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Saturday, 30 May 2015

30 May 2015. Don’t Argue with Asshats! You’re Not a “Jackass Whisperer”

00 jackass whisperer. 24.05.15


Most of us have heard of the movie The Horse Whisperer. Obviously, the guy in the movie did a fantastic job with the horse. However… you’re not going to have any success in trying to argue the local ignoramus out of their asshattery. Another fruitless Sisyphean task is to get involved in the idiotic wars in the commboxes underneath a post. Yes, I fall off the rock occasionally, but reality soon intrudes, and I ask myself (for the umpteenth time), “Why did I ever think that reason and logic would sway the likes of these asshats?” My advice to you is to let the asshats rant away. Nobody’s listening to them except for their “amen corner”. Don’t argue with self-appointed internet gurus like Elijah Borek… it won’t do you or them a lick of good. Just be ready to pour a tall cool one for friends who get suckered into interacting with asshats. It happened to you, too. An “Et tu, Brute” is better than “I told you so!”

The jackasses ye shall always have with you… so, lighten up and smile at their inanities. That’s the best revenge… pass the jug, that was thirsty work…



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