realities in the notional “Ukraine” in 1991-2012


00 Ukraine 01. ethnolinguistic map. 13.02.14


00 Yushchenko. Yanukovich. map. 04.06.14.


00 The Ukraine. map. 27.02.15


00 Lands Added to Russia on the Territory of the Former Ukrainian SSR. 21.08.14


00 2010 Ukrainian presidential election

You see the blue area? That’s Novorossiya/the Crimea. This political pattern was steady-on from 1991… Novorossiya and the Crimea were never integrated socially or nationally with Malorossiya/the Lvovshchina… and never can be. That’s the facts…


00 Ukraine 02. Per Capita Income map. 13.02.14

Here’s the REAL reason for the aggression in Novorossiya… the richer regions are in Orthodox Novorossiya… the poorest regions are in the Uniate Lvovshchina. Without Novorossiya, the Lvovshchina and Malorossiya are dirt-poor back-of-the-beyond European Somalias. The Ozarks and the Mississippi Delta are higher in social development.


Miroslav Rudenko, a leader of the Free Donbass faction in the DNR Peoples Soviet, in comments on new Kiev junta laws outlawing communism, said that the junta’s repudiation of the Soviet legacy deprives it of any right to territory ceded to the Ukrainian SSR under the Soviets. He said, “Therefore, the contemporary Ukraine can’t claim some areas within its current borders. If we look at the UNR, the Skoropadsky Hetmanate, and the ephemeral ‘government’ proclaimed by the Banderovtsy in Lvov in June 1941, they didn’t include the Donbass-Krivoi Rog Soviet Republic, the Odessa Soviet Republic, or the Tavrida Soviet Republic (Crimea). Moreover, these ephemeral ‘Ukrainian’ entities didn’t include modern Galicia, Bukovina, and Podkarpatskaya Krai. Remember, our People’s Soviet adopted a memorandum emphasising our historical continuity with the Donbass-Krivoi Rog Soviet Republic. This gave us a solid principled foundation to protect our rights in future relations with any Ukrainian state”.

21 May 2015

DAN Donetsk News Agency


Genprokuratura Opened Criminal Case Against LNR Minister of Education

00 L M Lapteva. LNR. Lugansk PR. 21.05.15


Today, Sergei Gorenko, LNR First Deputy Genprokurator, told a media briefing that the LNR Genprokuratura opened a criminal case against LNR Minister of Education, Science, and Religion L M Lapteva in re illicit, unauthorised, and extralegal use of official stamps and seals. He said, “On 21 May, the Genprokuratura received materials from the LNR MGB. Following this, Genprokuratura investigators opened a criminal case under Article 357 Part 2 of the UK* in re unauthorised usage of stamps and seals of the Ministry of Education, Science, and Religion against Lesya Mikhailovna Lapteva. At present, we’re clarifying the facts of the case, so we’re looking at the Ministry as a whole, as well as investigating Lapteva personally. Our investigation of the Ministry of Education, Science, and Religion will have no impact on the general educational process in LNR educational institutions”.

  • UK: Criminal Code

21 May 2015

LITs Lugansk Information Centre



Russian courts do NOT follow Common Law, as do the Anglosphere countries. Rather, they follow universal Continental practise, using Civil Law/Roman Law. Therefore, there are no real “prosecutors” or “defenders” in the Common Law sense. A procurator is a state attorney, but must present evidence favourable to the defendant if it becomes available.

This proves that human frailties exist in the Peoples Republics. That’s why the UK exists… people DO break the law. Let justice take its course.


21 May 2015. Translated Russian Demot… Yes, Virginia, the Hate on BOTH Sides Is That Deep

00 UPA demot. 21.05.15


Most of the comment on the web, both Western and “Russian”, is totally clueless about the real reason for the War of National Liberation in Novorossiya, and the basic underlying factor behind it. Firstly, the notional “Ukraine” has little to do with the main issue at hand. This war is a Western attempt to forcibly stop the rebirth of Holy Rus and a Western manoeuvre to stop Russia from enjoying its natural sphere of influence. The so-called “Ukrainians” aren’t important in and of themselves in that scenario… they’re only expendable pawns in the chess-match, from the Western POV.

A sub-plot is the Uniate attempt to take over the religious space in Malorossiya and Novorossiya. The present war has frustrated their aggrandisement in Novorossiya, but Malorossiya’s religious future is still in-play… if you wondered why junta forces bombard civilian areas with such reckless abandon, that’s the main reason. Uniate nationalists hate Orthodoxy and want to supplant Orthodoxy with their faith. Uniatism is somewhat odd to explain. It’s “externals” are Orthodox, but its “internals” are papist to the bone. That is, it looks “Orthodox”, but acts “Catholic”, to use loose colloquial terminology. It has such accretions as the Rosary and the Sacred Heart; whilst it refuses to honour post-1054 Orthodox saints, it honours all post-1054 Catholic saints. It only began in 1596, when the Poles imposed it in their domains. Much of the “Ukraine” never had any Uniate presence until after 1991! Uniatism is mostly confined to the Lvovshchina… in formerly Habsburg lands.

The Galician Uniate nationalists want to use this war to spread their backwoods dialect, their revisionist bowdlerisation of history, and their papist religion. However, I’d be the first one to point up to you that 62 percent of the Galician population voted AGAINST Svoboda (the political bloc most aligned with Galician Uniate nationalism). That is, most Galicians REJECT Galician Uniate nationalism. Interestingly, what my sources tell me is that Galicia is one of the regions where draft evasion is the highest! This is why I warn everyone… “Galician Uniate nationalists are feral and evil; you must oppose them with every fibre of your being. However, they’re only a minority of Galician Uniates… a significant minority, yes, but a minority nonetheless. That’s why you should keep contacts with Uniates to a minimum. This way, you won’t rile the nationalist minority nor hurt the innocent majority”. Again, I warn all comers:



Let the nationalists stew in their hatred. Let them say what they’re going to say. People can see through them. Trust me, this war will end… in one form or another, Russian people will have to live with the Uniate minority in the Lvovshchina after we win the victory. I don’t know whether the Lvovshchina will be part of Poland, part of a rump “Ukraine”/Malorossiya, or part of Russia. That will depend on the actual circumstances of the Russian victory. If the tricolour and the Red banner fly over the Mother of All Russian Cities, there’s a good chance that the Lvovshchina will be with us. Many good Galician people fought in the partisans against the Fascists and their filthy collaborationist pigs. Many good Galician people fought against the UPA after the war. Never forget… the largest number of victims of the UPA were… GALICIANS!

Is there hate in this war? Yes… all too much. However, I’d tell you this… the Uniate nationalists invaded Novorossiya… the Novorossiyans didn’t invade Galicia! God willing, God will spare the innocents in Galicia when the junta falls. That’s my prayer… it should be yours…


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