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Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Rally in Donetsk Honoured Memory of the First Victims of the Junta Aggression

00 donetsk. donetsk pr. memorial rally 01. 26.05.15


00 donetsk. donetsk pr. memorial rally 02. 26.05.15


00 donetsk. donetsk pr. memorial rally 03. 26.05.15


00 donetsk. donetsk pr. memorial rally 05. 26.05.15


00 donetsk. donetsk pr. memorial rally 04. 26.05.15


00 donetsk. donetsk pr. memorial rally 06. 26.05.15


00 donetsk. donetsk pr. memorial rally 07. 26.05.15


Today, a memorial rally in Donetsk honoured local civilians killed in the junta’s shelling of the airport, the railway station, and residential neighbourhoods last year. A year ago, junta aircraft and artillery struck the first blows upon Donetsk. These attacks killed many of our soldiers and civilians. The DNR Ministry of Information and DNR Union of Journalists, along with the public organisations «Донецкая Республика» (Donetsk Republic), «Молодая Республика» (Young Republic), and «Мы» (We) organized this memorial event. It occurred on Lenin Square, with public photo-boards, upon which people could write testimonials to remember those killed or to share their impressions of the day on the reverse side. Volunteers gave the public markers, and Donetsk homies wrote such things as:

  • “I love you, Mother Donetsk!”
  • “Novorossiya will be! With all peace and prosperity!”
  • “I’m glad that Mother Donetsk stood up and wouldn’t be insulted”
  • Our on-scene correspondent wrote, “Peace! Let there be no more death”.

Activists placed photos depicting the events of the attacks on the Lenin monument. These bore witness to the criminal actions of the aggressors… the destroyed houses, the dead people. At 18.00, the DNR MChS sounded the civil defence sirens in memory of the victims.

26 May 2015

Gennady Zhilyakov

MIA Novorossiya



The very stones cry out! This is why you can’t vote for any bloodthirsty Republican snakes. They favour the Uniate nationalist fascists. You can stand with our people or you can kiss the ass of Anglo America (like Potapov, Kishkovskaya, and Schmemann, amongst others). You can stand for godly socialism or you can stand for satanic Free Market crapitalism. The choice is yours.



26 May 2015. Russia Remembers Every Victory Day… America Turned Memorial Day into a Picnic

00 Russia Remembers. Victory Day. Thank you Grandpa. 26.05.15

Russia’s attitude to its veterans


00 homeless vet cartoon. 25.05.15

America’s attitude to its veterans… or, rather, the Republican Party’s attitude to our veterans… DISGRACEFUL!


One of the most popular and spontaneous parts of Victory Day is the March of the Immortal Regiment. People take homemade placards with the pictures of their relatives who served in the VOV and are no longer with us. There was NOTHING analogous on American Memorial Day. True, the USA didn’t make as great a contribution to the defeat of Hitler as the USSR did (it was only in the war against Hitler, in essence, for only two years, from early 1943 until 1945), but it played a “second-rank major” part in that war… indeed, one could call it the most important of the soyuzniki (“little allies”). This year, TWELVE MILLION Russians took part in the March of the Immortal Regiment, all over the country, from Smolensk to Vladivostok, from Norilsk to Simferopol. There was nothing similar to it in the USA. True… the USA didn’t suffer as badly as the USSR did… no foreign troops occupied American soil… but America still lost about 400,000 dead. There are almost no memorials to the World War II dead in Washington.

I’ll tell you a sick reason why that’s so… the USA took part in World War II with a country and economy organised under the socialistic New Deal. The Republican “conservative” filth have always hated FDR and the New Deal, and they’ve never praised either. Look at what the Republicans did to patriots who served the USA selflessly in World War II during the McCarthy years. Look at how Republicans protected Nazis and saw to it that Nazis received pensions from the West German state (but saw to it that Germans who served the DDR got nothing).

America has to come to grips with the fact that American “conservatism” has been in bed with fascism. “Conservatism” is objectively evil, based on “Might makes right” and “He who has the gold rules”. You must NEVER give “conservatism” any quarter, at any time or any place. America haughtily spat on Russia on Victory Day, yet V V Putin still praised the role that the USA played in the Anti-Hitler coalition. Note well that no American politician showed any reciprocity. It does give one the measure of the Russian and Anglo American peoples, doesn’t it? Draw your own conclusions…


Basurin sez Junta Terrorists Blew Up Locomotive in the LNR

00 russian locomotive. 06.04.15


Today, DNR Deputy Defence Minister E A Basurin stated, “On 25 May, enemy agents blew up a locomotive in the LNR on the Lutugino-Semeykin line. They placed an IED on the tracks and set it off when the train went over it. There were no injuries, but the damage closed the rail line temporarily. This confirms that the enemy forces are trying to disrupt civilian infrastructure objects in the DNR and LNR”.

26 May 2015

DAN Donetsk News Agency


26 May 2015. Translated Russian Demot

00 an hour after putin ordered. ukraine. russia. 26.05.15


This is the Russian view of how long the Ukraine could resist a real Russian invasion. Earth to stupid Anglo Americans:

There has been NO Russian invasion of the Ukraine in way, shape, or form. If there were a Russian invasion, trust me, you’d know it, and the junta forces would know it, too. They’d be heading for the hills so fast that they’d break all kinds of Olympic running records.

Russia hasn’t invaded the Ukraine… it doesn’t want to. The Ukraine will fall of its own accord. All the nationalist fanatics will come to Edmonton, Toronto, Chicago, and Washington… all the better for the folks over there, all the worse for the diaspora here… they’ll blame everything on those no-goodnik Moskali (Russians). Haven’t we heard this tune before from others (Cubans, Vietnamese, post-World War II DPs)? It wasn’t true then… it isn’t true now.


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