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Monday, 25 May 2015

Learn from the Animals… Mama Utka… Mama Duck Shows the Way

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00 mama utka. duck. russia. 25.05.15


The animals take care of their young… they take care of old animals, too, zoologists have noticed that. You see, the animals aren’t “conservative” Republicans! They reject Me First Selfishness. When did you ever see a duck hoard food and not allow the other ducks at it? You can see that the Affluent Effluent are objectively evil and their Republican lackeys are even worse.

The Animals know better than that… what does that tell you about animals and what does that tell you about Republicans? Think on that…



25 May 2015. The Alley of Angels in Donetsk

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“Alley of Angels. In Memory of the Children Murdered in the Donbass”… I need add little else. THIS is what the Galician Uniate nationalists do in Novorossiya with the full leering approval of the USA (especially, from Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, and John McCain). This is why American “conservatism”of all stripes is evil. If you call yourself a “conservative”, you support the wanton murder of children in Novorossiya by the Uniate nationalists. Full stop. That’s why I will NEVER let up on self-described Anglosphere “conservatives” in any venue. I consider this fair warning…



25 May 2015. Animal Funnies… Visions of Tuna Fish Danced in Their Heads

00 kittens. 25.05.15


“Did you hear what I heard?” “THAT was a can-opener”. “Do you smell what I smell?” “THAT smells like TUNA FISH”… we do have an expectant little crowd, don’t we?


You Meet All Kinds on the Web Don’t You?

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00 Snoopy and Charlie Brown Friends

THIS is why you stay your hand at times… it does mean that the “Conservatives” and their loopy “prosperity gospel” are chock fulla shit, doesn’t it?


I posted this as a comment:

The vets fought and didn’t get shit. The rightwing Tea Party shits shirked service and are pigs in shit. I seem to find something radically wrong in that… I don’t care who I offend by saying that.

That’s why anyone who self-identifies as a “conservative” is a liar, a poltroon, and an anti-patriot… for “Conservatism” stands for “Might makes right” and “He with the gold rules” in the USA. Any political faction that nominated a Willy Romney, who openly dodged the draft by having his gazillionaire daddy buy him a phoney clergy deferment, is unpatriotic and openly plutocratic. “Conservatism” is going to bring in reform? Don’t make me laugh. I make no bones of opposing such incoherent trash-talk wherever I find it. In another venue, I criticised an incoherent rightie for claiming that they were “conservative”, whilst pushing for Left issues. Indeed, they claimed that “business leaders” would give them out of the goodness of their hearts. Of course, I clobbered them. A self-righteous “owner” expunged the comment. Look… if you allow righties to make incoherent vacuous statements, if you’re a Left person, you’ll give those statements both barrels.

I also make no bones of my opposition to prissiness. I’d also note… it’s OK to remove something, but it isn’t OK to posture about it. That’s low. I’ve removed people and comments, but generally, with no public grandstanding… that’s beneath the salt. However, I don’t play games with my readers… this is a fairly raucous street-corner here, so, don’t be offended if the language isn’t exactly petit-bourgeois and pretentious. Nonetheless, I don’t hate… that’s why I didn’t name my prissy interlocutor… I won’t ever sink that low. I’m not a Rod Dreher…

You meet all kinds on the web, don’t you? Remember… you can criticise, but only up to a point. Grandstanding isn’t an option…


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