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Wednesday, 27 May 2015

27 May 2015. Bernie for Prez! URA!

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New Chairman of NATO Military Committee Believes that Russia Could Occupy the Baltic States and Kiev in Two Days

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This was for an earlier war, but it still resonates. Pope Francisco and HH are adamant and united… GIVE PEACE A CHANCE! The sectarian bozos cheer on nuclear war, for that would bring on the “Rapture” (or so their loopy theology states).  That’s what’s at stake, kids…


On Wednesday, 27 May, Radio Prague reported that the new Chairman of the NATO Military Committee, Czech General Petr Pavel (who takes over on 1 June) stated at the Our Security conference held in Prague that the Russian forces can occupy the Baltic States and capture Kiev in two days. General Pavel emphasised that if Russian forces intervened in the Baltic States and the Ukraine, NATO forces “couldn’t respond adequately” to such a situation. Pavel accentuated that, in its current state, NATO isn’t able to respond to changing situations quickly, “The measures that Europe takes in response to the threat posed by Russia and ISIS are strikingly ineffective”. Pavel believes that the weak point is the NATO decision-making process. NATO has 28 countries as members, and they all have to agree. Meanwhile, Russia can make decisions in a matter of hours. One should note that the high-ranking US Army figures previously stated that in the case of a direct aggression to a NATO country, the Pentagon wouldn’t wait for a common solution from the entire bloc, it’d immediately take measures to repel the aggression.

 27 May 2015

IA Regnum



The USA is blowing smoke out of its ass. You don’t look at raw numbers of troops… you look at what units are there, what units can reinforce them, and what total resources are available in CONUS for deployment. Now, the USA has ONLY TWO MANEUOVRE BRIGADES in Europe. Let me reiterate that. The USA only has two brigade-equivalents in US Army Europe… that isn’t even a complete division! Most units available in CONUS are understrength National Guard and Army Reserve units… they’d require topping up with personnel and equipment before they could be effective… a matter of months, not weeks or days. In short, the only thing that the USA could do to threaten Russia is to use nukes. That’s all folks. There ain’t no other options. That is… thermonuclear Ragnarök or Nothing.

I, for one, hope that the decision is for “Nothing”… otherwise, bend over and kiss your ass goodbye…


At Mozgovoi Funeral, People Chanted “We’re Going to the West!”

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00 VSN. Novorossiya. To Kiev! 26.03.15


The funeral of assassinated Kombrig* A B Mozgovoi, killed in a junta terrorist assassination, turned into a fervent patriotic rally. Almost all the people in Alchevsk came to say farewell to their hero. In paying tribute to the slain Mozgovoi, people talked about the Russian World and Novorossiya as the ideals that he fought and died for. One of his soldiers said, “You can’t destroy our land; it was impossible to break these heroes. We won’t give up… we’ll always uphold your ideals”. Another of his soldiers emphasised the need to fight on against the junta until all the Donbass and the Ukraine were free, shouting, “We should go to the West!” The crowd roared back, “We WILL go! We WILL go!” Mozgovoi and his companions were buried together at the local cemetery.

  • Kombrig: Brigade Commander, standard Russian acronym

27 May 2015

Russky Kuryer


LNR Kids to Go to Crimea Summer Camps in June and to Russian Camps in July

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Artek International Children’s centre in the Crimea… the jewel in the crown of the Pioneer camps in the USSR. The Uniates and oligarchs ransacked and looted it, but Russia is putting it back to rights. You can have selfless communalism or selfish Me First Crapitalism… it IS up to you…


00 artek camp 02. 27.05.15

These kids don’t look oppressed to me! There must be something special in the water that the liars at Radio Liberty, the New York Times, and the American Conservative drink… it makes ’em see reality 180 degrees removed from the truth. Friends don’t let friends listen to the Western media (especially, not “conservative” sources… they’re the most mendacious, vacuous, ideological… and downright evil, with their emphasis on selfish grabbing and individual “prosperity”).


Today, at a meeting of the Public Council, Acting Deputy Chairman of the LNR Council of Ministers Vasili Nikitin said, “Our children are going to camp in the Russian Federation. They’ll go to Rostov Oblast, Krasnodar Krai, and the Republic of the Crimea. Our campers will go to the Crimea starting 8 June. Camps in Rostov Oblast and Krasnodar Krai will take LNR kids in July. In these areas, we’ve not yet fully resolved some organisational issues related to Russian law, about compensation for goods and services. Therefore, we’d sent the kids there in July and August. The preliminary agreement was on 4,000 campers, but we hope to increase this number by 50 percent… the prerequisites are in place for that. The older kids will go to camps in the Crimea. We don’t want to take risks with younger kids on a trip to the Crimea, because it involves a sea crossing. Unfortunately, the weather doesn’t always obey us, so, crossings can have interruptions. Therefore, we’re only sending kids from the older age groups. However, there are excellent camps on the Sea of Azov Sea in Rostov Oblast, and wonderful camps in the Krasnodar region (in the direction of Gelendzhik and Novorossiysk). I think that the kids there will have as good a time as those in the Crimea will. The Russian side provides all logistics support and all our kids’ needs. All that we need to do is to deliver the kids to the border crossings and transport them across the border. There, the Russian side will take them over; traffic police, doctors, and teachers will be ready to meet them”.

27 May 2015

LITs Lugansk Information Centre



Compare the openhanded and openhearted Russians with the stingy, grasping, and cruel Anglo and EU pigs. The Russians are giving free holidays to LNR and DNR kids… the EU and Anglo pigs are kicking kids in the Ukraine in the face to squeeze the last kopeck out of them. I call that evil. Yet, that’s the Free Market… it’s why I hate what “American Conservative” Rod Dreher stands for. He supports raping other countries to enrich the Anglo Affluent Effluent. That’s what the Republican Party stands for. The Republicans hate the People and LOVE fascism… look at how they support the Uniate nationalist junta and how they want to rip down everything that FDR put in place to enrich their oligarch paymasters. I hate the Republican Party, everything that it stands for, and its media flacks like Dreher. They’re hurting people in the former Ukraine for the sake of filthy lucre. I find that disgusting. I find most Republicans brainwashed or dupes. Their leaders and media flacks are evil.

You can stand with Russia, which gives kids holidays in some DYN-O-MITE summer camps in the Crimea (Russia put to right the deterioration that set in under Uniate/schismo misrule), or you can stand with the USA, which wants to kick kids in the head for the sake of Country Club layabouts.

I know where I stand…


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